Further to the announcement of the National Lockdown , all schools in our federation will be open for children of key workers and those who are vulnerable or have an EHCP.
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Cornwood C of E Primary School

Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!



Spring term overview

Our Class Structure:


We are currently a mixed KS1 class lead by Miss Aldridge. We have two TAs that help us with our learning: Mrs Bell and Mrs Atkins. 

Forest school:


Wow! Our first two forest school sessions have certainly been exciting. We have created dens, learnt the skill of whittling, made character sticks and explored our wonderful area. 



On the 1st Day of Christmas Class 1 gave to you .....

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On the 4th Day of Christmas Class 1 gave to you .....

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On the 7th day of Christmas Class 1 gave to you .......

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On the 10th day of Christmas class 1 brings to you ......

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Foundation have had a really exciting first week back. They have all participated in balance bike ability this week. They have been working on their balance and coordination. They all did really well. 


On Wednesday, Class 1 had a great history lesson learning all about The Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys. The children worked together and used some books to find out lots of facts. They all worked really hard. 


On Tuesday the children worked together on a chrome book to create a google slide about what their favourite subjects were at school. The children worked well together helping each other out with the technology. 


Class 1 have now moved onto gymnastics in PE with Mr Gibbs. This week, they were looking at balancing and different shapes that they could make. Some of the foundation children became a human buckaroo where they had to hold as many cones as possible in a gymnastic shape. In health and nutrition it was the Year 1s turn. They were learning about long and short lasting energy. 



In English, class 1 have been working really hard on their own mixed up fairy tale stories. The children have spent a lot of time planning, writing and editing their stories ready for our class book. I am really impressed how much effort they have put into this story. 



In Maths this week, class 1 have been learning about fact families and seeing them in different representations such as the bar model and the part whole model. They have been answering lots of questions and being fantastic mathematicians! 


This week Class 1 have started to look at our new English text 'How to wash a woolly mammoth'. The children had to follow the instructions and act out how to wash their animal. The children were brilliant and used their imagination to collect all of the items needed in order to clean their animal. 


In Maths, the children have been looking at fact families and checking calculations using the inverse. They have been using the multi-link cubes, bead strings and counters to help them. 


In History, the children have been carrying on with our topic 'The Great Fire of London'. This week, they focused on looking at what London is like today and what it looked like in 1666. 


Yesterday afternoon it was that time of the week to get out the Bamboo Tamboo instruments. The children worked extremely hard to make their own rhythm and chant and performed it to the class. All of the children moved their names up and some children even got merits for their originality. 


This week is Anti- bullying week. As a school we decided to wear odd socks on Monday. In each class, the children have had an assembly and a PSHE lesson to discuss what bullying is, the different types of bullying and why it is important to stop bullying. 


In PE this week with Mr Gibbs, the children were focusing on rolls in their gymnastic lesson. They learnt lots of different rolls and how to execute them safely. Next week the children will be putting a performance together with all of the skills that have learnt in gymnastics this term. 



In Science, the children carried out an investigation to find out what material would be best for keeping Santa’s wellies dry. The children used different materials to cover the welly boots. The children decided that the tin foil was the best material to keep Santa’s wellies dry.


On Thursday, all of the children had a wonderful surprise from Santa. He arrived on the big screen through an online platform. He spoke to the children about what they had been learning this term and what work they still have to do. He also told them that it would be a good idea to get their homework finished! The children thoroughly enjoyed their virtual visit. Thank you to everyone that has organised this event. 



In Maths we have started our multiplication and division topic, the children have started to recognise equal groups. 


This week Class 1 have continued looking at the text A mouse called Julian. They had to predict the next part of the story, discuss what a moral story was and the moral of A mouse called Julian and finally they have look at what a setting is and have drawn their own story map page. In Maths, we have had a big focus on arrays and using arrays to write addition and multiplication number sentences. The children have used stem sentences to help them. In science this week we have looked at what is alive. The children used the arcanum MRS GREN to help them decide if something is alive. The children drew a picture to help them describe the life processes. In History, the children learnt about Robert Falcon Scott. They discovered that he was born in Plymouth and became an explorer. We touched on the journey and some of the relevant dates. We will be learning more next week. Well done to all of the children that are completing the home learning it has been so lovely to see all of your work. 


Class 1 have continued to work hard at school and at home. As a class we have imitated the story of  ‘A mouse called Julian’ to our story that we created as a class of A robin called Sebastian. The children have worked hard to use coordinated conjunctions in their writing. We will be writing our own stories next week. In maths we have continued to work on doubling numbers and counting in 2s. Next week we will be moving on to counting in 5s and 10s. 


In Science we looked at what was alive, what is dead and what has never been alive. The children went on a hunt around the school or at home to find things that could fit into those categories. Thank you to everyone who has been sending in your home learning. I have loved seeing the videos too. Keep up the great work. 


This week class 1 have been very busy. We started the week testing materials for our DT project making sure that we knew which material would be the strongest and waterproof for our polar adventure. In PE with Mr Gibbs, we made up movements to music. Our focus was animals and being at a zoo. We were elephants, giraffes, zoo keepers and many more. Our home learners joined Joe wicks for a work out and some children joined Oti Mabuse for a moana dance. 

Yesterday, Class 1 went out and found leaves, sticks, stones and lots of other things that they found in the forest school area and made birds. We have had some lovely pictures from our home learners too. 


This week, we had a mysterious egg appear in our classroom. Miss Aldridge was leaving the classroom on Wednesday evening after the staff meeting when she heard a noise and saw a dragons egg. The next morning she checked the classroom camera and had seen a dragon! We have continued this week to write instructions about how to look after a dragons egg and created actions to the book and drew a story map. 


In Maths we have learnt that divide means sharing. We have been looking at different calculations and methods to solve them. In DT we have mad e a prototype and tested it. The children at home have made some fantastic models. This week, we have also been thinking about our mental health. We have done lots of different activities to make sure that we are looking after ourselves. It was lovely to have story time with Mrs Baker this week and loved that it was a dragon story. 


Class 1 started the week learning about habitats. We made our own habitat boxes. The children thought carefully about what features they must have for the animal to survive. The children had great fun. On Tuesday we completed our DT project. We made our vehicles and tested them on water and snow. The children filled out an evaluation form and decided what was really good about their vehicle and what they would improve next time. On Wednesday, we made dragon nests and learnt about Chinese New Year. The children were mesmerized by the celebrations that happen every year. Yesterday we finished learning all about Scott of the Antarctic. The children were able to remember a lot of information and wrote a diary entry about the trip. Have a lovely half term Class 1.


Class 1 have settled back nicely after the half term. We started to look at money in Maths and recognising the different coins. Linking to our Maths topic, in PSHE we looked at where money comes from and the different forms money comes in. For example: cheques, gift voucher and credit cards.


In English, we had a lovely surprise. The dragon egg hatched and a dragon teddy and letter was left.


In science the children have been looking at food chains, what is a producer and what is a consumer? The children were thinking very carefully about making their own food chains.


Well done to our toilet roll book character winners. At school well done to Tia for a fantastic crocodile and at home the winner was Tomas for a great minion character.