Welcome back to all the children returning to school.
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Shaugh Prior Primary School

Class 1

Welcome to Class One!

Week Ending 14th May 2021

What a week it’s been with the weather! I don’t think we’ve ever had such a soggy forest school afternoon! It was particularly apt this week though as Class 1 have been familiarising themselves with our new English text which is a non-fiction book all about weather! The children have been exploring the different features such as the contents page, index, glossary and fact bubbles and discussing the effect they have on the reader. Foundation stage also used the text as inspiration to create some fab weather collages.


In maths, we have started a new unit on time. EYFS have enjoyed exploring the language of time through practical activities while Year 1 and 2 have been learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock. We have been super impressed with how well they have all grasped the concept! Year 1 are experts at telling the time to the hour and half past and Year 2 have been extending this to 5 minute intervals. Maybe you could test them over the weekend by asking them to tell you what time it is?!


We have continued our learning on plants this week in Science with a particular focus on trees. We went on a short tree hunt around our grounds before being caught in the rain and looked in detail at the different leaves in order to identify whether they were deciduous or evergreen.


The children have all been loving their ‘Leap in Life’ sessions which they have been taking part in four mornings a week. It’s been great for the children to start the day with some physical activity to prepare them for their learning. These short sessions are great fun and help develop effective motor function, including large muscle movement, hand-eye coordination, balance and rhythm.

Week Ending 7th May 2021

What a short but lovely week it has been. We have been able to get out and enjoy the garden area during the sunny spells. 

In English we have come to the end of our unit of learning based on the story Augustus and his smile. The children have written some fantastic stories using new characters and settings using the structure of the story as a guide. Many children wrote more than they've ever written before and used some super adjectives, interesting verbs and even some superlatives for Y2! 

In maths we came to the end of our fractions unit. The children have truly loved learning about fractions and have proven they can apply their understanding across other areas of the curriculum. 

We completed an end of unit quiz in geography where the children wowed me with their recall of facts. It was a particularly knowledge based unit where they learnt such things as to name the continents and oceans of the world, name the countries of the UK, their capital cities, flags and national flowers. 

On Friday we started an exciting new unit based on cooking. Over the next few weeks we will be learning about food hygeine, how to cut and peel fruit and vegetables safely and how to design and make fruit kebabs to sell. 


Plea for fabric 

If anyone has any nice offcuts of fabric you no longer need, please could you send them into school. 

Week Ending 30th April 2021

What a busy week we’ve had in Class 1! The Year 1 and 2 children have been doing brilliantly with fractions in maths. They’ve got to grips with how to write the symbols for fractions such as halves, quarters and thirds and have been matching the correct symbols with fractions of shapes and quantities. The Foundation Stage have been exploring the numbers 1-20 and have had great fun taking their learning outside and doing number hunts in the garden!

We have continued to explore our text, Augustus and his Smile in English this week and have been exploring the interesting verbs and adjectives that are used by the author. The children have written some brilliant sentences and descriptions and have started to plan a class story using the book as inspiration.

In Science this week, we started to get stuck into our new unit on plants and it looks like we’ve got a number of budding botanists and garden designers in our midst! We enjoyed having a wander around the school to see what different flowers and plants we could spot. The children have a great knowledge of flower names! We then went back to the classroom to design our own gardens. The children thought about their garden layout and drew and labelled the names of flowers they wanted to include.

Week Ending 23rd April 2021

Class 1

What a lovely first week of the summer term we've had. The weather has certainly allowed us to get outside in the garden and enjoy the newly renovated learning areas. 

In English this week we started learning about a story called 'Augustus and his smile'. The children are loving getting to grips with the challenging vocabulary that it uses and have enjoyed acting out some of the parts of the story. 


In maths, we have had lots of fun exploring fractions using playdough, cutting shapes of paper, and even jaffa cakes! The jaffa cake halving activity was particularly useful for the Foundation stage children to use in the role play 'Tea room' that we have at the moment! 


The children amazed me with their curiosity and enthusiasm this week when we learned about using a compass. They turned into mini-explorers! Eloise linked it back to our previous history unit about Robert Falcon Scott, suggesting that he may have used a compass to navigate himself to the South Pole. The Year 1/2 children were able to describe the direction they would need to take to reach a destination on a map. The foundation children explored using the compasses to describe where things were in the garden area. 


Thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time over the Easter holidays to work on the Early Years garden. It is looking so much better! We now have a smaller, more manageable raised bed for planting vegetables, a shelter, a newly renovated mud kitchen, and pipes for exploring water, a tunnel for climbing and physical development and a cable drum which will act as a table. Many hours went into clearing and improving this area and it wouldn't have been possible without the support of the fabulous staff. A big thanks also has to go to Mr Richards who sourced poles, tarp, giant, sleepers, pipes and top soil for us and also roped in Richard to help! Thanks also to Perry's of Plympton who supplied us with the timber for the shelter roof for only a few pounds. 


Thanks to FOSPS we now have our reading shed installed in the playground. It has been stocked today with the books we have collected from donations, along with some picnic blankets to sit on and some other bits and bobs like writing resources, bookmark making etc. It will be up and running for next week! Thank you to FOSPs for raising the money for the reading shed. I'm sure it will be enjoyed, especially this term with the warm and sunny weather! 



Week Ending 26th March 2021

It has really started to feel like Spring at Shaugh Prior this week! The children have discussed signs of Spring and begun to take part in some Easter lessons and activities as we get closer to the end of term. Thank you to those of you who have started to bring in bits and pieces for our garden, we are still in need of some small items such as plants, seeds and compost- everything is very gratefully received! We’re looking forward to giving our outside space a spruce up for the summer term!

In English, the children have been thinking about the information they would like to include in a class non-fiction text about superheroes. They had great fun making Top Trumps cards which included some key qualities and facts about their chosen superhero! The children will now be using their skills to write their own information book.

We’ve come to the end of our Science topic on living things and their habitats and the children created some lovely pieces of artwork to demonstrate their understanding. They used watercolours to paint a backdrop of a habitat of their choice and then drew and cut out pictures of animals which live there to arrange into a food chain.

We’ve got lots of fun Easter activities planned for next week so fingers crossed for some sunshine!! 

Week Ending 19th March 2021

This week in class 1 I have been very proud of the effort the year 1/2 children have put into their assessments. They wrote fantastic stories based on a picture of a crashed helicopter and a lego man, they completed maths arithmetic and reasoning booklets and reading comprehensions for the Year 2s. The foundation stage children also wrote a story based on the same picture, demonstrating their knowledge of phonics and their skills of handwriting. 


As a whole class we have been working on our social skills through a range of activities in order to reset the dynamics of the class now that the home learners are back with us. We have worked in teams for games, had circle time, enjoyed some yoga time, painted and joined in with group singing. 


Due to the glorious weather this week, we have been able to use the garden for many of our lessons and the children have thoroughly enjoyed being outside. Some of them have even been helping to start clearing the old vegetable patch by taking away the old bits of wood and digging up some of the soil. 

Mr Richards is on the case for sourcing some big stuff for the renovation of the garden but we're still in desperate need of some of the smaller bits and bobs....compost, seeds, plants. If you can help at all please see Mrs Moss or Mrs Boulton.  


Fingers crossed for some more sunny weather next week.   Mrs Moss

Week Ending 12th March 2021

 Class 1 are so happy to be back together again! We had a great time on Monday welcoming back our friends with a little party which, of course, involved cake! The rest of the week has been spent gently adapting back to normal school life with a mixture of lessons, PSHE activities and some time for independent play.

In English, we have continued to explore our new core text, ‘Penguins’. The children have been looking at the layout of this non-fiction text and picking out features which help the reader find information.  We had some fun stamping each time we heard the verb in a sentence from our Penguin book. The foundation stage children worked on ordering words to make a sentence that makes sense and writing using finger spaces.   The children have been enjoying learning lots of facts about penguins- we’re all going to be experts in a few weeks!

The children have been brushing up on their addition and subtraction skills in maths.  Ella, Lara and Eloise were all great at explaining their thinking to me when subtracting across a ten.   Year 1 and 2 have been recapping and problem solving, super star this week has been Isaac who is really quick at recalling his bonds to 10!   EYFS have been learning how to subtract through lots of practical activities.  


We had great fun continuing to learn about food chains in Science this week. The children worked together to represent energy transfer in food chains through dance. They all took on the role of different parts of the food chain and enjoyed using movement to demonstrate their understanding.  


On request from the children, we have continued to enjoy some daily yoga time and I’m frequently asked to play the Continents and oceans song. For all the parents who were supporting remote learning, I’m sure you’ll agree- they are pretty catchy and get stuck in your head! A fantastic strategy for learning the names of 7 continents and 5 oceans, although it gets you a few strange looks when you sing them walking around Tesco.


Next week, we will be completing a series of tasks in order to identify gaps in children’s learning. This will enable us to best plan the next steps for their learning on the road to ‘catching up’!





Week Ending 5th March 2021

Class 1 have had a busy week this week, finishing off their maths sequence of multiplication and division in year 2, revising key number facts in year 1 and learning to add in Foundation stage. All the children have been really positive about their learning and keen to progress. 


In English, we started a new sequence about non-fiction texts this week. Our core text that we are working from is called 'Penguins' and they are really enjoying learning some penguin facts. Yesterday they made a great start at learning to recite a page of the text. It was really fun using actions to be like a penguin! 


The children have demonstrated excellent memory skills when learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans this week. They are particularly good at recalled the continents in order of their size, probably because we found a very catchy song to sing along to. I know Mrs Jutson and I were certainly singing it well into the evening! 


Megan brought in some frogspawn for us to look after on Thursday. We look forward to observing what happens over the next few weeks. 


We all cannot wait until Monday, both the staff and the children in school are counting down the days until we're all back together as it should be. We realise that our homelearners may be experiencing a range of emotions about returning to school so please do not hesitate to get in touch via the phone or by the school email address to speak to Mrs Boulton or I about their return if you are concerned. 



Week Ending 26th February 2021

What a lovely first week back we’ve had! Lots of sunshine and the news that we’ll soon all be reunited has definitely lifted the spirits!

In English, we have been coming to the end of our dragon sequence. The children loved searching the internet for images of dragons and painting their own from their imaginations. I was so impressed at their unique ideas; we had snow dragons, rainbow dragons and even a beach dragon! The children generated interesting words and phrases around their images to turn into their very own dragon poetry!

In maths, all year groups have been working on sharing. The Foundation Stage have been learning how to half a number by sharing into 2 groups and recognising that when we share we need to make sure all groups have the same amount. Years 1 and 2 have extended this by representing sharing and grouping as division problems.  

We had a great time in Science exploring polar habitats this week! The children had fun getting stuck into some polar habitat messy play and during our Science lesson they learnt about the animals that live in these regions. The children were able to name lots of polar animals and discussed how they are suited to the cold environment before making some fab collages!

Week Ending 12 February 2021

This week has been very busy and everyone has been very tired. I think we're all in need of a break next week. 


In English, the continuation of our Dragon excitement has been very great fun. The dragon visited again, delivered us a letter, the egg hatched and out popped a baby dragon. The children have channelled their enthusiasm into their writing and have been generating exquisite describing words to describe dragons. We held a dragon day to celebrate the birth of the dragon. We dressed up, created masks, made dragon biscuits and learned about the Chinese New Year. In the afternoon we met up with the other classes in the federation and some of the home learners to share our costumes, and what we had been doing. Class 1 loved seeing Miss Gilberthorpe again. 


In maths, we have been learning about multiplication, arrays, doubles and the 2x and 5x tables. The children are very good at drawing pictures to explain their thinking. The foundation stage children created a double machine using junk modelling!  


In PSHE we were learning about what is healthy/harmful to put into and onto our bodies. We drew around Owen and labelled him. The children were good at discussing items especially when something s could be both helpful and harmful. 


There will be no homework over half term. I think we all deserve a break. I hope you manage to have some family fun. Stay safe, and see you in a week's time!   Mrs Moss 




Week Ending 5th February 2021

In Class 1, the excitement of the dragon’s egg has continued. Firstly, with some dragon themed forest school fun and throughout the week in our English lessons where the children have been learning to recite dragon poetry and create their own poetic lines starting with adverbials. 


In maths, the Year 1s and 2s have been working hard to learn about multiplication. We’re having to play catch up here as this was a big area of learning that that was missed due to last year’s lockdown. The children are coping really well though. Foundation stage children have begun to explore finding doubles and created some fantastic ‘double-flies’ (butterfly- double pictures). 


The children have enjoyed our daily activities to support their mental health. Mindfulness doodling was a particular favourite in the classroom. It was fantastic to see children also joining in with these activities at home. 


We finished off the week with a project day of making testing and evaluating our Antarctic vehicles. We’ve learnt from the mistakes of Robert Falcon Scott and made sure to carry plenty of supplies to ensure our safe return home! 


French with Madame Moor 

We had our second French lesson on zoom with Madame Moor on Thursday. The children have been practising their French greetings, counting to 12, introducing themselves, talking about their families and saying how old they are. Madame Moor has been particularly impressed with the children’s confidence to have a go at speaking ‘en francais’. Très Bien les enfants! Whilst learning a language is usually only introduced in Class 2, Class 1 have thoroughly enjoyed taking part and are beginning to remember some of the phrases! 



Week Ending 29th January 2021


We have been super impressed with the amazing quality of work the children have produced this week both at school and at home- Class 1 are all working so hard!


In English, we have been planning and writing our own stories based on our text, ‘A Mouse Called Julian’. The children enjoyed coming up with their own characters and carefully planning the key events in their stories before creating their final pieces. The children worked incredibly hard and have written some fantastic stories!

In maths, Year 1 and 2 have started a new unit on multiplication and division and have been investigating equal and unequal groups both pictorially and practically. The foundation stage children have been finding one more or one less than a number through lots of fun activities!

We ventured outside for Science on Monday afternoon to hunt for microhabitats. Despite the cold and frosty weather, we were able to find quite a few of these miniature homes under logs and rocks.  The children were very excited to discover worms, beetles, a centipede and lots of woodlice!

Week Ending 22nd January 2021


This week class 1 have been practising all the skills for creating their own version of a story in English.  We have enjoyed thinking of alternative prey and predator characters to follow a similar plot to 'A mouse called Julian'.  I have been really impressed how the children have developed their vocabulary through learning this book and are now using some of the new words we've learnt in their everyday speech. 


In maths, we have been finishing off our learning about money in Y2 and applying those skills to finding change and solving problems.  In Y1 they have been further developing their understanding of the place value of numbers up to 20 and in foundation they have been working on counting and recognising numbers up to 10. 


On Wednesday we attempted to have a zoom meeting with a real French person for a mini French lesson. Unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented us from seeing Madame Moor's face however we did manage to speak to her and practice some French greetings and initial conversations. We will try to get zoom working properly for next week. 


In our afternoons we have continued our learning about Robert Falcon Scott, considered what items we might take on a polar adventure and also began to research snow vehicles.  


Week Ending 15th January 2021


Class 1 have been working super hard this week, both at school and at home! Many thanks to all the parents who have been supporting the children so well with their learning.

English, we have finally read to the end of our class book; A Mouse Called Julian! The children enjoyed predicting how the story might end and a lot of them were very accurate! We have explored what the characters might say by writing speech bubbles and looked closely at the vocabulary in the book with a particular focus on verbs.


The Year 2 children have continued learning about money in maths this week. They have been practising methods for counting money in both pounds and pence, selecting coins and notes to make a particular amount and exploring how to make the same amount in different ways. Foundation Stage and Year 1 have been working hard on counting, number recognition and place value.

In Science this week we explored the question ‘how do we know if something is alive?’  We learnt the acronym MRS GREN and how this helps us remember the 7 life processes which determine if something is alive. The children produced some lovely diagrams of the life processes- well done everyone!






Week Ending 8th January 2021


 Class 1

What a strange week it has been for us all! Amidst all the craziness we have continued with our normal lessons whether it be in class or at home via google classrooms.  Class 1 has begun to learn about money in their maths lessons. We have been exploring coins, naming them, putting them in order, playing shops and totalling amounts. 


In English, the children have been loving their new book 'A mouse called Julian'. We haven't got to the end of it yet and the suspense is killing us to find out what happens. The children have been learning to recite the text off by heart, explore new vocabulary and make predictions about what might happen next. 


During the afternoons we have been finding out what the children know about Scott and the Antarctic and being healthy to give us a starting point for our learning in the coming weeks. We have also enjoyed some fun yoga time. We even invited Class 2 to join in one day! To end the week, we had a class assembly where children from home could join us via zoom. We celebrated successes of the week and talked about this week's learning. Well done to everyone for adapting to the current situation.