Welcome back to all the children returning to school.
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Shaugh Prior Primary School

Class 1

Welcome to Class One!

Week Ending 22nd July 2021 - End of Summer Term!

Well the sun has certainly shone for our last 4 days of term!! We have spent as much time as possible out in our garden enjoying the shade and slight breeze under the tree. The children have also made the most of being able to cool off in our pool every day! It’s been lovely to see how much progress the they have made with their swimming during this half term.


This week, we have been thinking about some of the changes that happen as we grow up. The children have discussed what they looked like as babies and what needs they had and how that’s changed now that they are a little older.  In between finishing up final lessons of our units of work we have had lots of opportunities for extra reading. Several children have now signed up to the library summer reading challenge. Those children have been so excited to tell me about it. Thank you for supporting them in doing this! 


The children enjoyed using clay to create final sculptures inspired by our learning this half term. There was an incredible range of starting points from a twig to a flower to coronavirus model! 


Our final swimming lessons got extra splashy. Mrs Moss and Mrs Jutson were wringing out their clothes afterwards. The children have made excellent progress in swimming this term and many of our non-swimmers are truly on the cusp of swimming independently. If you can manage to fit in some swim time over the holidays I would expect they will be swimming by the end of the summer! 


We would like to say a huge thank you and well done to all the children for a fantastic year, despite the challenges! They have shown great resilience and have all been a pleasure to teach. We are also very grateful to the parents and families for all their support and patience. Good luck to our lovely Year 2 girls as they leave Class 1 ready to join Class 2 in September- we will miss you! 


We hope you all have a wonderful, well-deserved summer break and we look forward to seeing you in September!   Mrs Boulton and Mrs Moss 


Week Ending 16th July 2021


What a sunny week we've had. At a time when the children are beginning to feel tired at the end of the year, the sunshine has definitely helped to boost their enthusiasm. 


In maths we have been finishing of our unit of work on position and direction. The children have been great at using the vocabulary: left, right, clockwise, anticlockwise, quarter turns, half turns etc. Today they created some excellent patterns using shapes and characters to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of what they have been learning. 


In English the children wrote some lovely recounts of the beach trip. It was clear how much they enjoyed the trip through their enthusiasm to write about it. 


In art this week, we began to find out about a Devon artist called Peter Randall-Page. The children were amazed when we looked at his sculptures and inspired by some of his sketchbook examples. The children explored techniques they can use with charcoal and had a go at creating charcoal sketches of natural items as Peter does before beginning a sculpture.


We were very excited to discover some of our seeds and bulbs have grown into actual vegetables! We have peas, tomatoes and onions. Unfortunately, our lettuce plants have been nibbled by the resident slugs and snails! Next week we will harvest some and ask Ali to cook them up for lunch. 


The children are all really excited for the outdoor disco this evening. We're looking forward to putting on our party clothes and having a boogie! 

Week Ending 9th July 2021


We can tell it’s getting close to the end of term as we have had a super busy week ending with two very exciting days!

In maths, we have been learning about position and direction which has involved getting to grips with lots of different vocabulary. We have been trying really hard with distinguishing our left from our right and have taken part in lots of different practical activities to help us describe direction.


In preparation for our trip, our English this week was centred all around the beach. We explored some seaside non-fiction books in order to generate our own questions and explore vocabulary. The children wrote some great definitions for some seaside-themed words! We used the books to find out lots of information which would be helpful for our trip such as the different creatures that can be found in rockpools.


We have been exploring dynamics in music this week and the children showed great control with the instruments when playing loudly or quietly. We discussed how we could represent a flower growing through music to link to our Science topic and the children split into groups to compose their pieces. They selected instruments to represent the different things plants need to grow, thought about their dynamics and incorporated movement to create some fab compositions!

Week Ending 2nd July


This week we have completed some end of year assessment activities. The children have done themselves proud and achieved amazing scores in their tests. We are so impressed with all that they have achieved, especially in light of the highly unusual journey they have been through during the pandemic. It just shows how incredibly resilient our children are. 


In between assessments this week, the children have enjoyed some learning activities linked to some of our favourite Julia Donaldson books like ‘A squash and a squeeze’ and ‘The snail and the whale’. 


In art, we went on a walk around the school grounds to collect natural items to add to a nature card. The children were excellent at being selective, ensuring they had a range of colours, textures and appropriately sized items to fit on their card. Back in the classroom the children had the challenge of mixing paints to match the colours of their items using only primary colours. Their efforts were very impressive! After that, they applied these skills of colour mixing to create a close up painting of one of their items. The children are still very interested in the work of Andy Goldsworthy and talk about him throughout the week in different lessons. Their level of fascination is infectious! 


Whilst Miss Gilberthorpe was visiting Mrs Moss to do some planning for September, she stopped by to say hello and read the children a story. They enjoyed sharing stories about what they’ve been doing with her. She was amazed by the progress the children have made this year. 


Week Ending 25th June 2021

What an action-packed week we’ve had! The children thoroughly enjoyed their Bikeability sessions and it was great to see them confidently whizzing round on the balance bikes. They worked on a range of techniques in order to develop that all-important skill of balancing and can now ride like ‘kangaroos’ or ‘giraffes’- ask them to show you next time they’re out on their bikes!

In maths, we have completed our measuring unit. The Year 2s learnt how to measure temperature in degrees Celsius and explored this practically by measuring the temperature of different cups of water. They had to think carefully about the scale on each thermometer and make sure they were counting in the correct increments. The Year 1s used their measuring skills to solve problems involving weight and volume and EYFS have been practising adding and subtracting numbers to 20.

In English the children have used our text The Boy Who Cried Ninja to inspire their own stories. They came up with their own characters and thought carefully about how they were going to add detail to their work and remember to include everything in their final write. In order to have a clear idea of their plot, the children orally told their stories to their friends first.

We squeezed in a quick Science lesson around Bikeability this week. After looking in detail at the structure of flowering plants in our last lesson, this week the children explored the different parts of trees. They were all able to identify and name the roots, trunk, branches and leaves and talk about the important job they play in keeping trees healthy. They also produced some wonderful labelled scientific diagrams.

Week Ending 18th June 2021

Wow, what a lovely week it's been. We have been able to get outside and enjoy our garden as we tend to the plants, cool down in the swimming pool and have breaktimes on the daisy covered field. 


In English the children have been getting stuck into the book 'The boy who cried ninja'. They are excellent at reciting the start of the story using very enthusiastic actions particularly for the ninja part! They have been practising using conjunctions to join their sentences, using adjectives to describe the characters and picking apart the structure of the text ahead of writing their own stories next week. 


In maths the children have impressed both Mrs Boulton and I with their measuring skills. We focussed on capacity/volume this week and spent many of our lessons splashing about in the water tray. In Foundation the children are able to compare the containers that can hold more/less water and order 3 containers according to their capacity. In year 1/2 children first explored measuring using cups but quickly got the hang of measuring in millilitres and litres. Year 2s in particular looked at estimating based on known amounts and then worked out the difference between their estimation and the actual measurement. 


In our swimming lessons, the children have demonstrated that they can enter and exit the water safely and independently. Foundation are quickly developing their water confidence and the children are getting used to the feeling of water on their faces. For our more experienced swimmers, we have been working on their body positioning in the water and their kicking techniques. 


The children have been very inspired by the environmental art of Andy Goldsworthy. They have been noticing patterns in his work like his interest in cracks in rock, his arrangements of leaves; sorting them by colour, how he often creates circle arrangements or balances materials on top of each other. They used some of these ideas when they explored joining naturally found items themselves. They only had about 15 minutes for this activity. Imagine what they could have created if they'd had longer! 

Class 1 Swimming Lessons - Week ending 18th June 2021


Week Ending 11th May 2021

Wow, what a busy week we’ve had to kick off the final term of the year! We were so pleased to finally have our first dip in the school pool on Tuesday and the weather certainly made it all the more enjoyable! We were very impressed with how confident all the children were when entering the water and it was lovely to see them all having such a great time.


In English, the children have started to familiarise themselves with our new text The Boy Who Cried Ninja. The children have had fun using props to retell the story, exploring vocabulary used in the book and story mapping the key events in order to learn and remember the plot.


We’re continuing to practise our measuring skills in maths and this week we’ve been focussing on weight and mass. The children have been using balance scales to compare the weight of different objects and weighing items by balancing the scales with cubes. Year 1 and 2 have also started to use grams and kilograms when measuring weight.


The children have really had the opportunity to hone their green-fingered skills in Science as we did some more gardening this week. After discussing what plants need to grow and stay healthy, we decided to conduct a little experiment to find out what would happen if a plant was deprived of water, sunlight or both. We sprinkled some cress seeds in four pots to test under different conditions: two were placed by the window and two in the cupboard, one in each location will be watered and the others will be left dry. I wonder what we will discover?! We also made sure we tended to the plants which have begun to bloom nicely in our garden. 

Week Ending 28th May 2021

How have we reached half term already?!

The children have continued to work hard this week and have definitely earned a break!

In English, we have reached the end of our non-fiction sequence. The children researched, gathered images and made notes about their favourite season before writing their own information texts. They considered their layout and how to make it appealing for the reader. Year 2 even thought about technical vocabulary to add to their own glossary!

The children have had great fun exploring length in maths. They’ve practised their measuring skills through lots of practical activities using both non-standard and standard units.

We had a computing afternoon on Monday and the children really impressed me with their ability to pick up and engage with technology. The children learnt about algorithms and used their knowledge to programme floor robots ensuring that their instructions were clear. They got to grips with how the robots worked and then made their own mats and had a go at programming the robot to get to particular landmarks!

We finally did some planting in our gardening area earlier in the week when we had a break in the rain. Mrs Bruce kindly brought in some beans and helped erect a tepee and the children demonstrated how green-fingered they are by carefully planting them along with some of the vegetables that had started to sprout in our pots. Thank you to Havannah who brought in some tomato plants, we can’t wait to see what grows!

Week Ending 21st May 2021

Class 1 have had yet another busy week of learning. Year 1 and 2 have been working hard to learn to tell the time. It is great to see them growing in confidence with this very important skill. Only a very small amount of the curriculum is spent on learning to tell the time so please do continue to practice at home while they are interested. Year 1s can read the time using o'clock and half past and Y2s can now read using 5 minute intervals (e.g. 25 past 4). In the foundation stage, we were inspired by the story of the hungry caterpillar to learn the days of the week. The children have ordered the days for our classroom display and created a fantastic learning area with real fruits to explore. 

In English we have been learning some key skills to support our non-fiction writing next week: using conjunctions to join sentences, spelling plurals, spelling suffixes and making notes when researching. I'm looking forward to seeing the children's writing progress in their final non-fiction writing next week. 

The children have been very excited about our DT project we are working on. The challenge is to make a colourful, patterned and delicious fruit kebab at the end of our series of lessons. So far they have learned to identify fruits, and name specific parts of the fruit (i.e. skin/peel, flesh, seeds/pips/stone). They have learned some important rules for food hygiene and how to use tools like peelers, graters and knives safely. I was impressed with the children's level of caution when learning how to use a knife. The children are very much looking forward to making their fruit kebabs next week. 

Week Ending 14th May 2021

What a week it’s been with the weather! I don’t think we’ve ever had such a soggy forest school afternoon! It was particularly apt this week though as Class 1 have been familiarising themselves with our new English text which is a non-fiction book all about weather! The children have been exploring the different features such as the contents page, index, glossary and fact bubbles and discussing the effect they have on the reader. Foundation stage also used the text as inspiration to create some fab weather collages.


In maths, we have started a new unit on time. EYFS have enjoyed exploring the language of time through practical activities while Year 1 and 2 have been learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock. We have been super impressed with how well they have all grasped the concept! Year 1 are experts at telling the time to the hour and half past and Year 2 have been extending this to 5 minute intervals. Maybe you could test them over the weekend by asking them to tell you what time it is?!


We have continued our learning on plants this week in Science with a particular focus on trees. We went on a short tree hunt around our grounds before being caught in the rain and looked in detail at the different leaves in order to identify whether they were deciduous or evergreen.


The children have all been loving their ‘Leap in Life’ sessions which they have been taking part in four mornings a week. It’s been great for the children to start the day with some physical activity to prepare them for their learning. These short sessions are great fun and help develop effective motor function, including large muscle movement, hand-eye coordination, balance and rhythm.