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Class 2

Welcome to the Class 2 page



Class 2 have had another super busy week with swimming, a trip and trying to squeeze in some lessons! We all very much enjoyed the trip and learned a lot about what the services are like in a synagogue, the history of Plymouth and how a group of animals can all be one species yet look vastly different. In swimming we have been practicing our grade 3 and 4 skills including retrieving things from the bottom of the pool without putting our feet down and rotating from our front to our back whilst swimming.


Class 2 have been very busy this week completing our NFER and multiplication tests!  The children in Year 4 did excellently at the multiplication test and were both mature about taking it and glad it was over and done with in equal measure!  In the afternoons we have learnt more about the different settlements in the Lake District and Brittany and in RE thought about how we would write our own 10 commandments to encourage people to live a good life and make the world a better place.  In science we learned about how sound travels by making our own telephones.


This week class 2 have been rather busy!  We loved every minute of sports day and everyone worked really well in their house teams to earn as many points and certificates as they could.  In geography we have begun our comparison of the Lake district in England and Brittany in France.  We studied the difference in land height by using Google Earth and the similarities and differences in weather, vegetation and town using pictures from each area. In maths we have been problem solving with 3D shapes and learning about different types of angle.


This week Class 2 have been super busy both in the swimming pool and on dry land!  In maths sessions we have been problem solving with 3D shapes by creating our own next to copy a sculpture made of different 3D shapes.  We have also been solving problems such as 'Are all 3D shapes prisms?'.  In swimming we have begun to learn the coordination skills for front crawl as well as have some fun with a lama, flamingo and 2 seals (our new inflatables!)


This week Class 2 have been very busy finishing off this term’s projects.  In RE we have been thinking about the importance of friendship and community and how the church for Christians can be at the heart of their community.  We have thought about how events run by the church are designed to make the community feel 'loved' just like Jesus showed love for his followers.  In history we have completed our project on 'Crime and Punishment' by learning about how the national police force was started during WW2.  This has helped us to understand the changes in how crime was punished between the Anglo-Saxon period and today.


This Half term, Class 2 have been looking at the work of Louise Bourgeois in Art.  They have been inspired by her large-scale sculptures of spiders, entitled 'Maman'.  We wanted to share some of their amazing monoprints and sculptures resulting from the project.  The spider sculptures will be completed after half term. 

Great work Class 2 artists!



This week class 2 have been very busy.  On Monday in science we learnt how to make a device that allowed us to safely look in the sky near the sun.  We recycled our cereal boxes into sun viewers!  On Tuesday we continued our Ukelele lessons by learning some new chords and on Wednesday we took part in a Guinness World Record breaking attempt to have the most number of children participating in times tables chanting and...we broke the record!  This was to celebrate national Numeracy Day.


This week, after welcoming the Year 4's back from the residential and hearing all their fun stories about the cool activities they got to try, Class 2 have been very busy starting off some new topics and completing existing ones.  In English we have begun to study the amazing book 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'.  It is designed to be read like a comic with beautifully detailed pictures and twists in the story on every page.  The children have enjoyed studying the pictures for those details and creating their own page in the same style.  In maths we have been learning about money this week and practiced adding it up, finding change and problem solving with it.  In the afternoons we have begun to make our entries for the Cornwood Show.


This week the year 3's had a very quiet end to the week!  With the year 4's away on residential we took the opportunity to complete some fun activities to reinforce some of the year 3 objectives and in English design our own comics in the style of the book in our next teaching sequence which is called 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'.  In maths we practiced finding the perimeter on a larger scale and then problem solving with this skill. In the afternoons we began to design and make our competitions for the Cornwood show which involved some very careful sewing!

Spring Term


Class 2 have had a busy week squeezing in the finishing off of all our topics between the lovely Easter traditions we have.  They very much enjoyed the Easter Egg rolling and have been very excited to show you what they have learnt about World Easter Traditions during the Easter Service.  In class we have finished off our RE topic about Christians' beliefs in the resurrection of Jesus and how it affects the way they live their lives.  We read and thought about famous quotes that are both for and against the idea of a second life in heaven and then visited the church yard to see how quotes about a peaceful afterlife are incorporated onto headstones and into church services.



In class 2 this week we have been experimenting in lots of different ways.  In English lessons we have been experimenting with sentence order and discussing the purpose of fronted adverbials.  We have practiced re-arranging sentences to put the adverbial information at the start of the sentences and discussed the effect.  In maths we have been experimenting with weight and capacity.  We have practiced reading different scales and comparing containers to help us with our estimation skills.


Class 2 have had a lovely week enjoying the glorious sunshine both at play/lunch time and during our forest school session.  We use some of the session to practice our measuring skills which is our new topic in maths.  In maths sessions this week we have learnt how to accurately measure small items, convert units of measure and solve puzzles.  In literacy we have begun to study a new text called 'Dare to Care for a Pet Dragon' and we have had lots of fun learning about how we might look after a dragon and asking a 'dragon expert' questions to clarify our understanding.


Class 2 have had a very busy week completing lots of projects and starting new ones.  In English we started our final write about intriguing wild animals using the chromebooks and in Maths we have reviewed everything we have learnt about fractions and decimals.  In computing we have been learning all about how the internet works.  We had great fun this week learning about the role of a router in a network and how it makes decisions about where to send data and which is the quickest route.


On Monday, Class 2 received a bag of rocks from Jacob's dad, Steve, who is a geologist. The children worked in groups to set up fair tests to try to identify the rocks using investigations of hardness, permeability and reaction to vinegar (acid). This helped Class 2 to say whether the rocks may be igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic. Steve also sent in equipment to break open the rocks to look for any indicators such as crystals or layers.
Thanks Steve and well done Class 2!


Class 2 have been super busy this week both finishing off from the abrupt ending to last term and starting their new topics.  In geography we have begun to think about what we know about maps and how they help us to find our way around.  In maths we have been learning about 'tenths' and how we can create them by cutting something in 10 pieces.  We have learnt to add/subtract them, count them, problem solve with them and the Year 4's have also learnt how to write them as decimals.  On World Book Day we had a competition to design the front cover of our class which is about intriguing animals.  The designs were all fabulous as you can see!


This week Class 2 has been investigating conductors and insulators in Science. They tested different materials in a complete circuit to see if electricity would flow to light up a bulb.  Our results showed all metals we tested were conductors and glass, ceramic, wood and rubber were insulators. Well done scientists!    In Art, the children have been learning about the work of architect John Foulston and his Egyptian inspired building, Old Fellows Hall, in Plymouth.  They have learnt about perspective in drawing and how to use watercolour finishes in their own architectural drawings.  Their work has been amazing!


Class 2 have had a very lovely week starting with creating their own versions of Cinderella, set in a different place or time and ending with Number Day! In English we created stories set in space or under the sea where characters would lose coral sandals or moon was super to see the creativity of each child.  Also in RE this week we have learnt about what Kosher food is and why it is so important to Jewish people that the food they consume is Kosher.  We designed a breakfast, lunch and dinner for a Jewish friend if they were to visit our house.


Class 2 have been extra busy this week, especially in forest school where we have practised our geography mapping skills by following a route through Cornwood using a map and looking around at the land features.  In RE we have been learning about the way Jewish people view God and comparing it to how Christians and Muslims worship.  In history we have added to our understanding of how Pompeii was destroyed in 79AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted by creating a chronological time-line of the 2 days the volcano was active for.


This week class 2 have been super busy.  We have started our new music topic which involved the very exciting...but very noisy experimentation with African drums.  We learned how to handle them safely, how to play them in different ways and then in groups experimented with a 'call and response' style game.  We have also continued our history topic learning about how different sources/viewpoints are needed to create an accurate picture of an historical event.  In learning about the destruction of Pompeii we have learnt that the 1 surviving account is not enough to definitely say what did or didn't happen!



Class 2 have been busy this week brushing up on their times-table strategies and playing games and completing activities to help us learn the tables we don't know yet.  In English we have begun our study of alternative versions of the story Cinderella by reading and unpicking the similarities between the version we know and the Egyptian version called 'Cinderella of the Nile'. We had a great time ordering pictures of the story chronologically and verbally retelling the story.


Welcome back! I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.  Thankyou to all the parents and children who bought myself, Mrs Cook or Mrs Goldsmith a Christmas present...they were all great!

This week we have settled the class back into a routine and started off some of our new topics. Information about these will come home later next week.  We also have completed our Science topic from last term by creating our own mini 'water cycle in a bag' to observe the effects of temperature on water (evaporation and condensation).

Autumn Term 2021

Welcome back! Class 2 have started the term well by confidently coming in and settling back into school. The new Year 4’s have been very supportive in helping and explaining things to the new Year 3’s who have coped really well with the change of teacher and classroom.  We have bonded as a class really quickly and so are now raring to go with the curriculum next week.


Class 2 have been extra busy this week trying to both finish off all of our learning sequences and squeeze in some lovely Christmas activities. On Monday we made these lovely woolly hat decorations for the tree and enjoyed meeting a local author.  On Wednesday we all enjoyed our Christmas meal and the entertainer.  On Thursday we had our party and ate, drank and danced until we were was great fun.  Thank you to the parents who kindly donated some party food for us to enjoy.  After a very busy week, Class 2 and I would like to wish you a very 'Merry Christmas' and hope to see you healthy and refreshed in the new year. Mrs Egcombe-Yuill


Class 2 have been extra busy this winding down for xmas for us just yet!  We have performed our play to 3 lovely audiences and enjoyed every minute of it.  It was so exciting to see you all in school again and thank you for wearing a mask to keep us safe and for taking the stage blocks back for us at the end of the performances.  Today we had an excellent time exploring Ancient Egypt.  Thank you parents for the lovely costumes especially those who now don't have any bedding on their beds!  We enjoyed learning how to write in hieroglyphics, cooking and sampling Egyptian foods and learning how to mummify each other. It was certainly a memorable day for the children.


This week Class 2 have been investigating how to create an animation using our ipads and a new app called Imotion.  It was great fun designing scenery and characters to fit in with our Egyptian theme.  The class are very much looking forward to our Egyptian Day next Friday (10th) so please make sure you have a costume ready and have sent in a donation of £1 towards the food sampling that we plan to do.  In maths we have been learning how to solve puzzles and problems using accurate column addition or subtraction.  We have learnt about how to exchange numbers across columns if there's too many or too few to easily complete the calculation.


Class 2 has been really busy this week getting stuck into learning all about their new English text called 'How Santa really works'.  We have learnt part of the text and turned it into actions and generated lots of questions we'd like to ask Santa about how he makes all of our lovely presents.  In computing we have continued with our animation project by taking lots of still pictures and stringing them together using the Ipads.  We have learnt alot about how animators have to draw many, many pictures to make a short amount of film.


This week Class 2 have been recapping some key skills in maths such as finding the difference and counting over important number boundaries accurately.  We have also learnt, in history, about Egyptian Gods and Pharaohs.  On Thursday we had a great time in our recycling workshop learning about materials that can and can't be recycled.


This week Class 2 have been diving into their new English text called 'Grendel: A cautionary tale about chocolate!' We have enjoyed learning the story by heart, performing the speech in small groups and thinking about the idea that the characters may be thinking one thing but saying another.  We have also started our animation project by creating flip books and then applying what we leant for that to creating a mini animation using photographs taken on the ipads.


This week class 2 have been very busy with our new RE topic of 'Freedom and Justice'.  Discussing these concepts brought up some interesting prior knowledge and we had a very mature conversation including discussing the impact of slavery and the suffragette movement.  We have also started preparation for our Gym competition and our Christmas play.  Thank you to those parents who helped or encouraged their children to learn their lines over the half term holiday.


Class 2 have had a busy week this week finishing off some of our subjects ready to start art week next week. We have completed our work on mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes by learning about what causes earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt and where the most dangerous ones are.  We have also completed our work on what life is like as a Muslim by looking at how they use the Qur'an (their holy book) to guide their life choices alongside the 5 pillars.  We were all fascinated to discover that the book is read right to left and not left to right like English. We also added to our knowledge wall.



This week Class 2 have been really busy with a range of exciting activities.  We have begun to try to play a tune using the steel pans...which is easier said than done as we discovered there are lots of notes missing!  We have also had lots of fun concluding our project on mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes by building our own volcanoes in forest school.  We had lots of fun creating a magma chamber and filling it with ingredients that simulated an eruption!


Well what a week it has been! Class 2 have been super busy with some of our afternoon subjects including making posters to show what we have learnt about the 5 pillars of islam and managing our excitement at being able to get out and have our first try at the steel pans that have been sent to us from the music service.  We have also learnt about the 4 layers of the Earth and made a model out of salt dough ( you may have seen these come home and wondered what they were!) which helped us understand which layers are solid and which are liquid and that the crust that we live on is broken into many techtonic plates.  This feeds into our learning about earthquakes and volcanoes in the coming weeks. Sadly our forest school session had to be postponed this week so next week we will try to have a forest school day and catch up.  Please send wet forest school kit and wellies next Thursday.


This week Class 2 have been very busy investigating place value in maths.  We have used number lines and place value counters to make 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers and learn about the importance of '0' as a place holder. In English we have been trying to 'think like an animal' after studying Michelle Pavers 'Lost' and 'Wolf Brother'.  We have learnt lots of new vocabulary related to wolves and dogs which some of us have experimented with in our own writing.



This week class 2 have been very busy recapping and revising what we learnt from last year to refresh our memories and provide us with a good foundation to add new learning to.  In English we have been predicting the ending to stories about hope.  We have read lots of different stories with animal characters and discussed how animals, particularly pets, can bring us hope and happiness when we are feeling sad or lonely.  In Maths we have been recapping reading and writing numbers accurately and then building them with different images before placing them as accurately as possible on a number line.  It has really challenged our place value knowledge!

Summer Term 2021


Class 2 have had a nice final week of term starting with a water fight and ending with a class party.  We have enjoyed the super weather and spent as much time as was safe outside.  On Monday we couldn’t swim so we decided to get as wet as we could on the field by having a water fight and it only took 10 minutes to soak the lot of us. Much fun was had by all and it did the job of cooling us all down. On Wednesday we had our class party with party games and an ice cream sundae.  It was great!  Thank you to all the Class 2 parents for your continued support during this tricky year. I hope you have a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing the children return well rested in September.  Mrs Edgcombe-Yuill


Wow! Hasn’t this week been a busy one?! No winding down towards the end of term for us! This week class 2 have enjoyed a sunny sports day and finding out the winner of our class potato challenge. We had lots of fun on Wednesday with races in the pool, obstacle courses and a lovely picnic lunch on the field. It was great to see so many of you lovely parents able to join us again in at least a partial return to normality. Fingers crossed we can do a full sports day next year🤞🏼! On potato weighing day some of the children bought back very heavy buckets and some brought back empty ones with sad stories of dead plants or flooded buckets. Despite the mixed results, as a class we had lots of fun working out our winners and collecting the potatoes to turn into something yummy. 



This week Class 2 have been very busy learning how to gather data that can be presented in different ways. We have learnt how to draw pictograms where 1 picture can represent 2 or more people and how to draw accurate bar graphs - which proves to be trickier than it sounds! Here are some for you to see. We also had great fun learning new things about each other while completing the initial surveying including our favourite pets, drinks and biscuits. In literacy we have completed our study of similes by creating some that act like adverbials and some that act like descriptive phrases. Can you see which is which?



This week class 2 have been very busy setting up our science experiment to observe how the parts of a plant grow to support it with its life processes. We have also studied the process that determines if something is alive or not which is called MRS GREN.  We had an interesting discussion about how a plant might ‘move’ or ‘excrete’ which demonstrated some good logical thinking around the subject. In music we have also begun the practical part of our topic...we very much enjoyed getting out the instruments to put into practice the new learning we have done so far!



This week class 2 have enjoyed being creative. In English we have created our own conversations between characters using speech marks, in maths we have created symmetrical patterns using colour and shape and in art we have been collaging! Do you like our beautiful collages of rivers and other bodies of water? We have progressed from using paint in the pointillism style to experimenting with 3D effects.


We have also had 3 productive swimming lessons even though the weather has not been that great over the last week.  Swimming is always the highlight of the week no matter the weather as our lovely pool is always nice and warm and once we’ve warmed up we barely notice the rain!



This week we have dived into our new text called Firebird. It is a fantastic quest story full of lovely pictures and vocabulary for us to learn. We enjoyed predicting what the story will be about using the pictures that were painted by the author to accompany the story and have begun to unpick and learn some of the rich vocabulary it contains to use in our own work. In maths this week we have been studying the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We enjoyed making various 3D shapes with play dough and discussing how many edges, faces and vertices they have.



This week Class 2 has been enjoying being in the swimming pool for the first time in 2 years! In fact some of us have been swimming 4 times!!  It is great to see them all back to loving being in the water and we will continue to work on water confidence and swimming skills as we work towards our new awards.  In PHSE this week we have been focusing on how to have a good night's sleep by creating a positive wind down bedtime routine. This is linked to our ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ learning and helps us to be the best people we can be.  We have also updated our spiritually book by reflecting on the importance of showing each other respect.  How to show respect in a variety of ways promoted an excellent discussion about how to treat other people as you would want to be treated.



This week class 2 have been very busy finishing off several projects ready for a well earned half term holiday.  In Computing we have been testing out debugging skills by programming a character to move around and perform certain tasks in our Minecraft world.  We all discovered it much harder than it looks and definitely tested our basic skills like left and right!

In Maths we have been learning to tell the time which is another quite tricky skill.  It would be very helpful if you could continue practicing telling the time on analogue and digital clocks over the half term to reinforce what we have learnt this week.



This week class 2 have been learning about the amazing achievements of some of the most famous women in history. We have learnt about how Marie Curie discovered x-rays, how Mary Anning discovered whole dinosaur skeletons and how Rosa Parks stood up for equal sitting down. We have been amazed by the perseverance and bravery some of the women we have learnt about showed. Class 2 now have to research their own famous person and their unique achievements for homework in preparation for writing their own biography after half term.



This week we have been very busy on our new English topic. We have started to learn about biography by looking at the book ‘ Fantastically Great Women who Changed the world!’  By looking at how the book is laid out we have revised chronology and how we need to write in the order things happen in a person's life. We found this very tricky during our Elicitation Task where we tried to write a biography about Barack Obama.



This week despite it only being 4 days long class 2 have been super busy.  In maths we have been weighing items on different types of scales.  Looking at different scales with different increments really improved our number understanding! In geography we having been learning about erosion in rivers by creating our own mini river in a tray.  Also we have learnt about precipitation, evaporation and condensation within the water cycle. 


Class 2 had an excellent trip to Dewerstone this week and enjoyed every minute of it.  We had lovely weather and admired the spectacular scenery while completing adventurous activities that got our blood pumping and our faces dirty!  We scaled an enormous tree, balanced across a river, scrambled through an underground tunnel and finished it all off with a mud bath that was washed off in the stream.  All in all an excellent day out!



This week has been a busy week.  We have spent lots of time exploring our lovely new spiritually garden and enjoyed playing out in the sunshine.  In maths we have begun our study of measure by learning how to use a ruler accurately to measure in mm/cm/m and then apply this to finding the perimeter of squares and rectangles.  In literacy we have begun our study of a book called ‘The River’ which links nicely with our geography study of the water cycle

Spring Term 2021

Happy Easter! Thank you PTA!

Happy Easter!

We hope you enjoy our retelling of the Easter Story and have a nice Easter.

The Easter Story

Still image for this video


Class two this week have been busy finishing off their work. Today they have had Easter fun and found out why the PTA have been asking for old welly boots when they have each planted a sunflower in their boot. We look forward to seeing pictures of the sunflowers in the boots when they are grown.


This week we have been getting very creative with both our story writing and our cooking skills.  We have learned how to create parts of an exciting story by adding noun phrases, adverbials and speech in English in preparation to write our own story next week.  In Dt we have sampled, designed and made our own unique types of bread.  Unique is definitely the word as some contained ingredients such as M&M’s, skittles or dried apricots!



Children in Class 2 have been exploring what a census is, as part of the 'Let's Count' project.  They were able to look at the statistics showing ages of children in Cornwood and Sparkwell ward for 2001 and 2011 and compare them and even predict what might happen in the 2021 census..  Some children were delighted that they would have been included in the 2011 census for children aged 0-4.  Using this data, they were able to generate pie charts and bar graphs to show rises and falls in the number of children.


 Don't forget it is National Census Day on Sunday 21 March where every household is required to complete the 2021 census.


This week has been the best week of all...being able to see all our friends again! Many of the children practically fell through the door in an effort to be with their friends as quickly as possible. It was lovely to see all their smiling faces and once they started sharing all their lock down stories they couldn’t stop! Class 2 in particular didn’t run out of things to share for at least the first 2 days!  


This week as it’s in effect the start of a new term for so many of our class we have completed tasks and lessons designed to settle everyone back into rountine and support everyone’s mental health.  We have been outside as much as possible playing tennis or in the forest school area and completing mindfulness activities alongside prepping for our Mothers Day performance! (Please see Facebook or the website)



This week we have been improving our tennis skills.  We have specifically focused on accurate bouncing and hitting including trying to hit an increasing smaller target.  We found this quite tricky at first but with practice we became a lot better.  How did you get on at home?


We have also enjoyed lots of World Book Day activities including dressing up as our favourite characters and completing quizzes about books and films.


This week class 2 have had lots of fun creating timelines of events that happened in Ivybridge and in England during WW1.  We have learned about Ivybridge’s contribution to the war effort in the form of troops and sandbags.


We have also had lots of fun entering the World Book Day CompetitionDo you like our character rolls?  Can you work out the characters we have turned our loo rolls into?


This week we have had great fun learning about 4 figure grid references using treasure maps and large OS maps of the local area. We found the reference for where we live and also various other places in and around Ivybridge.


In DT and forest school this week we have used trial and error to make our own shelter out of inside and outside bits and pieces! Some were more successful than others but a lot of fun was had by all.  How did you get on at home with your model of a shelter? We were able to experiment with a full scale model? We would love to see the results...please send photos over half term for us to include in the newsletter in the new term.


This week class 2 have begun a study of letters through our new text called ‘Dr K Fisher: Animals’.  We have learnt some of the letters by heart (see Facebook and the website for the videos).  In PHSE we have also started a project about our families.  We have started by creating our family tree with all the important people in our lives on. Thank you to all of you at home who have sent me a photo of your lovely family trees.  In Science we started to research how animals are classified.  We learnt about vertebrates and invertebrates.  Everyone at home - do you know what this means from your research?  In history the children at home have written some excellent diary entries about being an evacuee and attending The Erme school during WW2.


This week class 2 has been very busy both in and out of the classroom.  We were very excited to reach the ‘writing our own story’ part of our literacy sequence and have written a story similar to Little Evie and the Wild Wood.  Our stories are based on the short film called ‘The Girl and the Fox’.  We had great fun using the film and sound track to explore language and sentence structures.  We can’t wait to share our stories with people at home. Thank you to all those at home who have sent in their completed stories.  I have enjoyed reading them all.


This week class 2 have been learning how to manipulate clauses in sentences.  We have created sentences using adverbials and conjunctions and discussed how these can be re-ordered to sound better or worse.  Do you like the sentences we have created?


In geography and history we have learnt about the importance of the River Erme in Ivybridge.  We have charted it source from source to mouth on OS maps and then learnt about why the Stowford Mill was built right next to the river.  How did you get on at home with your map reading?



This week class 2 have been using their multiplication tables and the formal grid method they have learnt, to solve puzzles and problems.  We have investigated aliens, missing numbers and used some practical resources to show the answer in several ways.  Well done to all those who have also completed the learning at home and sent photos in to show your workings out.  Please keep them coming!


We have also been learning some new basketball skills in PE including how to dribble efficiently and how to throw accurately.  We practiced these core skills for some time! How have you got on with these skills at home?



Autumn Term 2020

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Joining Torbay and Devon choir performance

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Today the children joined 8000 others to perform the new Christmas song ‘Falling of a single flake’ . Enjoy!

Merry Christmas...Twas the night before Christmas part 1

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Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the classroom, the children were busy practising for our Christmas performances...!

Twas the night before Christmas...part 2

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And for our finale...! Twas the night before Christmas...part 3!

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Class two have been practicing their times tables this week, we have been focusing on our 4 and 8 times tables and working out strategies to work out the ones we don’t know from the ones we do.  We have also run a science experiment seeing the effect of coke, diet coke, fruit juice, squash, water and milk on our teeth using egg shells



Class two have been busy this week with group performances of parts of our new English book- the great fire of London. And putting together our final music performance with our Tamboos.


This week we have begun to look at our new text - 'Story Path' which allows us to create our own adventure story by piecing bits together.  The children had great fun choosing crazy characters, silly settings and odd objects.

Class two have had a busy week this week, they have practiced their French speaking and on Wednesday spent time reflecting on why we have Remembrance Day and made a poppy wreath.


Class two would like to thank Mrs Baker for the biscuits for their attendance award. They were very yummy!!!


Class Two had fun this week melting their wax and choosing a colour to finish off their Greek wax tablets which they will use on their Greek Day for one of their lessons.

Greek Day

We have new musical instruments!

Week beginning 5/10/2020

Week beginning 28/9/2020

This week we have been very busy learning about place value.