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Class Timetable - Autumn 1

Class Timetable - Autumn 1  1

What will we be learning about in Autumn 1? 



The Tear Thief -  To kick start the term, we will be immersing ourselves in this excellent story by Carol Ann Duffy where the thief works a special kind of magic, stealing the tears of children so that they have no need to cry anymore. This story is dreamy and poetic, with lots of clever grammatical devices used to draw in the reader. At the end of this sequence, the children will create their own story about a magical thief stealing an emotion of their choice! 


Animalium - This is a fantastic, non-fiction text that explores the animal kingdom in all its glory. We will be finding out about a wide array of animals and the habitat in which they live, whilst analysing the choices made by the author to engage us as readers. Throughout the sequence, we will be writing our own explanation texts about animals we have chosen, drawing upon the style of the author. At the end of the sequence, we will apply what we have learnt to write an explanation text linking with our science topic: Evolution. 



The Game of Survival - Our first science block of the year is called The Game of Survival, focusing on Evolution and Inheritance. The children will talk about: offspring, variation and inherited characteristics; explore how living things adapt to suit their environment; investigate fossils including what we can learn from them; discuss how living things have evolved over time; and find out about famous scientists Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace. 



To start off the year, we will be refreshing our knowledge of place value in number with a view to working with much larger numbers- up to 10 million! Once we have a secure knowledge of place value, we will be developing our calculation skills in all four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will have lots of opportunities to investigate, make connections and solve problems in contexts as we all learn together using the mastery approach. 



During the first term, we will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. The children will have the chance to find out about Anglo-Saxon invasions, settlements and kingdoms, place names and village life. They will also be studying the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor through investigating Viking Raids and invasions, resistance by Alfred the great and much more. 



In Art, we will be working on improving our mastery of art and design techniques through printing. We will be experimenting with using different techniques, including the use of poly-blocks, relief, mono and resist printing.  At the end of the term, the children will apply what they have learnt to create a masterpiece of their choice, showing off their skills. Keep your eye out here for our finished pieces!