Welcome back to school for the Autumn Term.
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Shaugh Prior Primary School

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!
                    Online Home Learning Area

Welcome to Class 2's home learning page!


Please check this page regularly for updates on home learning tasks and messages. If you are on Facebook, you can follow our Moorsway Facebook page where we will post fun activities for you to try at home. You can also share photos and messages to tell us what you've been up to - please do as we love to hear from you!


I will upload new home learning tasks every week and would love it if you could complete as much as you can. 


Stay safe and enjoy this time at home with your families. Make the most out of being at home and have fun!


Miss Vosper smiley

Monday 13th July 


Good morning, Class 2!


I hope you've woken up with a smile on your faces knowing it's the last week before the summer holidays!!! I have woken up feeling sad as this means it is my last week of being your teacher. I want to say, these past two years of being at Shaugh have been incredible and that's because of you wonderful lot. You have been the best class I could have possibly wished for, for the first two years of my teaching career. I will never forget the hundreds of times you've made me cry with laughter in the middle of a lesson, or how you taught me to floss and dab in the middle of the class. You are the most polite, funny and positive children I have ever met and I'm not just saying that because I'm your teacher - you have made every day at work, feel like I wasn't working at all! I'm going to miss seeing your smiley faces, singing and dancing with you, and most importantly teaching you. You have taught me so many things that I won't forget and I can't wait to see you all live a life full of fun and success. To those moving to secondary school, I would wish you luck but you won't need it - just be yourselves. To those of you staying at Shaugh, try your hardest and show your new teacher how brilliant you are. I also ask that you take care of my friend, Mrs Jutson - I will miss calling her crazy! Please stay in touch and don't forget to give me free tickets to your future concerts, sports games and shows! This isn't goodbye as I'm sure I'll see you all again soon. Reach for the stars, Class 2! 


I love you all,

Love, Miss Vosper xx 

heart heart heart


Monday 6th July


Hi guys! 

How are we all on this lovely sunny Monday morning? We're missing those that aren't in school with us. What have you been to this weekend? I took a visit to IKEA on Saturday and bought lots of lovely new things - I bought a dragon plant and have named him Arthur! He is very happy in his new home.


Mrs Jutson had a very exciting social distanced visit from her grandchildren for the first time in four months! She also had two birthdays to celebrate on the weekend. What a busy weekend!


I hope you have a lovely week and I look forward to hearing from you via email.


Take care,

Love Miss V



Monday 29th June


Hello Class 2, Mrs Boulton here!


I hope you are all well? I can't believe it's nearly the end of June already- it's been so long since I've seen all of your smiling faces! I've been missing our Thursday mornings very much. What have you been up to? As you can imagine, Phoebe and George have been keeping me very busy! It's Phoebe's 6th birthday on Tuesday so she is very excited and at the weekend we had a lovely birthday picnic with lots of cake!


The home learning theme this week is an exciting one.... DINOSAURS! So I hope you are all ready for an adventure?!


This week is particularly exciting as our lovely school is finally able to open its doors and welcome some of you back! I hope those of you that are going back this week have a wonderful time and enjoy being reunited with some of your friends. For those of you at home, I hope you have a brilliant week and don't forget you can let us all know what you've been up to by emailing our class email address or posting on the Moorsway or Shaugh Prior Facebook pages.


Stay safe everyone! xx

Monday 22nd June

Hi Class 2!

How are we all doing? The weather has been pretty poor recently so I haven't been able to get outdoors much to explore, however it's looking like it might be hotter this week so I hope you all will get to make the most of the sunshine!


As you will be aware from my emails this week, I am trying to put together a leavers video for the Year 6s. Thank you to George, Archie and Ollie who have sent some photos in! If you haven't done so already please could you send write a funny memory about each of the Year 6s and then ask an adult to take a photo of you holding this. You can send it to I really need lots of photos to create this video so the more photos, the better!


Those of you at Cornwood - I hear you're having a fabulous time writing about animals and dipping in the pool! I am missing you all lots and would love to hear from you by email.


This week's theme is the Human Body; I hope you enjoy finding out about our bodies! I look forward to seeing all of your learning. 


Lots of love, 

Miss Vosper 

Class 2's Reading Corner...

Cloud Busting - Malorie Blackman


I thought we could finish our class book. I will upload recordings every couple of days for you to enjoy!


Love, Miss V :) 

Cloud Busting Chapter 1-2

Cloud Busting Chapters 3-5

Cloud Busting Chapters 6-9

Cloud Busting Chapter 10

Cloud Busting Chapter 11

Cloud Busting Chapters 12-15

Cloud Busting Chapters 16 - 17

Cloud Busting Chapters 18 - 23

Cloud Busting Chapters 24 - The End

Monday 15th June


Good morning Class 2!


How are we all? Have you had a nice week? I've been at The Erme teaching the key worker children. It's been very busy but we're all having fun. For those of you who have been at Cornwood, how has your week been?


I have been reading, baking and running in my spare time. I ran a half marathon over the course of last week! Have you done much outdoors? Let me know.


I hope you're all well.

Not long until the end of term now!


Love, Miss V :) 

Monday 8th June


Hi guys! How are we all? I'm sad that the lovely sunshine now seems to be hiding from us! Don't forget to email me to chat about what you've been up to. I love hearing from you all. I've been decorating my office a polka dot theme, getting things ready at The Erme to go work at from this week and reading again! I also had a lovely socially distanced catch up with some of my friends at central park yesterday. Talking of my friends, I really hope I get to catch up with you guys before the summer!


Good luck to those returning to school life at Cornwood - have fun and work hard for my friend, Miss Parry! Ha! Even though I won't be with you at Cornwood, Mrs Jutson is around if you need a familiar face. I am also only an email away and can be reached over the phone at The Erme if you need anything. You will have a fantastic time there - I loved my time at Cornwood providing key worker/vulnerable children provision during lockdown- there is so much outdoor space!  


For those of you at home, keep smiling and keep busy. You are all doing a fantastic job and I am so proud of each and every one of you! I have attached some home learning for you. This week's theme is Oceans so dive in... See what I did there?!


Take care and stay safe!


Love, Miss V x


Monday 1st June


Welcome back to home learning! I hope you've all had a lovely half term in this beautiful sunshine! I'd love to hear what you've been up to. I have finished my 4th book of lockdown, been writing all your lovely reports, and have started running. I went on a lovely social distanced walk with Miss Gilberthorpe and our dogs this week - they had a lovely time splashing around in the water. It was my dog, Jenny's 3rd birthday yesterday so she was very spoilt to a lovely walk, lots of new toys, a new bandana and doggy cake!!


This week's theme is space, which fits perfectly with the launch of the Space X Dragon! I have also attached your power points for any daily learning that you'd like to do. I will be in school this week getting ready for those children who are returning on the 8th June but will still be checking my emails if you want to send me an email to say hi! I'm looking forward to seeing some of you very soon!


Enjoy your week!


Love from, Miss V smiley

Monday 18th May

Good morning Class 2!

How are we all? The weeks seem to be flying by now! Hopefully it won't be much longer until we can all safely be reunited. I hope you're all enjoying another week of lovely sunshine and are making the most of being outdoors now that lock down has been slightly eased. I went for a lovely walk around Burrator Reservoir this week - luckily it wasn't too busy so was able to keep myself safe. 


I apologise for posting late recordings of the book this week. It turns out it isn't as easy as I thought it would be to upload on to our class page - I have had to download a programme to help me convert the file etc... a very confusing process! Luckily, I have finished recording the whole of the book so I should be able to get the rest up over the next couple of days.


Thank you to everyone who has emailed me this week: Nathanael, Joce, Isaac, Logan and Freya. Nathanael has been busy with lots of our home learning and taking selfies with his mum and cat, Sebastian - very sweet! Joce has been on fire this week by completing a huge amount of home learning with a fantastic learning attitude, as always! smiley Freya is busy sending me funny selfies and showing off her fantastic VE efforts! Isaac has been busy out in the garden, baking, reading, taking part in the stairway challenge, and sewn a dinosaur! Logan has been busy playing maths games, and creating science experiments with his dad! I am proud of you all, you are all doing so well. Well done and keep up the good work!


What did you all think of our Moorsway High School Musical video? If you haven't seen it yet, head over to our Moorsway Facebook page to have a giggle at your teachers attempting the routine of 'We're all in this together'. Also, I hope you've all received an email from us about our class Zoom meetings - I am very excited to see all your smiley faces! Incase you missed our email, here are the details: 


The Shaugh Prior teachers thought it would be a nice idea to get together as classes through a video conferencing app called Zoom. We thought it would give you an opportunity to chat to friends and see each others faces. This is a safe app which is used by many business and schools (even us!) during the lockdown due to it being password protected. 


Each class will have a time and day to which you can join in the video session:


Class 1 - Wednesday 20th at 11am

Class 2 - Thursday 21st at 11am


Each session will have your class teacher(s) hosting and at least one other teacher. The sessions will be recorded for safeguarding purposes. 


If you would like to join your class session please download the zoom app before the day and time specified (on phone/laptop or ipad)


On the day, you will then be sent log in details 15 minutes before the session. Please do not share these with anyone.

  1. Open the zoom app
  2. Then click join a meeting
  3. Enter meeting id (found in email sent)
  4. Enter password (found in email sent)
  5. Then you will need to click allow audio and video

Hopefully I'll see you all on Thursday!


Love from, Miss Vosper smiley


Monday 11th May

Dear Class 2,


Good morning! I hope you are all happy and have enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend. Did you do anything exciting to celebrate VE Day? We put up a huge flag across our fence and also made some yummy war-time carrot cake. Well done Freya for sending in your brilliant photos of your cheese and lentil savoury for our VE Day competition. Our Moorsway winner will soon be announced!


I have really enjoyed reading this week and am on my second book in four days! Also, I have started to read Cloud Busting for you all and you can find these recordings above. I will upload new recordings of this every couple of days, so that you can enjoy listening to our current class book! 


This week's home learning theme is superheroes - I hope you enjoy! This week would've been SATS week for the Year 6's...


To our Year 6's:

As SATS week arrives it is not quite the same,

The tests that were printed this year never came, 

The displays are still up; walls full of Maths 'rules',

But Year 6 very different, at present, in schools.


For some of you, happiness, lots of relief,

For others a sign of pure disbelief, 

That you worked really hard in advance of this week, 

Expected and Greater Depth marks you did seek.


Algebra, fractions, the times tables drills,

Inference, retrieval, in-depth reading skills,

Past present, progressive...and all the SPAG terms,

You've practised and mastered them over the years.


Fear not though, the SATS, yes, won't happen this term,

But remember tests don't measure everything you learn,

Primary subjects are varied; you've always tried your best,

And many of those skills that you've gained can't be defined by a test.


So, here at Shaugh Prior, you've made me so proud,

I sit here with pride and I shout this out loud...

"Year 6, you amaze me, you've come incredibly far...

And we don't need a test to see how amazing you are!"


Stay safe everyone!

Love, Miss Vosper

Have a go at our VE Day Competition!

Class 2's Comedy Corner


Hi guys, please send your jokes to to see your jokes featured here for your friends to giggle at! 


Why did the student eat his homework? 

Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake! - Miss Vosper

Monday 4th May

Hi Class 2

How are we all doing? I'm sad that the sunny weather has disappeared! I hope you all made the most of it by spending your time outdoors! What are your plans now that the weather has changed? I have made a book list of all the books I would like to read during lock down and I have also made a film/series list of all the programmes and movies I would like to watch. Has anyone watched The Little Mermaid Live on Disney+? I loved it and thought it was very cleverly put together. 


I got a special delivery this week at home from one of our family members - a huge box of sweets and chocolate! It was heavenly but didn't last long! Oops! I then sent one to my mum, dad, brother and sister - it made their week. 


Thank you for all your emails this week, Ollie, Archie, Queenie, Freya, Mia, Logan, Caden, Nathanael, Joce and Lara! I love keeping in touch with you all and makes me miss our class so much. If I haven't replied back to you just yet, sorry I will do so next week - it's been very busy!


I have just started up a new joke corner on our page so please email to attempt to have better jokes than me (haha - just kidding!) and get your jokes featured on our page! From next week, I am also going to record myself reading our class book: Cloud Busting by Malorie Blackman as I know a lot of you were keen to finish it!


Stay in touch and keep safe.

Hopefully it won't be long now until we're running around the field with the chickens!


Love from, 

Miss Vosper laugh


Thursday 30th April

A big happy birthday to Archie and Ollie! We hope you have a lovely day! I sang happy birthday to you out of my window - I hope you heard it! We hope you've saved some of that yummy cake for us!!!

Love, Class 2 smiley


Happy birthday Ollie and Archie from the Minions!

Still image for this video

Monday 27th April


Hi Class 2,


How are you? I'm really missing seeing your smiley faces everyday! This week, I have been gardening, attempting to complete a puzzle and watched all three High School Musicals! I have been taking part in lots of home workouts - especially dance ones! What did you all think of our Moorsway rap on our Facebook page? 


I just want to say how much of an amazing job you're all doing with staying at home and learning! The photos and videos of your pirate adventures at home, Tommy, Archie L, Finn, Nathanael, Joce, were fantastic and we are so pleased that you loved this week's learning as much as we enjoyed planning it for you! Thank you to those who have emailed me - it really cheers me up hearing from you. 


This week's learning is all about mythical creatures - how exciting! There are also some maths, reading and SPAG activities for you to try. Please don't feel you have to do all of it - it's up to you how you choose to use it. We all understand how difficult these times are - please stay safe and stay in touch. 


All my love, 

Miss V x

Monday 20th April

Hi guys!


I hope you've had a fantastic week at home. It was so great to see you all so involved with our chocolate learning! Thank you for sending me some lovely emails and photographs of your brilliant work. It's so great to keep in touch - we now have our own class email so that you can email me directly at


I hope you've all been enjoying the beautiful weather by spending most of your time outdoors. I have been on some lovely walks this week and it definitely has relaxed me. I have been baking this week again and made a yummy chocolate cake!




I have loved watching my dogs enjoy the sunshine too - here's a photo of Jessie (our not so little pup anymore!) sunbathing! 


I am so proud of every single one of you and your efforts with our home learning - remember, just do what you can :) Nathanael, your poem was lovely and Joce, your reading answers were fantastic! 

Well done to Riley and Ollie for winning the top spots for Times Tables Rockstars this week. Great stuff!


This week, our home learning theme is all about pirates! Ahoy mateys - your learning voyage awaits! You will also find a powerpoint of some Maths, Spag and Reading activities to try.


I look forward to hearing about lots more of your adventures at home this week. 


Well done!



Miss Vosper smiley





Monday 13th April 2020

Hi Class 2,


I hope you all had a lovely Easter! I hope you all had a brilliant time with your families in the sun and ate lots of chocolate - I know that I certainly did! I have been gardening, planting and spring cleaning this week to keep busy. I have also been having discos in my living room with laser lights to keep active! I hope you are all keeping busy and active.


Tomorrow is when we should've been returning back to school from the Easter holidays and I am so sad to not be seeing all of your smiley faces! I miss hearing your funny jokes that make me cry with laughter in the middle of lessons! I would love to hear some funny jokes or stories that you've been up to, so if you are able to, please share your activities on the Moorsway Facebook page or in an email to Thank you to Caden, Isaac and Lara who have emailed me already - it really made me smile. Lara and I have become email pen pals and has told me all about her wig party that she had for her mum's birthday - I can't wait for her to host a wig party at school! 


Well done to those of you who are making progress with Times Tables Rockstars - I am really proud of how much you're rocking out on the website! There are still a couple of children who need to log in and I would love to watch your scores go up this week! 


As of tomorrow, home learning will be set as a power point format each week. I will upload a power point for each year group every week, consisting of a short Maths, Reading and SPAG activity every day. I understand that learning at home is much different to school and therefore ask that you just try your best to complete as much as you can, when you can. Please keep hold of any learning that you do, as I would love to see it when we return. 


I will also upload a word document every week that have activity ideas for Science, Art/DT, Topic (History, Geography, RE) and English. Each subject will have five activities for you to try. It is completely up to you how and when you wish to try these. For example, you could choose to do all five Art activities in one day or two Topic and three Science activities in one day.  You can choose which activities, when you do them or whether you do some of them at all. 


Please remember that staying safe and healthy is just as important as learning, so please make sure you take time to do whatever makes you happy and relaxed.


I miss you all and can't wait for our gang to be back together!


Lots of love from,

Miss V :) 

Happy Easter Holidays! 

Hi Class 2

Well done for making it through the first week - I sure am missing you all! You are all doing well with Times Tables Rockstars - well done! I can see that a couple of you have had a go at challenging each other so make sure you log in to accept your friend's challenge! I love checking in each day to see your scores increasing day by day.


How did last week's home learning go? I hope you also made time to enjoy the lovely weather we've had. I certainly did by cutting the grass, planting some flowers and digging out some weeds! I want to now grow some fruit and vegetables. What fruit and vegetables do you think I should grow? 


Enjoy the Easter holidays! I've attached some holiday activities if you want to give them a go! Why don't you send me an email this week to update me on what you've been doing? If you email, Mrs Bruce will forward your email to me and we can become email 'pen pals'!



Miss V x

Easter Holiday Activity Sheet

A letter to Class 2:

Boys and girls don't be scared,

From the stories you may have heard.

I'm just writing because I want to say,

I'm thinking of you all each day.

I know you're all looked after in your homes,

Just remember you're not alone.

Please use this time carefully, 

Have fun and learn creatively.

Don't read now because you'll have a test,

Instead let books take you on a quest. 

Use the time for a new skill,

Let new learning be a thrill.

Don't idle the hours with wasteful things,

Enjoy the fun new learning brings.

And hopefully it won't be long, 

Until we're all back where we belong!

Love, Miss Vosper xxx

Home Learning - Week beginning: 23rd March

Autumn Term 2019

This term our topic is 'A Great Adventure'. Please take a peek at our topic web below to find out lots more about the fun learning we have lined up!
Our Autumn Adventures So Far

Gym and Dance Show 2019 Part 1

Still image for this video
This year, our dance team took part in Ivybridge's Gym and Dance show. They trained so hard and as you can see, it definitely paid off! Go Team Shaugh!

Gym and Dance Show Video Part 2

Still image for this video

Gym and Dance Show Part 3

Still image for this video

Summer Term 2019

Our topic this term is 'Terrific Trees'.  We will be using our local and wider environment to ensure that the children have the best learning opportunities and are fully engaged in this lovely topic.   Please click on the link below to see our topic web.


Summer Term 2019 Home Learning

Spring Term 2019

Our topic this term is 'Out of this World'. We have started to learn lots about Space and also have an exciting trip to Bristol's Space Museum lined up! Please take a look at our topic web below.



Drawing our own solar system.
Taking part in NASA's 'Train like an astronaut'

English Working Walls - Spring 2019

Our Poetry Learning Journey!

Autumn Term 2018



As part of our 'Invasion' topic, we have been studying the Romans. 


We had lots of fun finding out how the Romans invented roads, learning that they were mainly invented so that they could move their soldiers very quickly! After this, we researched the materials used to create them and made our own versions out of food!


​​​​We have also created our own Roman shields! We were able to design our own shield styles and then create them using a range of materials. Afterwards, we formed our legion to march and chant around the school as if we were real Roman soldiers!


Edible Roman Roads!

Lazy Jack

This term we have been learning how to write our own traditional tales. We have been looking very closely at Lazy Jack to understand the structure and story language of a traditional tale. We worked hard to do this through many activities, such as creating our story maps and actions, along with monologues from the perspective of Lazy Jack. From all of this, we were then able to write our own fantastic traditional tales. Miss Vosper was very impressed with our story writing!

Our Lazy Jack Working Wall

Class 2 love Forest School!

Class 2 have been enjoying their weekly forest school sessions and have been engaged in a variety of activities including:


using nails and wood to thread and weave
 supporting each other with design ideas
collaborating and problem solving to build a den

Summer Term 2018

Cann Woods Survival Day!

​​​​​Class 2's woodland survival trip certainly inspired some fantastic writing back in class! The children learned how to make fires, shelters and how to forage for food in the forest.


KS2 Gym and Dance

Plymouth Synagogue Trip

We joined our friends from Cornwood Primary to visit Plymouth Synagogue and Museum.  We also walked to the Hoe to see the wonderful Poppy Display at the War Memorial.

Class 2 took part in ‘Food is Fun’ workshops run by Devon Scorse, who work in partnership with Devon Norse our school meals provider. From a selection of foods, the children chose meals suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner, before sorting each item on to the ‘Eat Well Plate’.

They also tasted a variety of foods, including some they had never tried before, such as samphire and radishes. Afterwards, Alex said he would definitely start eating breakfast as he had learned that it would make him even cleverer!

We learned about the importance of trying new foods and how each food helps us to grow and stay healthy. We learned the names of new foods, including herbs and spices such as basil and ginger.

You can tell by our faces, that we liked some things more than others! But at least we tried before we said ‘we don’t like it’!

It was lovely to have our ‘rising Y3’s, Freya, Maya and Queenie, with us too! The ladies from Scorse were very impressed with all of them and said that they had been ‘excellent role models’. Well done, girls!


Class 2 have been involved in two very exciting projects this term - 'Gardening' and 'From Farm to Plate' - and during the first half of the term we learned all about the functions of the parts of plants, pollination, germination and seed dispersal.  In the second half of this term, we have been putting our knowledge and skills to the test in our outdoor environment.   Here are some photos to show you just how busy we've been!


Greenhouse construction and pond area clearance

Our London trip!

As our topic was 'London', we were lucky enough to be able to visit our capital city with one of our federated schools, Cornwood C of E Primary. It was a very early start and a late return home, but well worth it to see the Crown Jewels and Buckingham Palace first-hand.