Welcome back to all the children returning to school.
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Shaugh Prior Primary School

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


Week Ending 22nd July 2021 - End of Summer Term!



What an amazing final week of school it has been! The weather has been gloriously sunny and the children have enjoyed spending some extra time in the pool cooling off. We have also been learning lots this week in RSE and I have been very impressed with the children’s maturity and insightful questions. 


This week has also been about celebrating our two year 6 children, who we are very sad to see go, but overjoyed that they are moving on to the next important stage in their lives. They are such an amazing pair and we know they will be just fabulous in secondary school. Good luck girls, we will miss you! 


I also wanted to say a huge well done to all the children in class 2, this has been a challenging year and everyone has persevered tremendously well. I am very proud of all of you and cannot wait to welcome you back to school in September! 


Have the most amazing holiday!

Miss Coles

Class 2 Sleepover - Friday 19th July 2021


Week Ending 16th July 2021 


hese are the amazing paintings produced over this half term by the children of Class 2.  They have used their colour mixing skills and knowledge of Pointillism and paint textures to create these landscape paintings.  These linked to their work in geography based on the river. Well done Class 2 artists.  Mrs Goldsmith.

Week Ending 16th July 2021


What an exciting week of celebrations class 2 have had this week for our two year 6 girls! The children thoroughly enjoyed the pool party and thanks to the help of FOSPS everything went smoothly. Now the children are excitedly awaiting their disco and sleepover tonight.


In English this week, class 2 have been preparing a poem to end their English studies for the year and will be presenting their work on watercolour to take home to share with their parents and loved ones. 


In maths this week, years 4, 5 and 6 completed their final tasks for position and direction and showed a fantastic increase in confident when working with coordinates. Years 3 continued to progress their understanding of the year 3 curriculum to give them the best start to year 4 next year. 


In the afternoons this week the children have been practicing their leavers performance and swimming. They have had a great time and it’s been a wonderful wind down the school year.



Class 2 Pool Party - Thursday 15th July 2021


Week Ending 9th July 2021

What a fantastic week last week was for Class 2! I am very proud of the way the children conducted themselves during sports day and our trip to the beach and it was lovely to see the children having such great fun after a very challenging year. 


In English this week, we have been looking at the poem ‘The Sea’ by James Reeves. The children enjoyed performing dramatic retellings of the poem and will be adapting and writing their own versions next week. 


In maths the children in year 4, 5 and 6 have been learning about coordinates on a grid. They have learnt to identify, draw and translate coordinates with year 6 using this knowledge to do the same on 4 quadrant grids. Year 3 have been consolidating knowledge on place value and number facts ready to progress their learning for year 4. 


In the afternoons this week the children have been working hard to prepare a leavers play for the parents. This play has been written and driven by the children with only a small amount of support from myself and Miss Hawke, so far it is looking amazingly funny! 


Well done for a great week Class 2! 


Week Ending 2nd July 2021

This week class 2 have been working hard on their summer assessment papers. I have been really impressed with their resilience and determination - well done class 2! 


In science this week, year 3 and 4 brought together their learning on germination, pollination and seed dispersal to learn about the plant life cycle. The children then chose to display their learning through posters, powerpoints and even a video! Year 5 and 6 completed an elicitation task on electricity and explored some of our school resources to jog their memories of electricity in year 4. The children did a great job exploring the resources and discovering their purpose. 


The children went swimming at Ivybridge leisure centre again this week and I was blown away by their progress and the difference in their abilities. The children worked really hard to develop their confidence in water to learn how to remain safe when swimming in the waters surrounding our local area. 


In art this week, the children continued to develop their skills using collage and created some fantastic scenic collages inspired by our artists Paul Signac and George Seurat. The children’s use of colour theory really shone through and I was very impressed. 


Week Ending Friday 25th June 2021

This week Class 2 had a week full of adventure, from bikeability out on the roads, to swimming at Ivybridge Leisure Centre. The children behaved wonderfully and represented Shaugh Prior amazingly! 


Bikeability was a fantastic experience for the children. Pete (the instructor) did a fantastic job of educating all the children about safety on the road and the younger children had fun in the playground practising checking their blind spot and signalling to turn. The older children took these skills to the road and were brilliant! 


In other areas of learning this week, the children have been working hard on their story writing based upon the text ‘The ice bear’ by Jackie Morris.


In art the children finished their paintings and some children had a go at doing some collaging. I have been really impressed to see the progression in the children’s skills over the last eight weeks.


 In science the children in year 5 and 6 completed their unit on forces, by creating leaflets filled with their new knowledge, and year 3 and 4 learnt about different types of seed dispersal.


What a fantastic week Class 2! 

Week Ending Friday 18th June 2021

This week in Class 2 we have been doing lots of lovely learning. In English the children have continued exploring our text ‘The ice bear’ ready to write their final pieces next week. In maths we have been finishing off our unit on decimals and percentages with year 3 subtracting money and giving change, year 4 dividing by ten into the tenths and hundredths, year 5 solving decimal problems to do with money and year 6 multiplying and dividing decimals. 


In PE, the children have continued to enjoy our pool. We have so far learnt to float on our backs, play tunes with bubbles under the water and glide through the water (with a little bit of playtime thrown in). 


In science this week year 3 and 4 assisted year 5 and 6 in finishing their learning on forces with a boat race. The children designed their boats using their knowledge of gravity, air resistance, water resistance and effort and attempted to make a boat that would float and travel the furthest when pushed. The children did a great job and all of their boats floated! It was a great way of combining our design and technology skills with our science knowledge. 


In art this week, the children created scenic paintings inspired by the works of Paul Signac and George Suerat. The children combined the skills that they have been learning with Mrs Goldsmith including colour theory, creating shadows and light, pointillism, graffito and flarism to create fantastic pieces of art. 


Class 2 Swimming Lessons - Week ending 18th June 2021


Week Ending 11th May 2021

This week in Class 2, we have had great fun immersing ourselves in our new text ‘The Ice Bear’ by Jackie Morris. The children were pleased to be studying another book by Jackie Morris after enjoying the poem ‘I am Cat’ in the autumn term, Jackie Morris is definitely becoming a class favourite! We have become increasingly interested in the character Raven, who controls the path of the story, reading, writing and performing as this character. 


In maths, we have begun our learning surrounding decimals, percentages and money. Year 3 have learnt about tenths, comparing, ordering and identifying them. Year 4 have learnt similarly about hundredths and have also been looking at rounding. Year 5 have learnt about thousandths and are now able to find decimal equivalents to fractions. The year 6 children have consolidated their knowledge on tenths, hundredths and thousandths by multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 100. They also learnt to multiply decimal numbers using a place value chart. 


In PE, the children enjoyed using our swimming pool for the first time in two years! When we were not able to use the pool on Monday, the children enjoyed a game of rounders and took to it immediately. 


In science this week, year 3 and 4 learnt about the process of pollination, we were particularly fascinated by bee communication and how this helps flowers to reproduce. Year 5 and 6 learnt about water resistance and investigated how surface area affects the forces of gravity and water resistance using blue tack. The children are excited to test out their new knowledge in our own pool by looking at how they can float on top of the water. 


Well done for a fantastic first week back Class 2!


Week Ending 28th May 2021


What an amazing last week of the half term we have had in Class 2!


The children have created some beautiful double page spreads of non-fiction writing, inspired by ‘Everything you need to know about snakes’.

They have also begun their new maths unit on percentages, decimals and money. 


Despite the poor weather at the beginning of the week, we finished our unit on tennis with a tournament. All of the children played fantastically well and demonstrated our PE values (respect, resilience, self-motivation and creativity) fantastically. Our victor in year 3/4 was Archie L and in year 5/6 was Joce. 


At the end of the week, we celebrated the retirement of our dear caretaker, Mrs Turpin, the children baked a cake and made a card, full of letters of thanks and memories the children have of her. We are all very thankful for the years of service Mrs Turpin provided the school and will miss her greatly.



Week Ending 21st May 2021

This week in Class 2 we continued to explore our new text ‘Everything you need to know about snakes’, by researching our animals to create our own ‘Everything you need to know about ____’ texts next week. We had quite a range of animals from beetles and foxes, to dogs and wild cats and the children had a lot of fun becoming experts in their chosen animals.


In maths, we are coming to the end of our geometry unit with year 3 and 4 comparing, ordering and classifying shapes and years 5 and 6 calculating missing angles in different shapes. 


In science this week, year 3 and 4 learnt about the parts of a plant that can be eaten by humans to help our alien friend Zinnia to create a hotel for humans on her home planet. In years 5 and 6 we learnt about the force of friction and designed our own experiment to test the level of friction on different surfaces around the school. The results were surprising, although we theorised that human error may have contributed to our anomalous results and decided a school robot would be the solution for future science experimentations. 


In art this week with Mrs Goldsmith, the children were working on their sketching skills and drawing 3D shapes using shadows and highlights. The children had a lot of fun learning the different sketch patterns and even created a lovely scenic sketch during wet play. 


In computing, we learnt about internet search engines, such as google and even became our own search web within our classroom, looking for and logging different items.  


Week Ending 14th May 2021

This week in Class 2 we began our new text in English ‘Everything you need to know about snakes’ by John Woodward. We began by exploring some pages from our new book, with year 3 and 4 writing quizzes and year 5 and 6 writing reviews. 


In maths, we began our learning in geometry. Year 3 have been exploring properties of shapes and right angles, year 4 have been looking at acute and obtuse angles, year 5 have been drawing 2D representations of 3D shapes and year 6 have been finding missing angles in different shapes and learning about the properties of circles. 


In art, the children continued their learning on pointillism by expanding a small section of artwork and recreating it using dots of paint. The children produced some wonderful pieces of artwork and their learning on colour from last week really shone through. 


In science this week, year 3 and 4 learnt about how water travels through a plant which is linked to our geography learning on the water cycle. Years 5 and 6 learnt about levers and how very heavy items can be lifted with little effort using a lever like a seesaw. 


In PE this week, we worked on our backhand and I could really see the improvement in the children’s control and accuracy from last week. We have really been enjoying our tennis in class, so much so that the children often play tennis at break and lunch! 





Week Ending 7th May 2021 

This week Class 2 have been working hard on their writing. The children have written a series of persuasive letters based upon the book ‘The day the crayons quit’ by Drew Daywalt. I was really impressed with the children’s dedication to their writing, and the children are so excited to share their writing with their parents. 


In maths this week, we finished our unit on fractions and began a new unit on geometry. We used lots of practical learning to re-cap names and features of different 2D and 3D shapes. Year 3 went on a shapes hunt around the school and year 4 made some 3D shapes using our modelling equipment. Year 5 used 2D representations to identify 3D shapes and drew lots of shapes too. Year 6 made lots of 3D shapes using nets. 


In science this week, the children in years 3 and 4 learnt about the process of germination and they made observational drawings of our cress plants from last week. Years 5 and 6 designed experiments to test air resistance using parachutes. We learnt that when skydivers jump out of a plane they need a parachute with a large surface area to slow down their descent. 


In art the children experimented with colour theory and learnt how to blend and mix colours. They will need this skill to make informed choices about colours for their artwork over the next few weeks. 

Week Ending 30th April 2021 

Class 2

This week we had lots of excitement in Class 2.

 Our week began with an adventurous trip to Dewerstone, where the children took part in a range of amazing activities, from abseiling to river dipping. All the children had a fantastic day and we were very thankful for the brilliant staff who took such great care of us. 

Our week became even more unusual on Thursday when we came into school to find that

our chairs had quit!

We worked together to write some persuasive letters and managed to get the chairs to come back to work - well done Class 2!