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Shaugh Prior Primary School

Class 1

Welcome to Class One!

What will we be learning in the summer term?

Week Ending Friday 1st July 2022



This week in Class 1, the Year 1/2 children have been learning about shapes, recapping their names and properties. In foundation, the children have been securing their knowledge of numbers and practising addition and subtraction below 10. 

In English, we have been continuing our unit on the Lord of the forest and have started to look at how we could use this book as a model for our own writing. Lord of the ocean perhaps? We watched video clips of whales. The children were mesmerised by the magnificent creatures. 


In Geography we completed our unit about maps and the children demonstrated their learning by drawing a map of our school grounds. They used a bird's eye view to draw, included a key with symbols, a compass and a scale. 

Week Ending Friday 24th June 2022


We’ve had another hot week this week- thank goodness for our pool to help cool us off!

In English we have started a new text called ‘Lord of the Forest’ by Caroline Pitcher. The children have enjoyed familiarising themselves with the story and looking at the beautiful illustrations in the book by Jackie Morris. They have also looked for similarities and differences between this story and ‘Augustus and his Smile’ which is another book about a tiger that the children know well.

We have continued learning about time in maths. The children have been thinking carefully about the units of time which are the most appropriate to measure different activities and also had a go at timing themselves completing challenges in a minute. How many times do you think you could stand up and sit down in a minute?!

Foundation stage have been learning all about odd and even numbers using an episode of Numberblocks to help tackle the tricky concept. They have been using practical resources to see which numbers have an ‘even top’ and which are ‘odd blocks’!

In Science, the children had a go at being weather reporters! We discussed different types of weather and how it changes throughout the seasons. The children then had a go at writing and reporting their own weather forecasts.

We’ve been talking all about forgiveness this week in RE linking it to the Bible quote ‘Forgive and you will be forgiven.’ It sparked a very interesting discussion about the importance of treating others how we’d like to be treated.

Week Ending 17th June 2022


 In class 1 this week the foundation children have been enjoying learning in the garden especially as we have had some new equipment to enhance the learning areas. The sunny weather has been great for helping our bean plants to grow but we have also been very grateful for the shade of the big tree to keep us protected from the sun. 


In English the children have been finishing off the unit about non-fiction writing based on a famous person. We ended this sequence of learning by writing information about Queen Elizabeth II's life. The children have been great at orally created sentences so I'm looking forward to seeing the writing that they produce. 


In maths Year 1 and 2 have been learning about time. Please keep practising this at home with them as it's a skill that will need lots of rehearsal!


 In Foundation, the children have been learning about direction and movement. See if they can describe how things move to you at home!  


The pool has been great to help us cool down on hot, sunny days and our water confidence and swimming skills are improving with every session. 


On Thursday we were treated to a cricket session with Vicky Reeves. The children demonstrated exemplary behaviour and Vicky commented that they were the best class she'd ever worked with! You did us proud Class 1! 



Week Ending Friday 10th June 2022


We’ve had a great first week of our final term of the year! It was fantastic to get back in our pool and have fun learning important water confidence skills. The children who had never been in our pool before did amazingly well getting in for the first time- the water is a little chilly!! They all followed the rules and behaved very sensibly both in and out of the water- well done Class 1!


We got straight back into our learning from before half term in English with the children continuing to look at the biography about Amelia Earhart. This week, the children researched the author Julia Donaldson and ordered their ideas to create a piece of shared writing as a class using our text as inspiration.

In Maths, the Year 1s and 2s started a new unit all about time. Year 1 have been looking at all the different vocabulary related to time such as days of the week and months of the year. Year 2 have been recapping o’clock and half past times, making sure they can read and write the times on an analogue clock. EYFS have been looking at the tricky concepts of doubling and halving using lots of practical activities and resources. 


Week Ending Friday 20th May 2022


This week our Year 2 children have been completing their end of KS1 SATS assessments. We have been incredibly proud at how sensible they were and how they persevered even when some questions felt tricky. 


In English we began learning about a non-fiction text about Amelia Earheart. The children had lots of questions about her and her life. It was great to see them making connections with our previous learning; identifying where it sits on our history timeline compared to other topics we have learned. She has even inspired some of the children to consider the possibility of being a pilot when they grow up!  This book has linked fantastically to our learning in PSHE about what jobs we might like to do when they're older and which skills we need for certain jobs. 


In Geography, we explored the concept of maps being created using a 'bird's eye view'. The children were great at drawing items in our classroom from a birds eye view to make a map of the classroom. They are becoming excellent geographers and are fabulous at recalling facts from previous topics. 



Week Ending Friday 13th May 2022


This week in English the children have been exploring the verbs used in our text that describe the sounds and movement of the dragon machine. We even had a go at creating our own machine noises using musical instruments. The children have begun to create a shared version of the story as a class using the structure of the text as inspiration.

In maths, we have all been exploring length and height. EYFS have enjoyed comparing the length and height of objects and measuring them by building towers of cubes. Year 1 have measured length using non-standard units and begun to learn how to use a ruler accurately in order to measure in centimetres. Year 2 have been discussing which units are appropriate for measuring different objects and had a go at measuring in both centimetres and metres.

The children had fun being green-fingered in science this week as we planted some sunflower seeds in order to observe how they grow. We learnt about the difference between seeds and bulbs and how they grow into adult plants.

We continued looking at songs all about our imagination in music. We listened to the piece of music ‘Pure Imagination’ from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory and the children enjoyed discussing all the sweets and chocolate that they were imagining!

Week Ending Friday 6th May 2022


Class 1 

In English this week we have been exploring the dragon machine story and discovering how powerful vocabulary choices can be in order to convey emotion, characters and action. The author is excellent and making precise choices and it is helping to broaden the children's vocabulary. The children have written some fantastic sentences about the mischief the dragons get up to using past tense verbs. 


In maths we have completed our unit on addition and subtraction. The children are becoming much speedier at calculating number sums now and are able to draw on a range of strategies to help. The year 1 children were particularly good at comparing number sentences by using their reasoning skills to look for clues. 


In RE we completed our unit on Judaism. The children demonstrated how much they had enjoyed and engaged with this learning by wowing me with their final assessment task. Many of the children were able to explain about their beliefs, their place of worship and key items they may have such as a mezuzah, a menorah, challah bread, the Torah scrolls and a yad! 


The cheeky chickens 

The chickens have been giving us quite the run around this week. Mrs Jutson set them up with a new area so that they have a safe space to roam around during the day except they keep on escaping!!! I'm sure in time they will learn the boundaries of the school grounds but until then we are having a jolly time chasing them. Mrs Jutson even put one in time out after being so naughty and repeatedly escaping. The children have been excellent and keeping an eye on them and helping to put them safely back in their area. 


Hats and sun cream 

As the weather has suddenly improved please can you ensure that you apply suncream to your child before school and send them into school with a labelled bottle of sunscreen and a hat to protect them from the sun. 



Anyone heading to the beach this weekend? Please pick up a few large-ish (adult fist size) pebbles to bring into school. We will have a pebble painting stall at the jubilee fair in 2 weeks’ time. We will need plenty of pebbles. 




Week Ending 29th April 2022


What a lovely start we've had to the summer term this week with lots of sunshine and time spent outdoors!

We started an exciting new text in English called ‘The Dragon Machine’ and the children thoroughly enjoyed familiarising themselves with the story and taking their time to study the wonderful illustrations. Seeing how many dragons they could spot on each page proved very exciting!

In maths, Year 1 have been getting to grips with subtraction using a number of different methods and practical resources. The Year 2s have been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers and have worked really hard to tackle the tricky concept of crossing tens. EYFS have had great fun exploring weight and using balance scales to compare and measure objects around the classroom and garden.

We listened to a song all about using our imaginations in music this week. The children talked about what they liked about the song and then had a go at drawing what came into their minds whilst they were listening. Class 1 certainly have great imaginations!

On Monday, we celebrated Earth Day by talking about what we love about our planet, particularly our favourite outside places and what makes them special. We discussed why it is important to look after our planet and what we can do to help, such as reducing how much plastic we use. We then conducted an environmental survey around our school grounds; thinking about what we liked and what we could do to improve certain areas. 


Week Ending 8th April 2022



Class 1 

This week the children really impressed us with their non-fiction writing about plants. Considering many of the class missed quite a few of the lessons due to COVID, we could still see progress from their starting points. The children's understanding of science shone through with how they wrote each fact. 

In maths EYFS have been getting to grips with identifying, making and describing patterns. we have enjoyed using our beautiful school grounds for this learning; hunting for patterns in the garden area and also using naturally found items to create patterns. In Year 1 and 2 the children have been focussing on adding and subtraction. Their skills and understanding are growing and they are becoming increasingly speedy at calculating answers.


 In PSHE we learned about how to manage big feelings- the sort that may cause you to behave in an inappropriate way. The children were excellent at discussing their feelings during this lesson and we noted that every child is different and that some children may experience those big feelings for different reasons and may need help to reduce them back to little feelings. We used a balloon to demonstrate how a little feeling can sometime grow into a big feeling. 



Week Ending 1st April 2022


Class 1 

It’s been lovely to continue enjoying the sunshine this week even though the temperature has turned a bit chilly! There was lots of excitement when we even got a bit of snow- what funny weather!

In English this week the children have enjoyed exploring our new text Creature Features: Dinosaur. The book is full of colourful images and language which has really captured their interest. We have discussed some of the features in the book such as the use of adjectives and alliteration in the page headings and the children have even had a go at writing their own alliterative noun phrases.

The children finished off their place value unit this week in maths with some comparing and ordering of numbers using vocabulary and symbols. The year 1 and 2 children really impressed us with their skills in their end of unit assessment.  EYFS have had a fab week comparing objects and numbers using the greater than (>) and less than (<) symbols. The children were introduced to this concept using the Numberblocks episode ‘Blockzilla’ and loved making their own monsters so that they could compare objects around our classroom and outside areas.

This week in Science, the children learnt about deciduous and evergreen trees and their characteristics. We went for a walk around the school grounds, observing the different trees and looking closely at their leaves in order to make comparisons. The children were great at using their observations to identify whether the trees were deciduous or evergreen.


This week in music the children continued to explore pitch and loved using the board to have a go at playing the piano on Chrome Music Lab. They were brilliant at following directions in order to play high notes and low notes. 



Week Ending Friday 25th March 2022


Well, Covid has well and truly hit our class this week! We've missed all the children that have been off school and hope that you are not suffering the symptoms too badly. We can't wait to have everyone back to school in good health. 


For the children in school we have finished off our final piece of writing linked to Mrs Armitage and the big wave and have begun a new book called Creature Features: Dinosaur. This is a fantastic information text about dinosaurs. 


In history, we started learning about Nelson Mandela and were able to create a timeline of his life. 


This is our new role-play area which is our dinosaur cave to go with our English topic.


Week Ending 18th March 2022


Class 1 

 Class 1 have had a very busy week as always. We began a new unit in maths this week, continuing to develop our understanding of place value (Year 1s up to 50 and year 2s up to 100). The children have been exploring the tens and ones in a number and how to match numbers to representations. In EYFS, the children have been exploring how the numbers they have learned can be represented on a tens frame, beadstring and with other resources and are beginning to learn their bonds to 10. 


In English we have been planning our own stories based on our class book 'Mrs Armitage and the great wave'. They created some fantastic noun phrases to use in their writing next week. The children were amazed to discover that the Class 1 children at Cornwood were also learning about Mrs Armitage and Miss Aldridge read them the sequel! 


In PSHE, the children have been exploring their feelings, identifying the physical symptoms of those feelings and how to help change bad feelings into good feelings. 


Week Ending 11th March 2022


In English this week we have been enjoying exploring the rich vocabulary in our text Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave. The children picked out nouns from the book and worked hard to come up with interesting and humorous adjectives to create noun phrases.


EYFS have had great fun learning all about the number 9 in maths. We discovered that 9 cubes or objects can be arranged into a square and the children used ‘Numberblock Nine‘ to hunt for more squares around the classroom. Year 1 have continued exploring numbers to 20 using symbols and vocabulary such as greater than and less than to compare and order the numbers. Year 2 have been working on some tricky concepts as we come to the end of our fractions unit. They have learnt about non-unit fractions which are fractions that have a numerator greater than one and explored the equivalence of ½ and 2/4.

In Science, the children have been learning the names and functions of the common parts of plants. We looked carefully at different plants and made observations about the shape, colour and texture of the various parts. The children were able to describe the differences between the plants and observe that whilst they all have common parts there was a lot of variation.


In music, the children have begun to create their own compositions inspired by Saint-Saen's Carnival of the Animals. They chose an animal to base their compositions on and thought carefully about the pitch and tempo they could use to represent it.