Welcome back to school for the Autumn Term.
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The Erme Primary School

Oldaport Class

Welcome to Oldaport Class!

Scroll down to find out what we have been up to each week, as well as handy information such as our timetable. 



Week Ending 4th December 2020

In Oldaport class this week, we have been busy learning It Was On A Starry Night in Makaton for the 1st day of Christmas - we hope you enjoyed our video on Facebook! If you haven't seen it yet, please check it out! 

In PE this week, we had fun practising lots of different rolls in gymnastics with Miss Harris on Monday. In English, we have finished studying our text and have begun planning our own horror story, which everyone is really looking forward to writing. Miss Askew is hoping she won't get too scared reading them! 

In Computing, the children used their IT skills to create their own Christmas card using Google Drawings - we were very impressed with the final results. We have also been busy writing our own Christmas poems to share with you all very soon! 

Week Ending 27th November 2020

This week, Oldaport class have had another busy week. In PE on Monday, they to progressed on to adding twists and turns in to their jumps. They focused on performing these actions with control even when jumping off of apparatus. On Friday, in PE, we took part in a multiskills competition with Mr Gibbs. The other schools in the Federation also took part in the competition - we will find out who  the winner is soon! I’m Science, we have been investigating different reflective materials and using this to further understand reflection and how we see. In English, we have been creating a storyboard of the key events in our horror story, Art. The children are really enjoying the story and looking forward to writing their own horror story at the end of the sequence.

Week Ending 20th November 2020

Oldaport have had another really busy week this week where everyone has worked exceptionally hard. In English, they have started to read our new test: a horror story from a A Word in Your Ear, a series of short stories by Tony Ross. They have been predicting what will happen next in the form of freeze frames and have looked at the description used within the text. In Science, the children created their own shadow puppets and then investigated how the distance of the puppet from the light source affects the size of the shadow. The children were able to draw excellent scientific conclusions from their results, well done. In music with Miss Slyfield, they created their own timeline of the history of music on colourful bunting. In PE with Miss Harris, they have been practising their jumping skills, using a variety of apparatus and creating different shapes in the air. They have also enjoyed watching the theatre performance from Theatre Alibi this week. Keep up the great work, Oldaport! 

Week Commencing 9th November

Oldaport class have had another good week this week. In PE, they were working performing a range of balances, creating different shapes. In English, they have been writing their own biographies about an inspirational person of their choice; I have really enjoyed reading them! In Science this week, they have been exploring light further, investigating how light is reflected off of different items and how this allows us to see. Well done, Oldaport! 

What have we been up to this week? ( w/c 2nd November 2020)

Oldaport class have had a brilliant first week back at school. In PE on Monday, they enjoyed creating different shapes and balances in gymnastics using both the floor space and the apparatus. In Science, the children have started learning about light. This week, they found out what a light source is and how we see. They also learnt how shadows are created and experimented with shadows using torches, finding out how the shadow can change shape and size. As well as this, they have been making poppies with Miss Slyfield in preparation for Remembrance Day next week. Thanks for a great week, Oldaport! 

Oldaport class have been working hard in maths this week, learning how to solve both addition and subtraction problems, choosing when to use a written or mental method. In English, they have been studying lots of different biographies from their text Women in Science: 50 Pioneers Who Changed the World. They have been analysing the layout of the text and the vocabulary chosen, discussing the formality of the text. They have enjoyed learning about the different pioneers and are looking forward to writing their own biography about an inspirational person of their choice. 

In forest school, the children enjoyed collecting different colours leaves, twigs and flowers to create some art work. They worked really well together and had lots of fun exploring. Everyone had great fun despite the rain - thank you Mrs Readey! 

In PE with Miss Harris, the children have been focusing on their attacking and defending sills which they applied in a range of team games. It was really difficult to decide our star of the week - in the end, our star of the week was Ella, with Jaiden being a close runner up! A big well done to Victor too who was our star of the week last week. Well done, Oldaport - it's been a fab week! 


What will we be learning about this term?



In Oldaport class, homework will be set each Friday to be handed in the following Friday. Each week, there will be a piece of English, Maths and a Spelling task set to be completed at home. It is also expected that children read at home each night to build their fluency, comprehension and a love of reading. 

Sometimes additional project homework may be set with extended time for completion. 

We are experimenting with using Google Classrooms to set your child's homework on line from now on; please come and speak to me about any issues/challenges that you have with this. Thank you. 

Information about homework can also be found in your child's link book/ planner. 

Thurs 1st Oct - What have we been up to this week?

It has been another busy week in Oldaport class. On Monday, we had another fun forest school session where we learnt to tie different knots and then used this knowledge to help us make dens to shelter from the rain. It was a rainy session but that didn't dampen anyone's spirits! The children have enjoyed PE with Miss Harris as always; this week, they learnt some new games and enjoyed competing against each other in their houses to earn house points. We have been busy making internet safety posters this week, teaching others about how to stay safe online. In English, we have been writing our own poems based on our text I Am Cat; everyone's poem is individual and they are all fantastic! Well done, Oldaport! 

Friday 25th September: What have we been up to this week?

This week, Oldaport class have been having lots of fun with their learning. In PE, they had another great lesson with Miss Harris where they showed fantastic team work skills when playing End Zone. They also had another brilliant forest school session on Monday where they were using natural resources to build dens and enjoyed sliding down the hill. In Science, Oldaport have been learning about our circulatory system and the role that our heart plays in this. This week, they had lots of fun investigating how exercise affects our heart rate by measuring their pulse. I wonder if they can tell you what they found out... In English, the children have been learning about the different poetic devices that Jackie Morris uses in her poem I am Cat; they then experimented with using these devices themselves to describe different animals. It's been a lovely week - keep up the hard work, Oldaport! 

First week back

Oldaport class had a brilliant first week back at school. During PSHE, we have talked a lot about our feelings and mental health; we discussed how different circumstances can affect our feelings and how we can manage our emotions. We had an excellent first PE session with Miss Harris where they played mini games of bench ball. They also enjoyed their first music lesson with Miss Slyfield where they were learning about beats and rhythm. I wonder what they will be up to next week!