Welcome back to school for the Autumn Term.
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The Erme Primary School

Riverside Class

Monday 13th July 

I can't believe this is the last week of Home Learning before we break up for our summer holidays.  I really hope the weather is as glorious for the next 6 weeks as it has been today! I think you have all done incredibly well to stick with the home learning for so long now in what has been a truly difficult time for everyone.  


The theme for the last week is Fairy tales and Castles. I wonder what your favourite fairy tale is and if you could write one with a twist in it like Roald Dahl did and so many modern authors try to do the same today.I think as a child, my favourite fairy tale was Hansel and Gretel although I quite enjoyed Rumpelstiltskin too!  Don't forget to sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge with Ivybridge Library if you haven't had chance yet!


I know Mrs Askew and Mrs Muira are very excited about meeting you in September.  We will be studying Ancient Greece in History so if you want to do any background reading, you will have a really good head start with the learning when you return to school.  


This week on the class email I would love to hear what plans you have for the summer holidays so please email me if you can.


In the meantime, stay safe and keep smiling and being the lovely fun- loving group of children you are! 

 Love Mrs White xxxxx

Monday 6th July


I can't believe that July is here already and the summer holidays are starting in 2 weeks! It must feel so strange for all of those children at home and not in school at the moment but this has been such a peculiar time for everyone! I am just so glad that schools are fully open in September and we can all re-unite with each other.  It will be so exciting to be back in school and we will be learning about the Ancient Greeks and how they lived and fought and what terrible things they did with female babies! I don't want to give too much away!!! 


This week it has been great to hear about how much reading some of you are doing! I think I have read quite a few books in lockdown too! I hope you all find the time to join the Summer Reading challenge at Ivybridge library this summer as it is one way to connect with the wonderful world of books! 


At home this week I have had some lovely walks around Trenchford reservoir and I have been dog-sitting for a friend.  I hope you have been up to some exciting things too! 


The theme of this week's learning is Robots. I wonder what robots you can think of in stories and films?

I wonder what robots we will have in the future maybe in our homes?  I would love a robot to do the cooking and ironing for me and even mow the lawn. What jobs would you give a robot if you had one of your own?


Take care everyone 

Amanda White xxxx


Monday 29th June 

Hello everyone

Hope you have ventured out this week and had some fun! This week I have had my holiday to Zante cancelled this summer so I am quite relieved really! Ellie is still home from university and continues to cook vegan meals for me which is lovely!  We are eating lots of giant cous cous with cucumbers and peppers. Jess is beginning to get more home learning from her school so that keeps her out of mischief a bit!  She continues to make lots of cakes and biscuits when she has the time so it is quite funny having two daughters with completely different diets. 


This week the Home Learning focus is all about Dinosaurs so it will be an exciting topic for you!  There are lots of stories and fact books to read on the Myon website too! 


Please continue to let me know your news via email on the class link or even feel free to send me a photo 

of what you have been up too!


Take care of yourselves and keep in touch

Love Mrs White xx

 Monday 22nd June 


Hi Riverside class, 

I hope you have all enjoyed Father's day today.  Did anyone do a good turn for their dads today? I have enjoyed cooking for my 80 year old dad and the sun has shone for us all day, which is always a bonus!


This week I have really missed you all and I look forward to seeing you all in September. I have heard from Layla and know that she is still enjoying spending time with her horses and that she is really chuffed because she has a new saddle. Thomas Freer has worked really hard on his computer finding facts out about the Rainforest.  Daisy has been busy making home- made bath bombs and then making her own video to help others know how to make them. I think it's great that we are all doing such different things and enjoying life as best as we can. The sun is set to shine for us this week coming so I hope we all make the most of our gardens and the countryside again.


Perhaps my most exciting news is that Mrs Hayhurst had her baby last week.  She has named him George and he is very cute.  He was quite a whopper of a baby - 10 lb 6 so she is happy for him to be out! She is enjoying being a mummy again and at the moment George is sleeping through the night (though this may change soon!) 


This week the home learning theme is the Human Body.  There are lots of brilliant information books to read on the Myon website so see what facts you can learn about whatever grabs you! 

Please keep in touch through the website and send any photos through as I love seeing as many of you as possible and hearing your news!


Lots of love 

Mrs White xx


Renaissance Learning are making access to myON e-book library freely available for children at home. This website will allow children to access at home, on tablet and laptop, an e-library of over 6000 books which is amazing! The link is as follows: 

 Monday 15th June


Hello Riverside class,

I can't believe it is the 15th June! The week has been a bit wet but I am happy for my garden

as it needed the rain! I have just planted 6 clematis against my pergola and I am busy picking off snails every morning and dreaming about them eating my clematis at night. As you probably know snails and slugs tend to come out in the rain and that is quite annoying when you have just planted your own vegetables and flowers!  Did you know a snail's favourite snack is young clematis plants? 


Well done to Jess this week who has been camping out in her garden in a tent the size of a palace! I hope you stayed dry Jess! Its lovely listening to the sound of rain in a tent and being snuggled up inside a sleeping bag!


I hope the home learning is going well for everyone! Please don't feel constrained by it all as it is meant to be there to be fitted in around your lives and not to be a strait jacket.  I love hearing about what you have been up to at home so please keep in touch through the class email. 


This coming week the theme of our Home Learning is 'Farms and Farming'. Do you remember when I brought Henny Penny to school and she laid an egg in assembly?? It was so funny wasn't it?  Hens are my absolute favourites as some of you know! I wonder what your favourite farm animal is?


Don't forget you can read online at home through the Renaissance learning link to Myon.  There are some really good books about different farm animals on there for you to read at home. The site is free until the 30th of June so enjoy it while you can!


Love to everyone and thinking of you all 

Mrs White xx 

 Monday 8th June


Hello Riverside class,

I hope you have had yet another busy and fun week despite the weather being a little cooler!

We are so lucky to live where we do and to be able to spend quality time in the countryside that is on our doorsteps! Please keep your news coming in as I absolutely love seeing what you have been up too!


This week I went for a lovely walk from Portlemouth to East Prawl along the coastal path. It was stunning looking across to Salcombe and although I lagged behind my teenagers, I thought I did very well considering the cliff path went up and down and there were definitely more ups than downs!!!! 


This coming week is very exciting as it is World Ocean's week and we have based the home learning around the oceans and the beautiful creatures that live in them. Remember you can pick and choose which activities you would like to do and you don't need to do them all - just pick the ones that appeal to you!


I miss you all very much but it is so good that we can keep in touch and I wish you all another healthy and safe week!

Love Mrs White xxx


If you visit this WWF link, there is a live debate that you can join on Monday at 10am and lots of ocean themed activities for you to explore to celebrate World Ocean day on Monday 8th June so take a look if you get the chance!


Monday 1st June 


Welcome back from half term everyone. I hope it's been a good one for everyone and that we are all still continuing to keep fit and well! I bet it didn't really feel like a half term but I hope you are looking after yourselves in this hot weather and enjoying being outdoors. 


I really enjoyed catching up with everyone on zoom before half term hit us. This week I have painted my pergoda in my garden and bought some more clematis ready to plant in each section. I have also visited my elderly parents and sat in the garden with them quite a few times which has felt such a privilege! I have walked up to Dartmoor with my girls and cycled quite a bit too!


This week our home learning has a 'space theme' so put those space suits on and be prepared to learn some exciting stuff that you didn't already know about the planets. Something very exciting happened this morning from Kennedy space station! Two astronauts left to spend 4 months in space at the International Space Station.  Maybe you could find out why they are going there or watch the launch yourselves! Funny how us teachers planned Space to coincide with this!! I wonder how social distancing works on  a spaceship?

Please continue to email me any messages to the class pages and I will check them every day and get back to you. Look after yourselves and your families!

Love Mrs White xx



 Monday 25th May


Happy term everyone! I can't believe we are here and it appears so strange that we have not even been

at school. I think you and your parents have all done marvellously well to get through the past few weeks and I am proud of everything you have achieved and done to help each other through this difficult time.

There will be no home learning set this week so I hope you all have a well deserved rest and just enjoy being together as a family!  


Love and best wishes 

Amanda White 

 Monday 18th May


Hi Riverside class,

I hope you've enjoyed the sunshine this week and got out to play outdoors a bit more. I popped into school last week to pick up a few a things and it felt so weird without you lovely people filling the classroom!

I've also been writing your reports and enjoying thinking of all the wonderful things you have achieved this year. even though the year was struck short!

My daughter Ellie has university maths exams starting from today so she will be doing them online which will seem strange for her! Jess has been pestering me for a puppy as her best friend has just had a litter of golden cocker spaniel puppies.  Mrs White doesn't want to see them! Can you guess why? Well it's because I would fall in love with them all and then definitely end up bringing one home!

To relax we walked up to the Moor on Sunday and walked from Hay Tor to Bone Hill Rocks which was a hike really, not a walk!

This week the home learning is about Rainforests. Do you remember me showing you photos of my holiday in Costa Rica and those lovely sloths? I am still mad about sloths. Do you remember that they only come out of their trees for one reason? It was a bit rude to mention really but it made me giggle on holiday. Anyway please enjoy finding out about your favourite rainforest animals. There are so many to choose from!

Remember not to spend all your time on home learning activities though as it is important you follow your own interests and hobbies too if you can!

Take care of your selves

Love Mrs White xx

Monday 11th May

Hi Riverside class,

I hope you all enjoyed the Olympics theme last week.  Has anybody found a good book to read in the online library link I sent last week. If not I have copied the details again below. It's wonderful to have over 6000 books to read when libraries are closed to us at the moment! The theme of this week's learning is Superheroes so get those superhero masks and cloaks ready and get ready to fly!


This week you have sent me such lovely messages about what you have been doing in Lockdown and I particularly like the photos you are sending me as they remind me that we will be back together soon and what a wonderful class of human beings we all are!


This week Jessica has completed the Carol Vorderman 30 days maths challenge so well done Jess! Thinking about the Olympics Jess would also like you all to know that her Great Great Great Aunty Helen is now 99 and she competed in the 1948 London Olympics as a swimmer.  She is now the second oldest Olympian in Britain. How amazing Jess! Maybe one day that will be you!


Amelia has been making her own Olympic circuits in her garden and making frittatas with her nanny. Thomas Freer designed his won country this week even with its own food, population and products. I think one day you may well be an architect Thomas. It was lovely to see a photo of Thomas and Harry Turberville chilling out with their beautiful dog too.


Take care everyone and look after yourselves and the people who you care about! 

Keep sending me your news and photos please!

Love Mrs White xx




Renaissance Learning are making access to myON e-book library freely available for children at home. This website will allow children to access at home, on tablet and laptop, an e-library of over 6000 books which is amazing! The link is as follows: 

  Monday 4th May 2020


Hi Riverside class,

I can't believe that we are in May now! What a lovely sunny April we had when they normally say April showers!


I hope you are all keeping well and thank you so much for the lovely emails you are passing to me!

Jess has written a lovely unicorn poem and Layla you are so lucky to have all those horses to look after and ride! Daisy made a magnificent bug hotel with her dad and Liam has been home baking Banoffee pie and making his own bread!  Banoffee pie is our family favourite Liam! Well done Thomas T too for digging your own wildlife pond in your garden and also congratulations to Harry Jones for practising planking on the moor. I think Robyn would also like me to mention that she has a new hamster called Nibbles too!

What a busy class we've been! Please keep the emails coming as they are the highlight of my day!


This week I also found some lovely photos of Annabel, Robyn and Layla when they were in EYFS! Where has that time gone? I will search for some more younger photos of you all and forward them individually to you! 

You all make me feel so old! Anyway keep in touch and good luck with the home learning for this week - it has a sports theme so should appeal to all of you!

Lots of love 

Mrs White xx



Renaissance Learning are making access to myON e-book library freely available for children at home.  This website will allow children to access at home, on tablet and laptop, an e-library of over 6000 books which is amazing! The link is as follows:

Enjoy you book worms in Riverside class!!


VE Day Competition 

If you would like to enter have a look at the details below in the powerpoint.


 Monday 27th April


Hi Riverside class,

I hope you've had another great week at home with your families. This week I've still been painting

bedrooms and touching up woodwork - all adult jobs which us mums and dads don't really enjoy!

My daughter Jess continues to bake really naughty things like chocolate profiteroles while my oldest daughter Ellie still tells me that I am not healthy if I eat meat. You see even teachers have tricky families sometimes.  I don't think I can win!


We did see some sheep shearing this week in the fields close to where I live and this was a lovely thing to watch although some of the sheep struggled quite a bit and looked funny turned upside down with their legs in the air! Not very dignified for a sheep!


This week's home learning is all about Mythical Creatures if you want to dip into any of those activities. If not, there is a powerpoint for Maths, Reading and Spelling but again please don't feel you have to do it all. It's just there to try and help you keep some kind of routine in these hard times but your routine is very personal though so stick to doing whatever you enjoy!


Don't forget you can upload any messages to me on the class email

or any photos of your lovely selves! Missing you all loads and hoping we are together again soon!

Love Mrs White xx

Monday 20th April


Dear Riverside class,


I hope you are all staying your cheery selves and finding new hobbies and interests at home with your mums and dads, brothers and sisters.  I have had a busy week painting a bedroom with my daughter who decided she wanted to learn how to paint herself! I have also taken up running and try to do a small run every day! My youngest daughter Jess made a really yummy lemon drizzle cake today and is also trying very hard to turn her mummy vegan!


I would love to hear from you on our new class facebook page or if you want to send me your work you can upload it there - We are

I would love to know your happiest moment this week, your funniest and your proudest!


My happiest moment was when I shopped for a neighbour and she gave me a big bunch of lilies - my favourite flowers! My proudest was when I ran 5k with my husband for the very first time and my funniest was actually today when I slipped on a muddy hill and looked like a pig in a pond!!!


 Here is the home learning for this week! Please don't feel you have to do it all! The weather is going to improve again so please enjoy the outdoors and dip into the home learning as and when you feel able!

Miss you all and know that we will be together again soon! Please take care of yourselves!


Love Mrs White xx



 Monday 13th April 2020

 HI Riverside class,

 I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and eating lots of yummy easter eggs. I've been very lucky this  year as the Easter bunny has brought me quite a few eggs. I hope you are all well and enjoying being at 

home in the sunshine! I miss your smiley faces and your sense of humour but I know we will be back      together again soon when this is all over and we will have so many different stories and experiences to     tell!


We would normally be returning to school tomorrow so each week I am going to save you a powerpoint  on here that will have a short maths, reading and spelling activity for you to do. You can do them all or just dip into them as your time permits as it is so important that you spend quality time with your families in doing whatever you enjoy most.  It is so important that you look after yourselves and stay happy, healthy and safe.


I would love for you to share what you have been doing on the Moorsway facebook page if you can .

You can also email anything to admin and they will forward it on to me!

The email address in case you have forgotten is


Stay happy and speak soon 

Love Mrs White xx

Mrs White and her daughter Jess cycling in the sunshine!


Hello lovely children and families of Riverside class! I just wanted to say how much I will miss working with Zoe when this is all over and to thank her for being so brilliant! We will all miss her very much! Her new adventure  is going to be so exciting and I am sure we will be able to keep in touch with her via email or even skype if I can work out how to use the technology!! A very big ask!!


I hope you are all keeping busy and enjoying helping out mum and dad. I've been doing lots of DIY in the garden, painting fences, reading books and mostly playing with my guinea pigs Oatibix and Peppy. My eldest daughter is back from Bath uni and has been making lots of home cooked vegan meals for me and to no surprise, I think I am slowly starting to look like a vegetable! My youngest daughter Jess is now over the shock of not having to take GCSE's this summer and has tidied everything that remotely looks like revision notes away!


Anyway have a lovely Easter break and enjoy eating lots of easter eggs!

Love to all!

Amanda White



Oatibix the guinea pig!

Home Learning For Riverside

Friday 27th March

Good Morning Riverside! I really hope that you are enjoying your time at home. This week, I have been mostly playing in the garden with Lilly, Bobby and Leo and trying to entertain the pets - Rodney the tortoise, Smokey the hamster and Denzil the naughty dog! I have also taken up baking - you may have seen my attempt at a pasty on facebook! I have been really impressed with The Moorsway bake off! Today we should have been breaking up for the Easter holidays so, I thought I would upload some ideas for Easter activities that you could enjoy. Remember the most important thing is to remember all of this will pass and life will get back to normal. In the meantime, be good for your parents and carers and being helpful around the home is a great way to curb boredom! 

Today would have my last day teaching you all before I left to prepare for the arrival of my baby. I would just like to thank you for all of the wonderful memories you have given me. Hopefully the school will reopen soon and I can come and say farewell in person. I will be keeping up-to-date with the Moorsway Federation Page so please send me a message or a picture to show me what you have been up to.  Lots of love to you all, Miss Hayhurst :-)


Links for Easter activities:



Week Commencing 23/3/20

Please find below some websites to visit that will enable you to support your children next week during the school closures. Make sure you follow our new Moorsway Federation facebook page and keep an eye on here for regular updates and contact from us teachers! I hope that you find these links useful and engaging for your children to enable them to continue to learn! 



20-30 minutes 

Reading real books is better but if you run out there are a wide range of ebooks available here. 


30-40 minutes 

Use the story starter pictures as a stimulus for writing a story. Children should be encouraged to read back through their work and correct errors they spot. There are also comprehension and sentence challenges to engage with. 


20-30 minutes 


Your child already has their own login for this website. 


Print off (or play online) a quiz (and the answers) related to a science topic you have covered. See how many of the questions you can get; test yourself again a few days later to see if you have remembered anything new! 

Select one of the options (games, activities etc.) from the top (you may have to click twice as a message will appear). Most of the activities are free and there are different levels of challenge. There is a small icon to show if it is free, time taken and whether it is an app, game, quiz etc. Choose a topic relevant to your year group. 


10-15 minutes 

Daily physical activities for children. Either do your favourite each day or try different activities. 

Fun curriculum linked active learning resources to get your child moving while they learn. Resources are split into KS1 and KS2 and then further into the different subjects. 


20-30 minutes 


Learn to Touch Type. Once you have selected get started make sure you set the language to English (United Kingdom) in the top right hand corner of the screen. We recommend all pupils start from the beginning of the course. 


10-15 minutes 

Play World Games and Europe Games. Recap World Continents and Oceans. Focus on European countries, flags and capitals as a challenge.  


10 – 15 minutes 

Play games that cover a range of historical periods. This does need Flash Player for many of the games which can be downloaded 

An education site with a range of questions on a given history subject. Questions are based on a linked page you can read. 

A wide selection of multiple choice quizzes which could be used to direct online research. 



Welcome to Riverside Class!

Welcome back everybody from the lovely summer break. Everybody has returned ready and eager to learn!



What are learning this Autumn Term?


Maths: In maths children will be learning place value and addition and subtraction. Children will be challenging themselves to dive deeper into their learning through problem solving and reasoning challenges. This year the year 4 children will be undertaking national tests to check progress with times tables. In class we will be challenging the children to improve their tables through 50 club speed tests!


English: In English we are writing information texts about animals. We will be exploring an anthology of animals and learn many intriguing facts - some about unusual animals that some may not have heard of!

Later in the term, we will be writing our own quest stories. WE will learn about the features of narrative through the text 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' and we will be working hard to integrate dialogue within our writing to help to move the story along!


History: This term we will be taking a trip back to the Vikings! We will be producing art work alongside this topic so look out for updates on our facebook page!




General Information




Reading – Children in Riverside class are expected to read every night to build up reading fluency and record it in their planners. Please could you try to read with your child at least twice a week to support with both their decoding and understanding of the text, and record reading in their planner.

The planner will also be written in during school time by your child when they read independently, and by their class teacher or TA who reads with them individually or in a small group. Once a week the planner will be signed by the child, teacher and parent.


Maths/English – Each Friday, your child will be given two pieces of homework linked with our current learning in school. This may be related to any subject being studied, and will be due in the following Friday.


Spelling – Each Friday, your child will be given a short spelling list linked with the upcoming learning in school. They will need to practise spelling these words in preparation for a test the following week.




This term, Riverside have PE lessons on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It is important for children to have their PE kits in school everyday so that they are prepared for any sporting events. This term our class is going swimming: children will need swimming kits each week.