Welcome back to all the children returning to school.
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Shaugh Prior Primary School

Class 1

Welcome to Class One!

Week Ending 14th January 2021

The children have thrown themselves back into work mode this week and have enjoyed getting really stuck into our new sequences of work.

Our English text for the next couple of weeks is The Disgusting Sandwich by Gareth Edwards.  The children love the story and have enjoyed joining in with the repeated phrases and exploring the vocabulary in the text. We even found a disgusting sandwich on our decking earlier in the week and had great fun walking around our grounds in search of evidence of how it got so disgusting!

In maths, the Year 1 and 2 children have been working on their multiplication skills. Year 1s have had lots of practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s while Year 2s have been learning how to add equal groups and then express this as a multiplication sentence. EYFS have been exploring the numbers 1-5 and how they can be split in lots of different ways.

We began our new unit on Seasonal Changes in Science this week. The children recapped their knowledge on the months of the year and seasons in preparation for doing lots of observations over the next few weeks.

In music this week, the children have learnt about pitch and experimented with making low and high sounds with xylophones and glockenspiels. They’ve watched some videos of different instruments being played and noticed that often the bigger instruments have a lower pitch.

Week Ending 7th January 2022



Class 1 

It has been fabulous to welcome the children back to school this week especially after anxiously awaiting the Prime minister's announcement at the start of the week. After a couple of weeks of Christmas fun, it can take some time to settle children back into school life during January. However, I have been very impressed by how the children have come back. They have been enthusiastic, energised and very motivated to learn. They have produced some excellent pieces of story writing and showed excitement towards beginning our unit on multiplication and division. 

Following our Christmas nativity some of the younger children had shown an interest in role playing with babies, so yesterday Miss Hawke and Mrs Jutson whipped up a wonderful new role play area called the 'Baby Clinic' for the children to learn in. The children were keen to get started and we had baby's having health checks, height and weight measuring and some of the children were learning to change nappies! 

We have decided to extend our golden ticket challenge until half term to give everyone an extra chance to earn some tickets. Remember, all the children need to do is read at home on 5 different days. They are relying on you to record it in their link book. I will be checking the reading entries on Friday each week. If they have read 5 times or more, they will get a golden ticket to add to the prize jar. The winner of the mystery prize will be drawn on the last day of this half term. You've got to be in it to win it 



Week Ending 17th December 2021


This week we have carried on right until the end with our learning. The children wrote fabulous double page spreads on 'How to catch a reindeer', following our letter from Santa asking for help to find the missing Prancer. 

Luckily today we received a letter from Santa telling us that he had been found. He also left them some little reindeer chocolates as a thank you for all the ideas they wrote. 


In amongst our final piece of writing, maths assessments and RE lessons we also found time to have a little Christmas fun by watching a film, making Christmas crafts, having a disco, Christmas wordsearches etc. 


Today, Class 1 were treated to a trip to the Theatre to watch 'A man who wanted to be a penguin'. This trip was kindly funded by FOSPs. We had a fabulous time and it was great to be able to take the children on a school trip once again. 


Week Ending Friday 10th December 2021


Class 1

Well, the Christmas excitement has definitely ramped up in Class 1 this week! Our English text, How to Catch Santa has sparked lots of enthusiasm with the children discovering clues to suggest that Santa and his reindeer had paid us a visit at school! The children have also been exploring the use of vocabulary in the book and practising using adjectives and conjunctions in their own writing.

In maths, we have continued our unit on money. The Year 1s are getting good with their coin recognition and have also learnt about the value of notes. They have been putting their skills to the test but beginning to add coins to find the total. Year 2 have been practising selecting the correct coins and notes to make a total and have discovered that there are often lots of different ways to make the same amount! Foundation stage have been ordering numbers and using vocabulary such as bigger and smaller to deepen their understanding.

We got our hearts pumping in science this week in order to investigate the importance of exercise to stay healthy! The children tried out a number of different activities and observed the effect that they had on their bodies.

The highlight of the week, however, was definitely our performance of The Fairytale Land Nativity Show! The children sang and read so well and made us incredibly proud! Thank you for coming along to support your children and for providing such fantastic costumes! 

Week Ending 3rd December 2021




Class 1


Whilst the start of the Christmas excitement is upon us we have still been busy busy in class 1 with our learning! 


In Maths Year 1 and 2 have begun a unit on money. They have been practising recognising, sorting and understanding the value of coins. In Year 2 they have been applying their addition skills when totalling collections of coins and notes. 

Foundation stage have been deepening their knowledge of 1-5 by completing a range of activities like number hunts, ordering numbers, matching objects to numbers and using part part whole models. 


We were very excited to begin learning about a new book this week called 'How to catch Santa'. Although we were very clear that we certainly would not try to catch the big guy ourselves! After all, one child said, "He can hear everything we're saying". So we've been regularly shouting out, "We're only pretending, Santa!" or "Its only a book, Santa!"  

The book has inspired us to write letters, write imaginative questions to ask him if we get the chance to meet him and use instruments to create a sound scape of sounds that might be heard on Christmas eve. Foundation stage and Mr Gibbs were very funny when they pretended to be Santa and answered the questions that we had written! 


In PSHE this week, we explored the word 'respectful'. The children acted out scenarios and had to decide if the characters were being respectful or disrespectful. They had the chance to apply their respectful behaviour when we received a visit from a local Author, Rob Holmes. The children sat beautifully and listened well to him talking about his story.  He spoke very highly of our children after the session and enjoyed visiting our school. 


Week Ending Friday 26th November 2021


n English this week, Class 1 have been using our text Fatou Fetch the Water to inspire some group writing. There was great excitement when the children were given the task of collecting pencils from the office! We met lots of school staff bearing gifts on the way and ended up returning to the classroom with a basket full of fruit instead of pencils! The children used their journey as inspiration for a shared write ensuring they were using lots of interesting adjectives to describe the objects and settings.


The foundation stage children have been exploring the number 5 in maths this week. They have enjoyed making their own ‘high five’ by drawing around their hands, representing numbers with multilink cubes and partitioning the number 5 using part-whole models. Year 1 and 2 have been continuing to work on their addition and subtraction skills using a number of practical resources such as tens frames and 100 squares. Year 1 have been working hard on their recall of number bonds to 10 and Year 2 have been focusing on adding and subtracting 10 from any number.


We have been enjoying learning about animals including humans in Science. The children loved sharing their baby photos last week and discussing how they’ve changed and things that have stayed the same. We then compared the human lifecycle to that of a butterfly. This week the children learnt about the basic needs that humans and animals have in order to survive.

Week Ending 19th November 2021


Class 1 had a lovely morning at Cornwood school on Tuesday with best-selling children’s author, Clare Welsh.

We were treated to a reading of her new book, Scissorella, followed by a puppet making workshop.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and made some fantastic silhouette puppets!  Mrs Boulton


This week we have welcomed 3 new children to class 1! Elodie, Freddie and Poppy have joined our school and started their first full days on Monday. We have been busy helping them to feel welcome and to settle into our school routines and make new friends. 


 In English we have continued our work on 'Fatou, fetch the water'. The children have been working on their skills of writing questions, punctuating sentences and using conjunctions like and to join clauses. 


In maths the children have been exploring how simple number facts can lead to a whole host of other facts! We call these fact families and related facts. In Foundation the children have been exploring everything to do with number 4. They have created representations, been on square hunts, counting and sorted, they particularly enjoyed the numberblocks episode. 


This week we began to look at our Class 1 nativity play. We will be presenting this to you all at the church this year- please see the dates below for details. We are putting on a traditional tale's take on a nativity which will link to all the stories we have been reading this term. I'm hoping to send home information for costumes this week. Please bear with me if it ends up being Monday!  Mrs Moss


Week Ending 12th November 2021

Class 1



This week in Class 1 the children have been busy getting stuck in to our new units of learning. In English, the children have been enjoying our new class text Fatou Fetch the Water. We have been familiarising ourselves with the story by story-mapping and looking for clues in the text to find out more about the setting and characters.


In maths, the children have begun learning about addition and subtraction. We have explored part-whole models and the addition symbol using a variety of practical resources. Year 2 have also been investigating fact families. EYFS have had fun comparing the numbers 1, 2 and 3 through games and activities.


In Science, the children have been learning all about different animals and their offspring. We learnt that some animals give birth to live young whereas others lay eggs. We also discovered how some offspring look just like their parents but others don’t resemble them at all, for example butterflies and caterpillars!


The children had a fab time experimenting with dynamics in music. They used the Sound Shapes in order to play softly and loudly. They all demonstrated great control of the instruments!

Week Ending 5th November 2021


This week was Arts week and we decided to base our learning on something local…CLAY!  At the start of the week a few children were able to bring us in some clay they had managed to extract at home. This was a great help when it came to our lessons and experiments throughout the week.

In English, we were using our senses to think of interesting descriptive words to describe clay and all its varying properties. This enabled us to then create a lovely class acrostic poem describing what we thought of clay.

 In Science we dived into their properties a bit further when we started comparing the different types of clay and then we came up with some ideas of what different types of clay could be used for.

This week we have made a lot of items using the clay.


In RE we were making diva lamps with clay and have been decorating them so that they can be put up for Diwali.  


In Art we made some clay beads that can be threaded to make a bracelet or a necklace.


Finally, in Geography we made mini cliffs and carried out an experiment to see which of the different types of clay were stronger and could withstand coastal erosion better.  Miss Kirsty Wilson, Student Teacher.

Week Ending 22nd October 2021


Class 1

This week we have all been feeling the effect of a long half term. I think the children are very tired and in need of a well-deserved rest next week. They have worked incredibly hard despite their tiredness. 


In English we have completed our sequence of learning based on the Three Little Pigs, resulting in the EYFS children retelling the story in the form of a very entertaining puppet show, the Year 1s writing like Authors and retelling the story in their own words and Year 2s innovating the structure of the story and creating their own versions...such as The Three Cuddly Rabbits and the Big Bad Fox. 


In maths, we have come to the end of our place value unit. The children have enjoyed using resources like cubes, numicon and dienes to support their learning. The year 1s had lots of fun securing their understanding of ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) and applying this to solving problems. The Year 2s were fabulous at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and Foundation have been developing a deeper understanding of the three-ness of 3! 


We enjoyed finding out about some more landmarks that can be found in London. The children made leaflets of London Landmarks and the drawings were amazing! They were fascinated by the Ravens and the fact that the Queen's jewels are locked inside the Tower of London. 


The Year 1s and 2s went to the Erme for the gymnastics final this afternoon. I'm sure they will have represented our school beautifully and had a fantastic time performing their gymnastics sequences. Look out for some pictures on facebook later. 


Have a fantastic half term everyone! 

Mrs Moss 


Class 1 - A visit from a famous author! 

On Tuesday 16th November we are really lucky to invite Clare Helen Welsh into our federation as part of her Scissorella book tour. Not only is Clare a hugely successful children's author but she also used to teach at The Erme Primary School.  She's one of our own!

She has kindly offered to deliver a workshop to class 1 that will be at Cornwood School so we can join up with their class 1.  Later that day she will also visit the Erme.

We will be sending out an order form if anyone would like to purchase one of her books or perhaps a few for Christmas prezzies! I do believe you can request to have their names written inside them as well to make it extra special. We will organise our travel arrangements closer to the time.