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The Erme Primary School

Sainsbury's School Sport

Sports Relief


The Erme were really excited to take part in Sport Relief 2018. The money raised by the children will be spent by Comic Relief to help people living incredibly tough lives, both at home in the UK and across the world's poorest countries. 


The sports council came up with lots of ideas on how to raise money for this worthy cause. On the 23rd of March, everyone in school including teachers dressed up as a sportsman whilst donating a £1. Our sports councillors offered their face painting talents to the school.  All the children brought in coppers to create a mile around the playground. both KS1 and KS2 playgrounds. 


We really appreciate your support and hope that you had fun helping our school to raise lots of money for Sport Relief!

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Balance and Bikeability at The Erme


Children from years 3 and 4 under took their level 1 cycle training. This involved starting off, pedalling and stopping, pedalling along using gears and being able to stop and being aware of other users. Children from year 5 and 6 undertook level 2 cycle training through Pedal Power. This involved biking on local streets, giving them a real cycling experience. At Level 2 the children had to:

  • prepare for on-road cycling
  • start and finish an on-road journey
  • recognise typical hazards
  • let others know what you are about to do
  • know where to ride on the road
  • pass parked vehicles and side roads.


The children did really well as they undertook the training in harsh weather, with the cold and rainy conditions adding an extra element to the experience. Well done to all those who took part and gained confidence/ understanding when cycling on the road.

Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 completed the Balanceability programme this week. The children had a great time learning the fundamentals of balance, core stability, gross and fine motor skills and the essential confidence that comes with the process of learning a new life skill. 

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Gymnastics KS2 Final


On the 22nd of November, two teams from the Erme competed against teams from Shaugh Prior and Cornwood Schools. Children were given time to practise their routines which they then performed to judge and parents. All teams showed excellent skills and teamwork. Both teams from the Erme performed brilliantly. Well done to Immy, Warren, Ryan, Dorothy and Oliver. J, who came second, closely followed by Jake, George, Paige, Tom and Isabelle in fourth place.


By Immy Richards

Sainsbury’s School Games: Year 4s Football Festival


On Tuesday, 19th of September we went to the ICC to compete in the year 4 football festival. The 7 players were Jake, Jasmine, Alesha, Ray, Malakai, Maty and Peter. Ten teams entered the competition in total: Woodlands, Manor, Modbury, Sparkwell, Yealmpton, Cornwood and Shaugh Prior, Stowford and lastly the Erme Primary school. The pitch was split into 3: pitch 1 was near the entrance, pitch 2 was in the middle and pitch 3 was at the far end. Our first match was against Sparkwell. We took the lead early on with a goal scored by Maty, followed by another goal by Jake. We won the match 3 nil. The second match Issue 3 was against Modbury where we drew 0v0. The next match was against Cornwood and Shaugh Prior. Shaugh Prior took the lead with a goal in the first half of the game. With determination we scored another goal, ending the game as a draw. Our final match was against Yealmpton. Unfortunately we lost 1 nil to them. Well done everyone.


 By Jake and Maty

Year 3/4 Football Festival at Ivybridge Community College


On the 19th September 2016 our team of Chloe, Holly, Hannah, Jake, William, Lewis and Luke played football at ICC on Tuesday after school. We didn’t win but we all had fun and had lots of exercise. We played against Shaugh prior, Woodlands A, Newton Ferris and each game was 6 minutes long. Our star goalie was Hannah as she saved an amazing penalty! Well done everyone.


By Chloe Jones and Holly Shail

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Sports Day

In the morning children participated in a morning of sports carousels. Each house family were award points which went towards their house colour. The afternoon events were the class fun races and the year groups runs. Well done to those medal winners. Congratulations to Holly Williams who received the sportsmanship cup. This cup was awarded because of her positivity, encouragement and going above and beyond.The overall winners this year were YeELLOW house. I would like to say a massive thank you to Mr Monks, Mrs Parkin, Mrs Dunn, Mrs Richards, Mr Perkins, Miss Clements, Mrs Readey, Mrs Chalmers, Mr Smith, Mrs Bailey, Miss O’Driscoll and Mr Penhallurick who volunteered their time to help. Well done Erme Primary!


Multiskills Event


On Tuesday, 13th June, children competed in a KS1 multi skills event. Children were put into teams that represented the countries England, Spain, France, USA, Australia, Brazil and Greece. Each team engaged in seven different activities in which their scores were recorded. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Staff were very impressed with the sportsmanship shown during the competition and with the help that the Year 6 children gave. The two winning teams will go on to compete in a Moorsway Federation final against teams from Cornwood and Shaugh Prior Primary Schools at Cornwood Primary School.


Ten Tors

Junior Ten Tors Congratuations to Evan, Abby, Tiana, Amber, Sophia, Freya, Beth , Seth and Freddie who on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th June, navigated themselves around 10 of Dartmoor’s tors. The children were taking part in the Junior Ten Tors event. The event is held every year and the aim is for teams of 8 year 6 children to navigate themselves to 10 different tors over a day and a half covering approximately 18 miles. Each team is accompanied by 2 members of school staff and the children camp out on the first night putting up their own tents and cooking themselves a simple meal on camping stoves. The second day was extremely wet but the children never complained or thought about giving up. Well done to them all.




Gym and Dance Show

On the 7th of March years 5 and 6 from the Erme Primary School went to the Ivybridge community college for the Gym and Dance Show. The show was with 9 other schools in the Ivybridge area. Our piece was called Ice-bear after book written by the author Jackie Morris. Our piece was inspired by her dedication to save animals and based on a polar bear, which was played by Cara, being poached by hunters. The music we danced to was called I’m not a hero. We thoroughly enjoyed learning the routine and working as a team. We hope all the parents who came to watch us were inspired. By Freya and Amber Y6


Gymnastics Final

On the 2nd March, KS2 took part in a gymnastics day. The morning session gave children the opportunity to plan and practice their sequences ensuring it had the required elements for the afternoon competition. The children demonstrated cooperation, enthusiasm and their gymnastics knowledge. All10 teams performed their routines and two teams were selected to represent The Erme. On the 15th March the two teams represented The Erme in the federation final agents Shaugh Prior and Cornwood schools. Congratulations to Tiana, Sophia, Evan H, Issy, Oliver and Isaac M who came third and congratulations to Maddie, Alex, Jess, Josh, Immy and Laurence for their brilliant teamwork and fluency.


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Ball Skills


On the 16th November Milly, Immy , Scarlett, Kyran, Laurence,Henley and Freddie  went to the Ivybridge community college. When we got there we did a warm up including jumping jacks, star jumps, spotty dogs and plain jumping. We then had a go at four activities including; volley ball, basketball, cricket and netball. We did a carousel of every activity working on different skills. For each activity we practised lots of skills and then played a game using them. It was good fun!!


KS2 Handball Tournament

On Tuesday 1st November all of KS2 took part in a handball tournament run by Premier Sports coaches. All the children were divided into mixed age group teams, named after a variety of countries, just like the world cup! On the 14th of November the two winning teams will go on to represent The Erme in the federation final against Shaugh Prior and Cornwood. Congratulations to team Spain- Alex, Jacob, Jess, Laurence and Josh and team South Africa- Henley, Luke, Maddie, Tianne. There was some great team work and sportsmanship. Good Luck for in the final!


High Five Netball Tournament


On Tuesday 18thof October children from the Erme primary school went up to the community college to play against between teams. We were split into different groups where we then played Ugborough, Shaugh prior, Yealmpton, Stowford  and Cornwood. We drew all of our games except one, which we lost against Shaugh Prior 1-0. We felt our defence was excellent because we were intercepting balls and jumping as high as we could. We also had an incredible attacking team.  We came fourth out of eleven teams.Well done Erme primary school!

By Alex and Zach


Year 5/6 girls football festival at Ivybridge community college


On Tuesday 27th of September 2016 the year 5/6 girls: Tiana, Cara, Amber, Freya, Abby, Sophia and Nicole all went to the Ivybridge Community College to play a football tournament against 11 other schools. Our first match was against Modbury,We were all nervous about playing our first game. Cara’s point of view, “I was nervous I would not be good at playing football but I am glad I did it!” We made some excellent passes which resulted in our first goal of the match scored by Nicole’s knee. Nicole’s point of view, “I was a bit shocked that I scored the first goal with my knee.” With some tricky moves from the other side we defended to the best of our ability with us scoring another goal by Cara, winning the match 2-0. We then played Yealmpton A with us unfortunately losing one- nil. With our high spirits we went into our next game against Woodlands. Tiana pulled off some awesome football moves which out witted the other team providing an excellent pass to Nicole which turned into a goal. Tiana’s point of view, “it was good and me and the rest of the team had fun we came 3rd and I was quite surprised about that, there was a couple of hard games good bye” Our Goalie- Abby was very focussed when the other team attempted a goal. The defence were hot on the opposition heels. Lastly our last match was against Shaugh prior our first goal was kicked by Abby with the others help to tackle shaugh prior; Tiana scored the two final goals which left us winning the game when shaugh prior didn’t score any goals! After we had we finished our games we all had a rest and some of us had fun playing with the school football. After that they announced who the winners are in first place was manor, second was Yealmpton and third was the Erme.

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