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Moorsway Federation

Who's Who

Mr S Hall - Executive Head Teacher

Mrs J Cooper - Federation Business Manager

Mr D Young - Site Supervisor


Cornwood  C of E Primary School

Mrs S Baker - Head of School

Mrs M Jarvis  - Administrator

Mrs E Newman - SENDCo


Class 1: Mrs C Moss  & Mrs Baker - Class Teacher,

Class 2: Miss E Edgcombe - Class Teacher

Class 3: Mrs K Batten & Mrs T Goldsmith - Class Teachers


Teaching Assistants:  Mrs H Bell, Mrs P Cook, Mrs E Thomas, Mrs S Williams

Mealtime Assistants: Mrs H Bell, Mrs P Cook, Mrs E Thomas, Mrs S Williams

Kitchen Manager - Mrs M Cross

Caretaker: Mrs D Stubbs


The Erme Primary School

Mrs K Eames - Head of School

Miss R Carr - Administrator

Mrs E Newman- SENDCo


Meadowsfoot: Mrs A White & Mrs A O'Driscoll - Class Teachers

Flete:  - Mrs E Edworthy & Mrs K Eames - Class Teachers

Mothecombe: Mrs Z Hayhurst  & Miss E Aldridge - Class Teachers

Riverside: Miss A Joce - Class Teacher

Oldaport: - Miss L Askew - Class Teacher


Teaching Assistants: Mrs H Shergold (HLTA), Miss L Martin, Mrs L Watson, Mrs D Gillard, Mrs S Readey, Miss L Johnson

Mealtime Assistants: Miss R Carr, Mrs L Elliott, Mrs M Davis, Miss L Johnson, Mrs V Mullen, Mrs A Wearne, Mrs S Readey, Mrs D Gillard, 

Kitchen Manager: Mrs D Isaacs Kitchen Assistant: Mrs C Lewis 

Caretaker: Mr C Price, Cleaner: Mrs L Brinkhurst


Shaugh Prior Primary School

Mrs G Gilmartin - Head of School & SENDCo

Mrs S Bruce - Administrator


Class 1: Miss Gilberthorpe & Mrs Gilmartin

Class 2: Miss Clemo & Mrs Gilmartin


Teaching Assistants: Miss A Hawke, Mrs C Jutson, Mrs E Josee

Mealtime Assistants: Miss A Hawke, Mrs C Jutson, Mrs E Josee

Kitchen Manager: Mrs S Bullock

Caretaker: Mrs C Turpin