Welcome back to school for the Autumn Term.
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Shaugh Prior Primary School

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


Week Ending 23rd October 2020


What an amazing first half term we’ve had! I am so impressed with Class 2’s learning and behaviour this half term; they have been amazing! To celebrate the filling of their marble reward-jar this week, Class 2 had a Halloween day. We had so much fun creating our own spooky stories and solving our maths puzzles. We also enjoyed a movie in the afternoon with popcorn and Halloween colouring.

Have a great half-term holiday!

Week Ending 16th October

This week, Class 2 have started their new units in English and maths. In English, the children have begun learning about biographies and this week wrote a biography about Usain Bolt; they also created a glossary. In maths, the children have begun their learning on addition and subtraction.

Additionally, this week, the children have had some fantastic PE lessons with myself and Mr Gibbs.

In history, the children have been learning all about Ancient Greek farming and harvesting to link to our harvest celebrations, which will be happening next week.

I am also happy to say that the children have succeeded in filling their reward jar this half term and will be voting to decide their prize today. I will be sending a letter out next week with details of what the children have chosen to do.


Class 2 had a great drumming lesson today composing their own rhythms.  Working in groups of 3 or 4, they were able to use symbols to draw their own patterns of slap, tone or bass sounds using a right or left hand.  The groups worked really well together and practised until they perfected (nearly) their performances under the guidance of their chosen 'master drummer'.  What fantastic progress in just 4 weeks Class 3!

Week Ending the 9th of October

This week, Class 2 have been working incredibly hard on their poetry in the style of ‘I am Cat’ by Jackie Morris. I have been so impressed with the children’s enthusiasm and creativity in their writing, and I know the children are very excited to share their poetry with you. Also this week, the children had their second lesson in volleyball. This week, the children were practising their digs and volleys and really enjoyed playing ‘volleyball chess’. On Wednesday, the children celebrated mental health week. We talked as a class about growth-mindset and had a go at some meditation. It was very relaxing - perhaps too relaxing - as I am sure I heard some snoring in the back!

Week Ending the 1st of October.

This week, class 2 has been working hard on their English. As a class, we wrote a poem in the style of Jackie Morris’ ‘I am Cat’, entitled ‘I am dog’. The children had such creative ideas! In art this week, the children painted some wonderful self-portraits, that are now on display in the corridor outside the office. On Wednesday, the children were investigating the Olympics. Discovering how the Olympic Games started back in Ancient Greece and how they have evolved and changed to make the Olympic games we know of today.

Week Ending the 25th of September 

This week class 2 has been exploring our English text ‘I am Cat’ by Jackie Morris. They have been learning how to create imagery using adjectives, similes and metaphors to engage their reader. They have also started some research into the animals that they plan to write about in their own poems. In history, we began learning about the Ancient Greeks; the timeline of their history and where they lived. In PE this week, the children worked on their precision and throwing. And in music, the children were learning different drumming patterns.

Week Ending the 18th of September 

This week Class 2 have started their curriculum learning for this half term. We have created a mind map of all of the questions that we want to find out about Ancient Greece, as well as some facts that the children already knew. In PE the children have started a unit on tag rugby and had lots of fun in the glorious weather this week. On Thursday, the children had a wonderful lesson with Ms Goldsmith and started to learn how to drum on our new drums. I am especially proud of the children’s perseverance this week; completing some of the assessments that they missed in the summer.


Week Ending the 11th of September 

Welcome back Class 2 and an extra special welcome to those children joining us in year 3 this year; Cole, Liam and Archie. This week the children have been doing lots of activities to re-introduce us to school life. 


Earlier in the week, the children made some beautiful oil pastel self-portraits; focussing on using bright colours and blending. We also designed and wrote about our dream worlds using expanded noun phrases and lots of imagination. Later in the week, the children took part in an investigation, where we used our science and maths knowledge to answer the question; ‘Can tall people jump further and higher than short people?’. The children also had their first PE lesson of the year where they worked hard on a range of activities. 


Class 2 have settled wonderfully back into school life and I am looking forward to having an amazing year together learning lots of new and exciting things.