Welcome back to all the children returning to school.
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Cornwood C of E Primary School

Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!



Spring term overview

Our Class Structure:


We are currently a mixed KS1 class lead by Miss Aldridge. We have two TAs that help us with our learning: Mrs Bell and Mrs Atkins. 

Forest school:


Wow! Our first two forest school sessions have certainly been exciting. We have created dens, learnt the skill of whittling, made character sticks and explored our wonderful area. 



Autumn Term 2021


This week Class 1 have been very busy reading the story of the Three Little Pigs. We have been looking at precise verbs, noun phrases, capital letters for pronouns and lots more. The foundation children have been making Horace and Boris' houses out of straw and sticks. In Science we have been looking at classifying animals. We discussed some of the characteristics of a mammal, amphibian, fish, bird and reptile. In Maths this week, year 1 children have been focusing on comparing numbers and objects using language like greater than, less than and equal. Year 2 children have been working on ordering numbers and putting numbers on the number line correctly. Foundation have been exploring the numbers 1, 2 and 3 and playing lots of different games. 


This week, we have been working very hard to classify animals in Science. We have been reading the story of the Three Little Pigs and acting it out, creating story maps and using our senses to describe what the Wolf and Pigs are thinking. In Geography we looked at different pictures of Nairobi and London and discussed the similarities and differences. In PE, the children have been looking at creating gymnastic sequences. They have included jumps, rolls, shapes and different ways to travel. 


This week, Class 1 has had a very busy week. We have been creating our own poems in English based on noises in the classroom. Year 1's have been counting forwards and backwards to and from 20. Year 2's have been recognising how many tens and ones are in a given number. We have been learning about senses in science. We tasted food, listened to some sounds, smelt some foods, felts some textures and looked around the room for different colours. All of the children understood what part of the body the sense is associated with. The children had great fun. In Geography this week, we have been learning about where we live and where Kenya is on the world map.


Class 1 have had a very busy week. We have had many visitors including Mrs Hawker who very kindly brought in nine two week old chicks for all of the children to hold. The children loved holding the animals and created names for them. Thank you Mrs Hawker for bringing them to see Class 1. 


In PE this week with Mr T, Class 1 were focusing on different ways to roll. All of the children created a short sequence that included a travelling move, a shape and a roll. 


Foundation enjoyed the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. They were able to follow the book, turning the pages at the correct time and predicting what was going to happen next. 


Please remember to write in your child's link book when they have read. They need to have read 3 times at home to get a golden ticket. Keep up the great work! 



This week Class 1 have had a busy week. We started our new English text 'What I like'. We have been thinking about our senses, creating actions to the text and looking at rhyming words. In Maths we have been looking at numbers to 20 making sure that we can write them in digits and in words.


Foundation have been looking at the song 5 little ducks and 5 currant buns. They have been singing these rhymes and creating puppets to remember the song. 


In Science, we have been looking at basic human body parts. The children labeled each other and were able to explain the use of each body part. 


Class 1 had a lovely start to the new term. All of the children have settled in very well and have made new friends. We started the new term with a PE lesson taken by Mr Teague. The focus for this term is gymnastics and the children started learning all of the shapes and linking them together.

We created a display full of ‘our happy places’, explored our classroom and enjoyed playing with all of the children in the school during break and lunch time. Well done Class 1.

Summer Term


Class 1 celebrated the last week in style! We began the week finishing our swimming lessons where lots of the children achieved their stage 1 certificate. We continued to have lots of fun with our friends by playing in our learning areas. We had a pool party with music, party games and lots of food and finished the week with a film and ice cream. Well done class 1 you have worked really hard this year. I hope that you all enjoy the summer.


This week, we have been working hard finishing off our Science work for this term. We made a double page spread of all of the things we have learnt about plants.  In English we made a potato and cheese pie and wrote some class instructions. We used lots of imperative verbs! 


This week, Class 1 have been very busy. We started the week looking at our new English text, 'Outdoor Wonderland'. We have looked at the very technical language and used a dictionary to help us define the new vocabulary. In Maths, we have continued looking at our shape topic. We looked at creating 2D and 3D patterns and looking at how many lines of symmetry each shape has. 


On Wednesday, Class 1 were very lucky to go on a school trip to Wembury beach. All of the children had a lovely time. We started the day by looking in the Marine centre, playing games with Mr Gibbs and looking at the human and physical features at the beach. After lunch, we went rock pooling, paddled in the sea and had an ice lolly. All of the children were a credit to the school with their impeccable behaviour!



The parish council bought Class 1 a butterfly kit as they are creating a butterfly garden by the public toilets in the square. Last Friday a group of children released the butterflies to their new home. The children got the opportunity to hold the butterflies before they flew off. Thank you to the parish council for this opportunity. 


This week, class 1 finished writing their own story based on the story 'A boy who cried ninja'. We started the week by planning the characters who would be in our story and then chose a title for our stories. The children then used their story map that they had drawn to write their stories. They are fantastic. The children have used lots of devices that we have learnt in English this year. Well done Class 1. 


This week, Class 1 have had an action packed week. We started the week looking at the lifecycle of a seed. The children have been monitoring their seeds that they have planted and placed in different amounts of light. We also looked at our strawberry plants and picked our first strawberry! In Geography we have been looking at human and physical features. The children had a feature that they had to place in the correct column. The children really enjoyed this activity. On Wednesday, we continued with our swimming lessons with Mr Gibbs. All of the children have improved their water confidence already and are getting stronger lesson by lesson. On Thursday afternoon, it was time for the rising 5's to join us. This week we read the story 'The tiger who came to tea' and then made biscuits for the tea party and made paper plate tigers. We all had so much fun. The children also had the opportunity to explore our learning areas in our classroom including the bubble station which they all enjoyed. In English, the children have been starting to plan their own story of ' The boy who cried Ninja' so look out for those stories to read next week. In Maths we started a new topic, shape. The children have been learning lots of new vocabulary like vertices, edges, faces and many more. Great work Class 1. 


Class 1 have had a lovely week. We have continued to look at our English text "A boy that cried ninja.' The children have been writing questions, punctuating them correctly, using conjunctions and adjectives to create very interesting sentences. Next week the children will be thinking about making their own story. In Science we have been creating an experiment to find out how much sunlight a seed needs to grow. Next week we will be looking at the life cycle of a seed. 


This week Class 1 have had a very busy week back. We started the week looking at our new English text 'A boy who cried ninja.' So far we have read the book and created actions, used a dictionary to find out the meaning of some new tier 2 words and finally we have drawn a story map to remember the text. In Science we looked at different parts of a tree. The children loved labelling the trees. In Maths we have continued working on telling the time. We have played time bingo, used the mini clocks to tell the time and been able to complete some reasoning questions about time. All of the children have really enjoyed the pool being open. We started our lessons this week working on water confidence, blowing bubbles in the water, floating and playing team games. The children were fantastic at listening to instructions. 


Class 1 really enjoyed swimming club and using the new inflatables! 


We have had a very busy week in Class 1. We started the week by creating a double-page spread on the Seasons. The children had to research the season using books, the internet and their own knowledge. They also created a glossary of terms. In science, the children participated in an experiment to see what the  purpose of the stem is. The children predicted what would happen. In DT, we made fruit kebabs the children had to design, research what fruits grow in Devon and taste lots of different fruits. We finished off the week with a picnic. 


This week we have been continuing with jumping in PE with mR Gibbs. We were super agents and we were running through the jungle being chased by the wild animals. The children had to ensure that they had fast feet to get away in time. In Maths the year 2 children have continued to work really hard drawing and interpreting data from tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. Foundation have mastered position and direction and can now give directions to the playground. In English we have worked hard to research information for our group write about England. We are creating a double page spread that will go in our class book. Next week the children will write their own book about Seasons. 



This week we have been learning about the different plants that are around our grounds. We also looked at deciduous and evergreen trees and the difference between them. Foundation created a dinosaur garden. In PE this week the children were throwing and catching different size balls. Four children were rewarded with merits for creativity, self motivation, respect and resilience. All of the children have worked really hard this week. Keep up the great work. 


This week Class 1 have been very busy writing their own story based on the structure of Augustus and his smile. The children have drawn a story map, created a mind map of superlatives and comparatives and thought about the different habitats that animals live in. In PSHE we have been thinking about who can help us in different situations. This week we had some scenarios that we discussed and decided who was best to help us. The children came up with some great ideas. 



This week Class 1 have started to look at their new Science topic, plants. The children created a mind map of all of the things that they already knew about plants. They have brought in some lovely homework as well with pictures of the flowers that they knew and had in their garden or spotted on a walk. In Maths this week, year 2s have been adding 2 digit numbers using the formal column method. They have been learning the importance of ensuring that the numbers are in the place value column. In Geography we have been learning about the four countries of the United Kingdom. The children drew the flag, national flower and remembered a fact about each country. In PSHE, the children thought about people who help us. We spoke about what they would say and how they can help us.


This week, Class 1 have settled back into the school routine extremely well. We have started our new English text 'Augustus and his smile'. The children have read the book, created actions and drawn a story map to help them remember and retell the story. We also explored the new vocabulary within the book and used dictionaries to help us find a definition. We also created an action to help us remember the meaning of the word. In PE with Mr Gibbs this week we were focusing on jumping for distance. The children had great fun on the field competing against their peers. In Maths this week we have recapped addition. Year 2's have been focusing on bridging through 10 and year 1's have worked on number bonds to 10. Foundation have been looking at weight and capacity in their Maths lessons. They have been using the vocabulary equal, lighter and heavier to describe what has been happening. In ICT this week, we have been looking at coding. The children had to block code a car and drive the vehicle to its destination. The children had to debug the programme if they went wrong. They worked extremely well in pairs working out the codes for each level. 


Class one had a well-known visitor to their class this week to help with their science topic. Mrs Williams came in and talked about her animals and answered questions. Annabelle shared about her baby lamb.


Today the class had Easter fun making their cards and Easter nests and planting their sunflower seeds before going on an egg hunt this afternoon and taking part in the egg rolling some for the first time.


This week, Class 1 has worked really hard in all of their lessons. In Maths, the foundation children have been on a 2D shape hunt. They were looking around the school and finding different shapes and telling Mrs Bell about their properties. Year 1 and 2 children continued to work hard on finding a quarter of a shape and numbers. 

In English, we have continued with our text Penguins and we have been looking at the features of a non-fiction text as well as finding the verb in a sentence. Next week we will be writing our own non-fiction text. In Science, we looked at food chains on a farm and where are produce comes from. Some children were very knowledgeable and others learnt lots during this lesson! 



Class 1 have had another busy week. We continued looking at fractions in Maths where we have found half of an object and number. We learnt some new vocabulary numerator and denominator. In English we have started our new text, Penguins, this is a non-fiction text. We have started by learning the difference between fiction and non-fiction and we have written some questions that we hope the book will answer. A couple of afternoons this week we have played cricket. The children have been working hard on their hand eye coordination. They have practised throwing, catching, holding the bat correctly and hitting the ball. For our warm ups we have been working on our fundamental skills. Our focus has been working on the quality of our movements rather than how fast we can do them. For National Science week last week, we have been planting seeds. The children have learnt about why we plants seeds, what time of year we need to plant seeds and what they need to stay alive. The children have all planted cress this week and they have taken them home. 


It has been lovely having all of the children back together this week. We have had lots of time to talk and play with all of our friends. We had great fun painting pictures, building dens and playing some cricket as a class. The children have settled back in really well and I hope they have all had a great week. 


This week, Class 1 has been very busy learning about the seven continents and five oceans, The children loved listening to the songs and were able to answer the quiz. In Maths and PSHE, we continued to look at money and made a board game.

The children were looking at the different coins and notes. In Science we looked at the food chains and made sure that the animals came from the same habitats.

As part of our World Book Day yesterday during forest school we made book characters out of different materials.


Class 1 have settled back nicely after the half term. We started to look at money in Maths and recognising the different coins. Linking to our Maths topic, in PSHE we looked at where money comes from and the different forms money comes in. For example: cheques, gift voucher and credit cards.


In English, we had a lovely surprise. The dragon egg hatched and a dragon teddy and letter was left.


In science the children have been looking at food chains, what is a producer and what is a consumer? The children were thinking very carefully about making their own food chains.


Well done to our toilet roll book character winners. At school well done to Tia for a fantastic crocodile and at home the winner was Tomas for a great minion character.


Class 1 started the week learning about habitats. We made our own habitat boxes. The children thought carefully about what features they must have for the animal to survive. The children had great fun. On Tuesday we completed our DT project. We made our vehicles and tested them on water and snow. The children filled out an evaluation form and decided what was really good about their vehicle and what they would improve next time. On Wednesday, we made dragon nests and learnt about Chinese New Year. The children were mesmerized by the celebrations that happen every year. Yesterday we finished learning all about Scott of the Antarctic. The children were able to remember a lot of information and wrote a diary entry about the trip. Have a lovely half term Class 1.


This week, we had a mysterious egg appear in our classroom. Miss Aldridge was leaving the classroom on Wednesday evening after the staff meeting when she heard a noise and saw a dragons egg. The next morning she checked the classroom camera and had seen a dragon! We have continued this week to write instructions about how to look after a dragons egg and created actions to the book and drew a story map. 


In Maths we have learnt that divide means sharing. We have been looking at different calculations and methods to solve them. In DT we have mad e a prototype and tested it. The children at home have made some fantastic models. This week, we have also been thinking about our mental health. We have done lots of different activities to make sure that we are looking after ourselves. It was lovely to have story time with Mrs Baker this week and loved that it was a dragon story.