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Moorsway Federation

Starting School at Moorsway Federation

We are looking forward to meeting all our new children on Wednesday 6th September. We believe that the children benefit from getting into their new school routine quickly and we have found that by half term all of our children have usually settled well . If your child has particular needs and you would like a more gradual transition, please speak to your child's class teacher about it and we will work together to plan your child’s transition .


Miss Gilberthorpe, Miss Aldridge, Mrs Moss and Mrs Boulton 

Joining Our Schools 

Starting school at Moorsway Federation is an opportunity for young minds to flourish and grow in an environment designed to nurture their intellectual and personal development. The federation's commitment to providing a holistic education ensures that every child is empowered with knowledge while also receiving the emotional support needed to thrive. As children step into the school's welcoming atmosphere, they embark on a journey where creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity are not only encouraged but celebrated. Moorsway Federation's dedicated teachers foster a sense of belonging, helping each student to flourish academically and emotionally, setting a strong foundation for a lifelong love of learning.