Welcome back to the start of a new term. We hope you all had a good break.
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Shaugh Prior Primary School

Class 2

Forest School Class 2

Class 2 have been enjoying their weekly forest school sessions and have been engaged in a variety of activities including:


Picture 1 using nails and wood to thread and weave
Picture 2 supporting each other with design ideas
Picture 3 collaborating and problem solving to build a den

Summer 1st half 2018 

For the first half of our summer term, our topic will be 'Woodlands'.  Please click on the link below to see our topic web.

Cann Woods Survival Day!


Class 2's woodland survival trip certainly inspired some fantastic writing back in class!  The children learned how to make fires, shelters and how to forage for food in the forest. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Spring 2018


We are looking forward to our topic on Africa this term.  Please see our topic web below for more details of the aspects we will be covering.


Our African Homework

Our African Homework 1
Our African Homework 2
Our African Homework 3
Our African Homework 4

KS2 Gym and Dance

KS2 Gym and Dance 1
KS2 Gym and Dance 2
KS2 Gym and Dance 3
KS2 Gym and Dance 4

Autumn 2017 

Our topic for this term is 'Ancient Egypt'.  Please click on the link below for an overview of how we will link each subject to this fascinating topic!


Plymouth Synagogue Trip

We joined our friends from Cornwood Primary to visit Plymouth Synagogue and Museum.  We also walked to the Hoe to see the wonderful Poppy Display at the War Memorial.

Food is Fun! 

Class 2 took part in ‘Food is Fun’ workshops run by Devon Scorse, who work in partnership with Devon Norse our school meals provider. From a selection of foods, the children chose meals suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner, before sorting each item on to the ‘Eat Well Plate’.

They also tasted a variety of foods, including some they had never tried before, such as samphire and radishes. Afterwards, Alex said he would definitely start eating breakfast as he had learned that it would make him even cleverer!

We learned about the importance of trying new foods and how each food helps us to grow and stay healthy. We learned the names of new foods, including herbs and spices such as basil and ginger.

You can tell by our faces, that we liked some things more than others! But at least we tried before we said ‘we don’t like it’!

It was lovely to have our ‘rising Y3’s, Freya, Maya and Queenie, with us too! The ladies from Scorse were very impressed with all of them and said that they had been ‘excellent role models’. Well done, girls!


Class 2 have been involved in two very exciting projects this term - 'Gardening' and 'From Farm to Plate' - and during the first half of the term we learned all about the functions of the parts of plants, pollination, germination and seed dispersal.  In the second half of this term, we have been putting our knowledge and skills to the test in our outdoor environment.   Here are some photos to show you just how busy we've been!


Greenhouse construction and pond area clearance

In Class 2, we love our art!  Here are some of our latest paintings using watercolours for 'Perspective Art'.



Perspective Art

Perspective Art 1
Perspective Art 2
Perspective Art 3
Perspective Art 4
Perspective Art 5
Perspective Art 6
Perspective Art 7
Perspective Art 8
Perspective Art 9
Perspective Art 10
Perspective Art 11
Perspective Art 12

Our London Trip

In the Autumn Term 2016, our topic was 'London'.  We were lucky enough to be able to visit our capital city with one of our federated schools, Cornwood C of E Primary.   It was a very early start and a late return home, but well worth it to see the Crown Jewels and Buckingham Palace first-hand. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
We had lots of inspiration for our DT project 'London Street Lamps'!  Here are some of our working models: