Welcome back to school for the Autumn Term.
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The Erme Primary School


Welcome to the Autumn Term


This term is an exciting one as we get to know our new friends and teachers! We have lots of exciting activities  to look forward to and have lots of time to play and learn!


In English, we will read a selection of traditional tales such as Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. We will create story maps, puppets, actions and drawings to help us retell stories. We will learn how to use end punctuation and capital letters correctly to write simple sentences. Each day, we will take part in phonic activities with our teachers to learn new letter sounds and tricky words to help us with our reading. We will enjoy reading with our friends and teachers and talk about what we have read.


In Maths, we will learn about numbers to 100. We will use songs, actions, rhymes and resources to count forwards and backwards. We will recognise the numbers one more and one less than a given number and begin to represent numbers in lots of different ways. We will talk about our understanding and solve problems.


In History, we will learn about The Great Fire of London. We will learn where, why and why the fire started and how London has changed since the fire. We will learn about Samuel Pepys and find out why he is an important figure when learning about the fire. At the end of our topic, we will create our own Great Fire on London Museum.


In Science, we are going to learn all about autumn! We will observe and talk about the weather and take part in lots of autumn themed activities!



A snapshot of Measowsfoot class 2019-2020.
Here are some photos of 2019-2020 to show all the amazing things you have done so far this year.  I am so proud of you all and everything you have achieved.

Our Class Structure:

We are currently a mixed Foundation/Year 1 class led by Mrs Edworthy and Miss Slyfield.  We have two TA's to help us: Mrs Watson and Miss Martin.


Our Curriculum:

Our Foundation curriculum is delivered through half termly projects which are influenced by the children's ideas and interests and the wider world in which we live.  We believe in providing as many hands-on experiences as we can in order for the children to thrive and develop through their own natural curiosity.  We are lucky enough to have a covered outdoor area, so we can access both indoor and outdoor learning all year round.


Have a look below to see just some of the amazing and exciting things that we have been up to so far this year!

Autumn Term 2018  -  first half:

This term, we started a new activity called Forest School.  This is led by Mrs Readey and we are the first class lucky enough to be taking part during this first half term!  We have been for walks through Longtimber Woods, made bark rubbings and built dens for Stickman to live in.  We may even be going on a Gruffalo hunt.....

Spring Term  2018 - second half:

This half term, we have been looking at the festival of Chinese New Year.  The children have been finding out all about the traditions linked with the festival and have been making traditional festival objects and decorations including lucky red money envelopes, paper dragons, writing Chinese symbols, making Chine cherry blossom pictures and much more!  They also made a huge dragon's head and attached material for it's body so that they could take part in their very own Chinese dragon dance!

The children also had their very own Chinese café where they had the chance to try and eat rice, noodles and prawn crackers with chopsticks - soy sauce was optional!

Spring Term 2018 - first half:

This was a busy first half of the spring term!  Not only did we look at the topic of our senses through using stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, we also looked at the topic of the theatre and joined the rest of the school on a trip to see a production of The Enormous Turnip and the Theatre Royal in Plymouth.

Our roleplay area was turned into a Dental surgery and the children took on the role of teaching each other about how to care for your teeth:

Whole School Art Days - 7th and 8th Feb 2018:

At the end of the first half of the spring term, we had two art days, where the children found out about particular artists who like to combine clay and natural materials to make their sculptures.  The children had the opportunity to design and make their own sculptures out of clay and the natural materials found in the school grounds and nearby park.  The second day focused on patterns in nature and printing techniques and the children produced their own material and paper prints.  The final pieces were proudly displayed in an exhibition for parents to come and see the wonderful work of the children:

Science Workshop on Floating and Sinking:

We had some visitors from Babcock who came into work with us on designing experiments around floating and sinking.  First of all the children looked at which objects would float and which would sink.  They made predictions and then tried them out.  Then the children were set the challenge of trying to make an object which sank at first then float!  The children had a piece of plasticine which sank when it was in the shape of a ball but they discovered that if they flattened it out and made a boat shape with it, not only would it float but that it would also hold objects!  We had a competition to see who's boat would hold the most 2p coins!

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