Further to the announcement of the National Lockdown , all schools in our federation will be open for children of key workers and those who are vulnerable or have an EHCP.
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Shaugh Prior Primary School

Class 1

Welcome to Class One!

Week Ending 26th February 2021

What a lovely first week back we’ve had! Lots of sunshine and the news that we’ll soon all be reunited has definitely lifted the spirits!

In English, we have been coming to the end of our dragon sequence. The children loved searching the internet for images of dragons and painting their own from their imaginations. I was so impressed at their unique ideas; we had snow dragons, rainbow dragons and even a beach dragon! The children generated interesting words and phrases around their images to turn into their very own dragon poetry!

In maths, all year groups have been working on sharing. The Foundation Stage have been learning how to half a number by sharing into 2 groups and recognising that when we share we need to make sure all groups have the same amount. Years 1 and 2 have extended this by representing sharing and grouping as division problems.  

We had a great time in Science exploring polar habitats this week! The children had fun getting stuck into some polar habitat messy play and during our Science lesson they learnt about the animals that live in these regions. The children were able to name lots of polar animals and discussed how they are suited to the cold environment before making some fab collages!

Week Ending 12 February 2021

This week has been very busy and everyone has been very tired. I think we're all in need of a break next week. 


In English, the continuation of our Dragon excitement has been very great fun. The dragon visited again, delivered us a letter, the egg hatched and out popped a baby dragon. The children have channelled their enthusiasm into their writing and have been generating exquisite describing words to describe dragons. We held a dragon day to celebrate the birth of the dragon. We dressed up, created masks, made dragon biscuits and learned about the Chinese New Year. In the afternoon we met up with the other classes in the federation and some of the home learners to share our costumes, and what we had been doing. Class 1 loved seeing Miss Gilberthorpe again. 


In maths, we have been learning about multiplication, arrays, doubles and the 2x and 5x tables. The children are very good at drawing pictures to explain their thinking. The foundation stage children created a double machine using junk modelling!  


In PSHE we were learning about what is healthy/harmful to put into and onto our bodies. We drew around Owen and labelled him. The children were good at discussing items especially when something s could be both helpful and harmful. 


There will be no homework over half term. I think we all deserve a break. I hope you manage to have some family fun. Stay safe, and see you in a week's time!   Mrs Moss 




Week Ending 5th February 2021

In Class 1, the excitement of the dragon’s egg has continued. Firstly, with some dragon themed forest school fun and throughout the week in our English lessons where the children have been learning to recite dragon poetry and create their own poetic lines starting with adverbials. 


In maths, the Year 1s and 2s have been working hard to learn about multiplication. We’re having to play catch up here as this was a big area of learning that that was missed due to last year’s lockdown. The children are coping really well though. Foundation stage children have begun to explore finding doubles and created some fantastic ‘double-flies’ (butterfly- double pictures). 


The children have enjoyed our daily activities to support their mental health. Mindfulness doodling was a particular favourite in the classroom. It was fantastic to see children also joining in with these activities at home. 


We finished off the week with a project day of making testing and evaluating our Antarctic vehicles. We’ve learnt from the mistakes of Robert Falcon Scott and made sure to carry plenty of supplies to ensure our safe return home! 


French with Madame Moor 

We had our second French lesson on zoom with Madame Moor on Thursday. The children have been practising their French greetings, counting to 12, introducing themselves, talking about their families and saying how old they are. Madame Moor has been particularly impressed with the children’s confidence to have a go at speaking ‘en francais’. Très Bien les enfants! Whilst learning a language is usually only introduced in Class 2, Class 1 have thoroughly enjoyed taking part and are beginning to remember some of the phrases! 



Week Ending 29th January 2021


We have been super impressed with the amazing quality of work the children have produced this week both at school and at home- Class 1 are all working so hard!


In English, we have been planning and writing our own stories based on our text, ‘A Mouse Called Julian’. The children enjoyed coming up with their own characters and carefully planning the key events in their stories before creating their final pieces. The children worked incredibly hard and have written some fantastic stories!

In maths, Year 1 and 2 have started a new unit on multiplication and division and have been investigating equal and unequal groups both pictorially and practically. The foundation stage children have been finding one more or one less than a number through lots of fun activities!

We ventured outside for Science on Monday afternoon to hunt for microhabitats. Despite the cold and frosty weather, we were able to find quite a few of these miniature homes under logs and rocks.  The children were very excited to discover worms, beetles, a centipede and lots of woodlice!

Week Ending 22nd January 2021


This week class 1 have been practising all the skills for creating their own version of a story in English.  We have enjoyed thinking of alternative prey and predator characters to follow a similar plot to 'A mouse called Julian'.  I have been really impressed how the children have developed their vocabulary through learning this book and are now using some of the new words we've learnt in their everyday speech. 


In maths, we have been finishing off our learning about money in Y2 and applying those skills to finding change and solving problems.  In Y1 they have been further developing their understanding of the place value of numbers up to 20 and in foundation they have been working on counting and recognising numbers up to 10. 


On Wednesday we attempted to have a zoom meeting with a real French person for a mini French lesson. Unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented us from seeing Madame Moor's face however we did manage to speak to her and practice some French greetings and initial conversations. We will try to get zoom working properly for next week. 


In our afternoons we have continued our learning about Robert Falcon Scott, considered what items we might take on a polar adventure and also began to research snow vehicles.  


Week Ending 15th January 2021


Class 1 have been working super hard this week, both at school and at home! Many thanks to all the parents who have been supporting the children so well with their learning.

English, we have finally read to the end of our class book; A Mouse Called Julian! The children enjoyed predicting how the story might end and a lot of them were very accurate! We have explored what the characters might say by writing speech bubbles and looked closely at the vocabulary in the book with a particular focus on verbs.


The Year 2 children have continued learning about money in maths this week. They have been practising methods for counting money in both pounds and pence, selecting coins and notes to make a particular amount and exploring how to make the same amount in different ways. Foundation Stage and Year 1 have been working hard on counting, number recognition and place value.

In Science this week we explored the question ‘how do we know if something is alive?’  We learnt the acronym MRS GREN and how this helps us remember the 7 life processes which determine if something is alive. The children produced some lovely diagrams of the life processes- well done everyone!






Week Ending 8th January 2021


 Class 1

What a strange week it has been for us all! Amidst all the craziness we have continued with our normal lessons whether it be in class or at home via google classrooms.  Class 1 has begun to learn about money in their maths lessons. We have been exploring coins, naming them, putting them in order, playing shops and totalling amounts. 


In English, the children have been loving their new book 'A mouse called Julian'. We haven't got to the end of it yet and the suspense is killing us to find out what happens. The children have been learning to recite the text off by heart, explore new vocabulary and make predictions about what might happen next. 


During the afternoons we have been finding out what the children know about Scott and the Antarctic and being healthy to give us a starting point for our learning in the coming weeks. We have also enjoyed some fun yoga time. We even invited Class 2 to join in one day! To end the week, we had a class assembly where children from home could join us via zoom. We celebrated successes of the week and talked about this week's learning. Well done to everyone for adapting to the current situation. 


Autumn 2020


Week Ending 18th December 2020

This week Class 1 have been hard at work finishing off their final maths assessments for their shape topic and a final piece of writing for their story based on a Christmas film clip. All of them did fantastically and we were very proud of the progress they have made. 

Once that was out of the way, we got stuck into lots of lovely Christmas activities. The children have made candle holders, Christmas cards, painted ornaments and we have had lots of fun doing 'Elf exercise', class 2 even joined in one day! The Children loved completing their sponsored Santa Run and thoroughly enjoyed the silly Santa challenges they had to do. We ended our week with a day that the children planned themselves. They decided they would like to do some party dancing, watch a movie with popcorn, have a painting competition and a talent show. 

It has been a pleasure teaching your children this term. Have a marvellous Christmas and we will see you in the New Year! 

Mrs Moss and Mrs Boulton 


Sponsored Santa Run to raise money for FOSPs

Week Ending 11th December 2020

Time has run away with us this week in Class 1.  The children have been busier than Santa’s elves perfecting their writing so Santa doesn’t have trouble reading any last minute notes, as the big day draws near.  The man on the moon topic continues to stimulate the children’s imagination as they expand noun sentences with amazing adjectives.

In maths, the Year 1 children have been on a shape hunt around the school, looking high and low for 2D and 3D shapes, ticking off their list.  They were so surprised to find an octagonal prism in the guise of a barbecue pit!  Year 2 have led on from this and have been counting faces, vertices and edges on 3D shapes; a challenge for some.  The Foundation filled the classroom with some imaginative structures made from building blocks.  Some were taller than themselves.

 In keeping with the shape theme, all of Class 1 made triangular Christmas trees or reindeers from lollysticks, ready to decorate their homes.

The P.E lesson was very special this week as it was the finale to their gymnastic lessons.  The children, in their teams, put on a show - a sequence of movements using the apparatus.  The rest of the children applauded their classmates as they showed off their skill and agility.     

Week Ending 4th December 2020

Christmas has arrived at Shaugh Prior this week and Class 1 have been super excited to get into the festive spirit! We have been busy decorating the classroom and preparing songs and activities for Shaugh Prior’s ‘12 Days of Christmas’- keep your eye on our Facebook page for a daily dose of Christmas cheer!

We have started a new English unit which continues the Christmassy theme as it is based around the 2015 John Lewis advert ‘Man on the Moon’. The children have enjoyed watching the advert and we have had some great class discussions centred around the characters and their feelings.

This week in maths the children have continued exploring 2D shapes and begun to progress on to identifying and naming 3D shapes. The children have learnt how to identify vertical lines of symmetry, they’ve come up with their own rules for sorting and they’ve made repeating patterns using shapes. The foundation stage children have also been enjoying exploring shape with lots of practical activities and on Monday enjoyed painting some beautiful symmetrical butterflies!

In Science this week we carried out our investigation to find out which material is best at keeping a hot drink warm. The children decided that they wanted to wrap each cup in a different material and also cleverly suggested that we also made lids so that the heat didn’t escape out of the top of the cups! The children all helped to read the temperature of the liquid every 5 minutes and we got some very interesting results! We found out that bubble wrap is the best material for keeping a hot drink warm!

Week Ending 27th November 2020

This week in maths we have been learning all about 2D shapes. The children have been brilliant at naming shapes and identifying their properties and have got to grips with lots of tricky vocabulary! The children have challenged themselves by identifying shapes in different orientations. They have also learnt that not all examples of the same shape look similar and they have explored this idea by counting the number of sides and vertices on irregular shapes. 

In English, the children have been imagining that their favourite toys have come to life! They have used their knowledge of instruction texts to plan and write their own set of instructions for how to look after their imaginary pet ensuring they included features such as numbered steps and imperative (bossy) verbs.

In Science, we have started to apply what we have learnt about materials and their properties to plan an investigation. The children are exploring the question ‘Which material is best at keeping hot chocolate warm?’ and have decided on materials such as tin foil and bubble wrap to put to the test next week! They have all made a prediction about which materials they think will be best and worst- I wonder if they will be correct!

It has been great to see the foundation stage children using what they have learnt in phonics and maths to support their play. Lots of the children have been independently counting as well as writing numbers and letters to caption their drawings- well done!


Week Ending 20th November 2020


This week in class 1 we had a talk via a zoom video call from the Blue Cross about how to take care of pets. The information the children learned will help them when it comes to writing their own instruction text next week.        


In maths, we have been practising our skills of addition and subtraction. We tried out a fun new game of ‘big maths, beat that!’ where each day we have a go at answering some number facts within a set time, then the following day we need to try to beat our personal best. It comes with a fun theme tune! 


The foundation stage children have been working hard in phonics to learn their new sounds, writing the letters and blend sounds into words. Well done to everyone who has been practising at home with their letter tubs. The children were all excited to take home their first proper reading book this week. Please help them to practise reading it daily. 


We were very lucky to be visited by an astronaut on Wednesday! She landed her space lander a couple of fields away because the battery needed charging. While Mrs Bruce helped her to charge the battery she stopped to talk to us about what life is like on the international space station. She showed us some of the items in her backpack and explained what they were for. The children were gripped by her story.   Thank you to Theatre Alibi for providing us with this experience. 

Week Ending 13th November 2020

This week in English, Class One have been working really hard on remembering their capital letters and full stops in all of their writing. They have looked at some features of instruction texts and written their own- the Year 2s have also been including some humour in their writing!

The Key Stage 1 children have been focussing on subtraction in maths and learning different strategies to help solve calculations. I have been extremely impressed with how methodically the children have been approaching the problems. In EYFS, the children have been learning all about the number 6 and hunting for 6 both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our Science topic for this half term is ‘Everyday Materials’ and the children loved becoming investigators this week and hunting around our school for different objects. The children worked brilliantly in teams and were able to identify lots of different objects made out of wood, metal, plastic, glass and fabric.

In music, the children have been exploring how to make different sounds with the djembes. We talked about how we can play different areas of the drums to change the sound and how we can alter the dynamics by playing harder or softer. We used these skills to begin creating a class composition based on the weather- anyone walking by would have thought there was a terrible storm brewing!

Week Ending 6th November 2020

This week Class One started learning about a new text in English; How to wash a wooly mammoth. We had lots of fun pretending to be zoo keepers and woolly mammoth, explaining how to take care of them. 


In maths we have been continuing to learn about addition and subtraction, exploring different strategies to help us with our calculations. Foundation stage have been practising their numbers to 5, representing them with counting objects. 


Mr Gibbs kick started the gymnastics unit by teaching the children how to make shapes with their bodies. They learned the special names for the shapes as well. In our computing lesson we had a go at logging in to google classroom ahead of their online homework task to complete over the weekend. Good luck. Don't worry if you face any problems, we will iron them out together. 


Class 1 kick start their gymnastics unit by learning to make shapes with their bodies.

Week Ending 23rd October 2020

Class 1 have had an amazing first half term! Well done to all the children for settling back into school life so well and for the incredible progress they have made! 

This week in English we have been writing our own summarised versions of fairy tales so that we can create our own class ‘mixed up’ book! The children have been working hard on editing and improving their sentences to make sure they are producing some fantastic pieces of writing! 

In maths, the children have been exploring number bonds and fact families practically using different resources. The Year 2s have been using number lines and tens frames to help them jump the tens boundary when solving addition and subtraction problems.  

The EYFS have had a great week learning all about the number 5 in maths and working super hard in their phonics sessions!



Outdoor learning in our Class One garden.

History knowledge organiser for the Autumn Term- The Great Fire of London

Autumn Term 1 Science Knowledge Organiser - Seasonal Changes

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