Last day of Summer term - Tuesday 24th July 2018. First day of Autumn term - Wednesday 5th September 2018. Have a wonderful break.
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Cornwood C of E Primary School

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


Hi! We're Class 2.  We currently have 14 Year Three children and 11 Year Four children. 

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World Book Day/Sport Relief


This is us dressed up for World Book Day and Sport Relief!

Fun Forest School - 27/3/18

Fun Forest School - 27/3/18 1
Fun Forest School - 27/3/18 2
Fun Forest School - 27/3/18 3
Fun Forest School - 27/3/18 4
This week we made water filters out of old bottles, cloth and sand/grit.  We tested which combination of material would give us the cleanest water. It was interesting and improved our team work!

Exciting Egg Rolling!

Exciting Egg Rolling! 1
Exciting Egg Rolling! 2
Exciting Egg Rolling! 3
Exciting Egg Rolling! 4
On Friday 23 March the whole school held our annual egg rolling competition.  Every child was invited to roll a hard boiled egg as far as they could down the drive without losing most of the shell.  It was very trick but a lot of fun!

Forest School in the Snow!

Forest School in the Snow! 1
Forest School in the Snow! 2
Forest School in the Snow! 3
Forest School in the Snow! 4
Forest School in the Snow! 5
Forest School in the Snow! 6
Forest School in the Snow! 7
Forest School in the Snow! 8

In forest school this week class 2 completed one of three tasks:

  • To make some signs for the forest school area using planks of wood, hammers and nails.
  • To begin the project of adding a numeracy area to the forest school by cutting out discs which will have numbers added next week.
  • To create a clock using Roman numerals to link with what we have learnt about time.

Lots of fun was had by all including a little play in the snow and using our bodies to show some digital times!

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra 1
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra 2
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra 3
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra 4
On Friday 16th March the whole of KS2 were given the opportunity to watch a real orchestra play live in Exeter University.  We were able to join in with several of the songs the orchestra played and learn body percussion and signing to go along with these.  It was great fun!

Exciting Eden!

Exciting Eden! 1
Exciting Eden! 2
Exciting Eden! 3
Exciting Eden! 4
Exciting Eden! 5
Exciting Eden! 6
Exciting Eden! 7
Exciting Eden! 8
Exciting Eden! 9

On 7th February 2018 the whole school went to Eden to learn about different types of plants and habitats.

We all had a fantastic time! Class 2 completed a workshop called 'Puzzling Plants' where we pretended to be the parts of a plant and had to pass water molecules up and down the stem.  We also did a plant hunt in the tropical biome which was a lot of fun.

Super Science!

Super Science! 1
Super Science! 2
Super Science! 3
Super Science! 4
Super Science! 5
Super Science! 6
Super Science! 7
Super Science! 8

wk beginning 13th November

This week we have planned some super science experiments to see how the Egyptians used tools to help build the pyramids.  We have learnt about forces and friction and tested different surfaces to see which were easier/harder to move an object across.  We also tested these surfaces with the addition of rollers under the object to understand how the Egyptians used this system to move large stone blocks to the pyramid sites.

Forest School

wk of 30th October


Children from Class 2 have been enjoying their Forest School sessions recently, creating Egyptian style jewellery and Halloween themed objects from natural items in the local area.  We have practiced the skills of sawing, drilling and whittling alongside creating dens and mud pies in the outdoor kitchen.

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Egyptian Day

Egyptian Day 2017 (6th October 2017)


Class 2 had a great time today during their Egyptian Day. They all looked fabulous in their costumes – from slaves to mummies, Pharaohs to Princesses! They enjoyed creating their own canopic jar out of clay, making a mini sarcophagus and cooking Egyptian bread. In the afternoon they were invited to a picnic to sample the bread that they made along-side some other popular Egyptian foods. Much fun was had by all! Many thanks to parents for donations and costumes. Miss Edgcombe

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