Welcome back to school for the Autumn Term.
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Shaugh Prior Primary School

Whole School

School Council 2019


At Shaugh Prior, we are proud to have a School Council. The council is in place so that pupils have a voice and are involved in decisions about the school that affect them.




Council Member
Council Member
Council Member
Vice Chair

Sports Council

At Shaugh Prior, we love sports so much that we have a new Sports Council. These members represent our sports department of Shaugh Prior Primary. Sports Council is in place to discuss pupils viewpoints of sports opportunities, including sports premium and to run lunchtime clubs whilst raising the profile of PE and sport. 
Sports Council member
Sports Council member
Vice Ambassador

 Meet Our Chickens! 


Introducing the most loved chickens in all of the land! 

Summer Sleepover


On Friday 21st June, after a long week of school, we all were very excited to return to school for a sleepover with our friends. During the evening, we played football, cuddled the chickens, cooked waffles over the fire and enjoy campfire games as we sipped on Hot Chocolate! The best way to end a week! 

Sports Day 2019


We all enjoyed a slightly windy Sports Day but that didn’t stop us all having the best time with our friends and family! We were very impressed with the parent race! A great day! 

Welcoming new friends

As our new academic year begins, we are very pleased to see our new EYFS pupils, Eloise and Ella who have made a fantastic start in Class 1. We also, formally welcome Miss Vosper to our team as she takes on the role of KS2 teacher in Class 2. We are so happy to have them all with us.

The Year ahead

To ensure another successful year, we all need to work together to make our school a safe place in which to learn. The children and staff have discussed our Behaviour Policy which forms part of the inclusive ethos of our school. The children created their own set of Golden Rules which are:


  • Include everyone so that they feel welcomed.

  • Take care of each other by treating each other as we wish to be treated.

  • Respect each other by making sure we are listening to each other.

  • Share and be kind towards one another.

  • Give 100% effort in our learning.

  • Respect ourselves, others and the environment

School Council 2018-19


The children elected their school council following applications from several candidates.  We are pleased to introduce our new Council for this year, Daniel, George, Queenie, Joce, Riley and Liam. 
The Council are very pro-active, running their own meetings with the support of staff, representing their peers and organising fund raising events such as our recent Mini-Market which raised over £100 pounds for School Council funds!

Well-being Week February 2019

We believe that every child deserves to thrive and we work together with our families to support them to do just that.   Recently, we gave over more of our curriculum time to focus on activities that promote a sense of well-being and to give the children strategies to cope with the ups and downs of life, such as yoga, weather massage, discussing our emotions and recognising how they affect us physically and how the different parts of our brain impact on our thoughts, feelings and actions.  We culminated the week with a get-together with our families to make gifts for ourselves and for others, including Worry Dolls and Glitter Globes.   We wrote positive messages to each other which we linked to our assembly about being 'Bucket Fillers' and not 'Bucket Dippers'!


Miss Gilberthorpe is leading weekly forest school sessions across the school.  During our first sessions, children illustrated bunting to show what they hoped to do over the coming weeks, dens were built, clay monsters created and, above all, the children worked independently, beginning to understand how they need to take responsibility for managing risks in order to stay safe.

The children will be asked to bring waterproof clothing including stout footwear such as wellies or hiking boots and waterproof trousers, as we intend to go to the woods in fair weather or foul!

Please see our dedicated Forest School page for more information!


McMillan Coffee Afternoon September 2018

Thank you to friends and family for their support on our MacMillan Coffee afternoon - once again this was a great success. We are very proud of the way the School Council organised, greeted and generally took the lead in running this event. There are definitely a few leaders in business growing in our ranks!

We raised a fabulous £100.74 while enjoying lovely cakes and great company.


Blue Planet Fortnight


We are excited to be taking part in a project inspired by the current concerns about the negative impact of plastic on our environment which was highlighted on David Attenborough's recent programme 'The Blue Planet'.  Please click on the link below to find details of some of the activities and events that are taking place across our Partnership.

Blue Planet Topic Web

Sorting materials - we found so much plastic!

Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum!


Our end of term production this year, was another great success!   Here are some photos from our evening performance:

Whole School Trip to Eden

We had a wonderful day out at the Eden Project this year.  The trip linked to our topics of 'Gardening' (KS2)and 'Jack and the Beanstalk' (EYFS/KS1) but was also planned as a reward for a year of learning!

Samba Day!
We had an amazing day with Tina, a professional drummer, learning to play samba rhythms as a whole class and whole school samba band!  We finished the day with an assembly to showcase our skills to our friends and families.