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Mr Hall's Blog

Mr Hall’s Blog

Number 6 – 12/05/2020


Hello everyone and welcome to blog number 6


Wow… what a busy few days I have had.  I wonder if you have been as busy? I have been trying to write the next blog but something always seems to pop up and stop me.


You will have heard that schools may be opening for Foundation, Year 1 and Year 6 children after what would have been the half term holiday. That has meant that I have been, along with all the teachers, busy starting to get ready for the schools to reopen. It will be fantastic to see some of you return to school but you might find it a little bit different for a while.


As you may have seen on the Facebook page the staff had lots of fun thinking they were in High School Musical. We hope the video made you smile and you were able to laugh at all the dancing.


Well done to everyone who entered the VE day competition and congratulations to Jasmine and Damien who were chosen as the 2 winners.


Thank you to everyone who has sent emails telling me about the things you have been doing.


Liam had a lovely time camping out in his garden in his tent. He really enjoyed it apart from in the morning, when he woke up at 4am and did not fall asleep again because the tent was flapping so much!

Liam also, rightly realised that if we had been at the Y4 residential, it would have rained a lot!



Jessica sent me an amazing piece of work on what trig points are after we had talked about them in an email. So if you don’t know what a trig point is, ask Jessica S, she is now an expert.  (I just had to go and visit Jessica's trig point on Saturday.)


I hope you have all managed to keep yourselves busy over the last week.

Jasmine and her sister Freya have been busy painting the fences and their chicken coop as well as making raised beds. I don’t think their mum is going to want them to go back to school. Who will do all the jobs? They have also been busy making coconut cookies which sounded delicious.



The amount of wildlife in my garden seems to be expanding. I have seen 10 different species of bird, lots more insects and now even slow worms are keeping the hedgehogs company.  Unfortunately the seagulls have learned where I put the hedgehog food and try to steal it.




 Still thinking about wildlife, I wonder if you have seen any of these bugs flying around.



They are called May bugs and appear, as the name suggests in May. Keep an eye out and see if you can spot any.


I hope you all enjoy the rest of this week and I look forward to hearing from you.


Stay safe.

Mr Hall


Mr Hall’s Blog

Number 5 – 04/05/2020

Hello everyone and welcome to blog number 5.

I hope you have all had a great weekend and have filled your time with lots of fun and interesting things.


A quick shout out to Poppy ......who fell off a rope swing and broke her arms.......get well soon Poppy.

We hope it doesn't hurt too much and you make a quick recovery.


Thank you to all the people who have emailed me over the last few days. One question that keeps coming up is ……is the man in the yellow t-shirt doing the staff rap Mr Hall? Well yes it is me. And to prove it I have put a photo in this blog. You have to guess the real Mr Hall.




It seems that lots of you are trying your hand at cooking and baking. By the time we get back to school you will all be ready for Master Chef.

Jasmine has made cupcakes and some more Rocky road and made  a meringue by herself. Making meringues is not an easy thing to do so well done Jasmine.

She has also been sewing face masks. Have a look at her photo to see the fantastic job she has done.


It should be our first Y5 residential this week and the Y4 residential should have been last week, which is a shame because I know everyone, children and staff all love them. As I was feeling a little sad about not being able to go on the Y4 residential I decided to camp out in my back garden instead. I know Miss Gilberthorpe suggested on the Facebook page that you could make your own shelters at home. I have included a photo of my tent. If you made any shelters last week you could send me a picture of it.


With all that food being made you will certainly need this week’s sport themed home learning. Lets hope the weather stays dry so you can all get lots of fresh air.

I shall be doing my bit by running every other day and doing something called ‘body pump’. It is exercising with weights. I have found out that I am not as fit as I thought I was.


Lots of you told me about the plants you were growing. With the warm weather mine have grown very quickly. Here’s a before and now photo to show you how much they have grown.




                          before                                after

Don’t forget to keep sending emails about what you have been doing. 


Stay safe.

Mr Hall

Mr Hall’s Blog

Number 4 – 30/04/2020

Hello everyone and welcome to blog number 4.

This week has been so busy that I wasn’t sure if I was going to find the time to write the next blog. However thanks to you, and all the great things you have been sending me I just had to write one. There seems to be a continuation of the hedgehop theme….

Jessica has been keeping herself busy by, doing some school work, and making junk models in the garden, Joe wicks every day, riding her bike, helping dad and mum. It was Jessica’s mum’s birthday and they all went on a long walk to celebrate. Happy birthday Mrs Stocker.

She also helped her dad make a house for the 2 hedgehogs that come to her garden.

Jessica also saw something a bit strange when she was out on a walk. Why do you think it was there?  (I have found out why…but if you want to know you will have to email me!)




Robyn has been making treats for her pet hamster and her big sister Issy has been giving her pet hedgehog a bath!! Robyn had a bit of a shock with her hamster, who is called Nibbles. Robyn took her to the vet because her teeth were too long. The vet trimmed them and then told us when we picked her up that in actual fact she was a boy!! It’s a good job Nibbles can be a boy or girls name.   




 Issy has a hedgehog of her own called Taffy. She is an African pygmy hedgehog so she lives indoors with the family. She got the idea from Mrs O’Driscoll.



I haven’t really done anything exciting since the last blog but my hedgehogs are still visiting the garden every night. Although if they are not quick enough a cat eats their food before they get there .I hope I will have some interesting things to tell you after the weekend. So please keep sending in all of your news and I will post it here so everyone can read it and stay in touch with each other.


Don’t forget to keep sending emails about what you have been doing.


Stay safe.


Mr Hall

Mr Hall’s Blog

Number 3 – 27/04/2020

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Wow is all I can say to start this blog. Thank you to everybody who has told me all of the amazing things they have been doing. I will share some of these with you.

Firstly a huge well done to Seb, Rebecca and Louise.

They raised over a £1000 for St Luke’s hospice with a 10k garden run. I wonder just how big is their garden..? That was such a generous thing to do to helping other people. We are very proud of your achievement.

As well as that they have been also been busy planting lots of seeds and helping their dad build some garden tables and benches. Rebecca has learnt to ride her bike and Louise has learnt to ride her horse Pimms without the lead rein. Seb has completed a 50 mile race at your pace bike ride. 




Isabelle and Amelia have said that they are missing school and all the teachers. Isabelle has been teaching herself the keyboard and can play a thousand years and a few others and Amelia has been learning sign language


Ray has been busy this week planting seeds and plants. He has courgettes, peas, tomatoes, potatoes, onions and plenty of herbs and rhubarb.
He has also been busy doing the bucket challenge and loved pirate week and doing Joe Wicks every day and Maddie moate for science.


Sam and Eddie have been keeping busy with school work in the mornings and activities in the afternoon and having lots of fun in the back yard with dens and outdoor cooking. They even found a hedgehog whilst clearing rough ground. 

 So they made the hedgehog a new home out of sticks and leaves and put him near it with some cat food. He rummaged into the pile after eating. Eddie named  him 'Robin hood'.




would like to say a huge thank you to Hannah from Man for all Seasons a local Plympton gardening company, who donated some compost and spring plants to us giving an outdoor activity of planting, growing and learning about plants. I am sure the children who are in school will have a great time planting these.


I hope you have all had the opportunity to watch the latest video from the teachers and teaching assistants. They all had a lot of fun making it. Even though lots of us weren't very confident with rapping!!


I have had a busy weekend too. I used my daily exercise time on Saturday to walk from my house out onto the moors. It was a lovely day and felt great to get up onto Dartmoor for the first time in ages.



I asked in my last blog if any of you had seen any wildlife in your gardens.

I put my wildlife camera out overnight and caught these 2 hedgehogs snuffling around.

I am hoping one of them might decide to move into the hedgehog house.



And lastly….my juggling is still terrible.


Don’t forget to keep sending emails about what you have been doing.


Stay safe.


Mr Hall



Mr Hall’s Blog

Number 2 – 24/04/2020

Hi Everyone,


So what have you all been doing since the last blog?


I had a lovely email from Jasmine telling me about all of her baking and growing her vegetables. She also said about watching the meteor shower. Did anyone else see it?

I was disappointed that I didn’t.

If anyone else wants to let me know what they have been up to I would love to hear from you. I will try to reply as quickly as I can. (


The teachers are working hard to make sure there is plenty for you to do while you are at home, but they are also having lots of fun together, having quizzes over the internet and making funny videos. If you enjoyed the toilet roll video watch out for the next one that involves rapping!! It will be out on the Moorsway Federation Facebook page soon. We hope it makes you smile.


I have loved looking at all of your treasure maps and pirate related pictures. Keep sending things in.


I am afraid my challenge to teach myself to juggle is not going well. Even with lots of practice I am finding it hard work. There is a saying that ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’….does anyone know what that means? Email me if you do?

As I said in the last blog if anyone has any tips that can help me I would love to hear from you.


Luckily my attempt at getting fitter is better than my juggling. Jasmine told me she was doing Joe Wicks which was great to hear.


Are any of you going out on family walks for your daily exercise? I have seen a few families out jogging together and walking their dogs. On the days I don’t go for my run I go for a walk. On my walk on Monday I was lucky enough to see a heron fishing in the river by the tennis centre.


There seems to be more wildlife around at the moment. I have lots more in my garden. If you have, perhaps you could tell me about it. Especially if you have seen any hedgehogs. They are my favourite.


I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves. Don’t forget I would love to hear from you. It can be anything from one thing you have enjoyed doing or something you have seen on a walk or in your garden.


Look after everyone around you and stay safe.


Mr Hall….. 



Mr Hall’s Blog

Number 1 – 21/04/2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and finding lots of interesting ways to keep busy when you are not doing your home learning.

I am missing seeing you all at school so I thought I would write a blog a couple of times a week so we can all keep in touch. I know lots of you are keeping in touch with your teachers and they have told me how much they like hearing from you.

It would be great if you wanted to email me to tell me about all the things you have been up to or any photos that you might like to share.


Well done to all of you who have put things on the Facebook page. I loved seeing the results of the Rocky Road challenge and the Bake Off.

Apart from working on school work in my ‘office’ at home….(it’s really a spare room!),


I have set myself some challenges. One is to learn a new skill, a second is to stay fit (as I cannot get out on Dartmoor for the walks that I love), and the last is to grow as many of my own fruit and vegetables that I can.

I decided my new skill would be to learn how to juggle….


I am terrible at it! I have been practicing every day and although I am getting better slowly, I am still not very good. But I will keep going.

Do any of you have a talent of skill that you want to share? Do any of you know how to juggle and if you do can you give me some ideas on how to get better?

Do any of you do the Joe Wicks exercise in the mornings? I did it for the first two weeks and it was great fun. I haven’t stopped exercising though. I go for a run every other day before I have my breakfast. I am better at running than juggling.


The other thing I do to stay busy is trying to grow my own fruit and vegetables. I have planted lots of seeds and now have baby tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, runner beans, peas, lettuce and peppers. My green house is very full!

I would love to hear from you, with any ideas you have for keeping busy or things you have made and want to show me or other people.

Stay safe.

Mr Hall…..