Welcome back to all the children returning to school.
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Cornwood C of E Primary School

Class 2

Welcome to the Class 2 page

Spring Term Learning information

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Joining Torbay and Devon choir performance

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Today the children joined 8000 others to perform the new Christmas song ‘Falling of a single flake’ . Enjoy!

Merry Christmas...Twas the night before Christmas part 1

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Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the classroom, the children were busy practising for our Christmas performances...!

Twas the night before Christmas...part 2

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And for our finale...! Twas the night before Christmas...part 3!

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More lovely videos still to come...stay tuned!


Over the last few weeks we have trialed online homework.  Many thanks to the parents who helped us with this trial.  We are now ready to roll it out to the whole class on a once a week basis.  On a Friday each child will be set a piece of online maths homework instead of it being put into your child's homework book.  They will have a week to complete this.


This will mean that they are only required to bring their homework book into school on their guided reading day.  If you have not been successful on accessing your child's online homework please let me know how I can help.

Many thanks.

Week beginning 5/10/2020

This week we have begun to look at our new text - 'Story Path' which allows us to create our own adventure story by piecing bits together.  The children had great fun choosing crazy characters, silly settings and odd objects.

Week beginning 28/9/2020

This week we have been very busy learning about place value.

We have new musical instruments!

Greek Day


Class Two had fun this week melting their wax and choosing a colour to finish off their Greek wax tablets which they will use on their Greek Day for one of their lessons.


Class two have had a busy week this week, they have practiced their French speaking and on Wednesday spent time reflecting on why we have Remembrance Day and made a poppy wreath.


Class two would like to thank Mrs Baker for the biscuits for their attendance award. They were very yummy!!!


Class two have been busy this week with group performances of parts of our new English book- the great fire of London. And putting together our final music performance with our Tamboos.




Class two have been practicing their times tables this week, we have been focusing on our 4 and 8 times tables and working out strategies to work out the ones we don’t know from the ones we do.  We have also run a science experiment seeing the effect of coke, diet coke, fruit juice, squash, water and milk on our teeth using egg shells



This week class 2 have been using their multiplication tables and the formal grid method they have learnt, to solve puzzles and problems.  We have investigated aliens, missing numbers and used some practical resources to show the answer in several ways.  Well done to all those who have also completed the learning at home and sent photos in to show your workings out.  Please keep them coming!


We have also been learning some new basketball skills in PE including how to dribble efficiently and how to throw accurately.  We practiced these core skills for some time! How have you got on with these skills at home?



This week class 2 have been learning how to manipulate clauses in sentences.  We have created sentences using adverbials and conjunctions and discussed how these can be re-ordered to sound better or worse.  Do you like the sentences we have created?


In geography and history we have learnt about the importance of the River Erme in Ivybridge.  We have charted it source from source to mouth on OS maps and then learnt about why the Stowford Mill was built right next to the river.  How did you get on at home with your map reading?



This week class 2 has been very busy both in and out of the classroom.  We were very excited to reach the ‘writing our own story’ part of our literacy sequence and have written a story similar to Little Evie and the Wild Wood.  Our stories are based on the short film called ‘The Girl and the Fox’.  We had great fun using the film and sound track to explore language and sentence structures.  We can’t wait to share our stories with people at home. Thank you to all those at home who have sent in their completed stories.  I have enjoyed reading them all.


This week class 2 have begun a study of letters through our new text called ‘Dr K Fisher: Animals’.  We have learnt some of the letters by heart (see Facebook and the website for the videos).  In PHSE we have also started a project about our families.  We have started by creating our family tree with all the important people in our lives on. Thank you to all of you at home who have sent me a photo of your lovely family trees.  In Science we started to research how animals are classified.  We learnt about vertebrates and invertebrates.  Everyone at home - do you know what this means from your research?  In history the children at home have written some excellent diary entries about being an evacuee and attending The Erme school during WW2.


This week we have had great fun learning about 4 figure grid references using treasure maps and large OS maps of the local area. We found the reference for where we live and also various other places in and around Ivybridge.


In DT and forest school this week we have used trial and error to make our own shelter out of inside and outside bits and pieces! Some were more successful than others but a lot of fun was had by all.  How did you get on at home with your model of a shelter? We were able to experiment with a full scale model? We would love to see the results...please send photos over half term for us to include in the newsletter in the new term.


This week class 2 have had lots of fun creating timelines of events that happened in Ivybridge and in England during WW1.  We have learned about Ivybridge’s contribution to the war effort in the form of troops and sandbags.


We have also had lots of fun entering the World Book Day CompetitionDo you like our character rolls?  Can you work out the characters we have turned our loo rolls into?


This week we have been improving our tennis skills.  We have specifically focused on accurate bouncing and hitting including trying to hit an increasing smaller target.  We found this quite tricky at first but with practice we became a lot better.  How did you get on at home?


We have also enjoyed lots of World Book Day activities including dressing up as our favourite characters and completing quizzes about books and films.