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Curriculum Statement

EYFS Overview

KS1 Long Term Overview

KS2 Long Term Overview

Curriculum Progression

Spring Term 


Key Learning

Spring 1


KS1:Forest school- Children will be learning skills associated with the outdoors: cutting, carving, weaving, building and fire safety.


Attack, defend and Shoot- During the first half the children will be learning the skills to attack, defend and shoot. They will practise basic movement and engage in competitive activities- thinking about way to refine body control and equipment


LKS2: Athletics and Volley ball- Within these units children will focus on controlled movements in response to instructions. Demonstrate agility, speed and coordination. Throw and hit a ball with accuracy.


UKS2: Rounders- In rounders, children will work collaboratively with a team to choose, use and adapt rules in the game.


Athletics- They will sustain pace over a short and longer distance. Run as part of a relay term and perform jumps and throws 



Spring 2:


KS1:Gymnastics -  Children will perform basic gymnastic sequences. Thinking about showing control when doing actions and performing  sequence which will include spins, rolls and begin to link them


LKS2: Forest school- Children will be learning skills associated with the outdoors: cutting, carving, weaving, building and fire safety


Handball: To develop and stop attacks by blocking. Pass and move with the ball to set up attacks within a game situation. 


UKS2: Gymnastics - In gymnastics, they will demonstrate accuracy, consistency and clarity in movement. Arrange their own apparatus to enhance work. 


Orienteering- To use information given by others to complete tasks and work collaboratively. To take responsibility for a role with a team. 




Autumn 2023


Key Learning

KS1 Gymnastics- Children will use simple gymnastics actions and shapes. Apply basic strength to gymnastic actions. Begin to carry apparatus. Recognise the actions and link them.


Attack, Defend and Shoot: Children will practise basic movements, including running, jumping etc and begin to engage in competitive activities.


LKS2: Handball- Children will show basic passing and catching skills. Learn basic defensive techniques. Implement the rules of handball.


Gymnastics- Children will modify actions independently using different pathways, directions and shapes. Consolidate and improve movements and gymnastic actions.


UKS2: Gymnastics - The children will be developing key elements to include in a sequence, including round-offs, rolls, symmetrical and asymmetrical balances. At the end of the unit they will work in groups to create and perform a sequence including all of these elements.



Autumn 2

KS1: Hit, Catch, Run- Children will be able to hit objects with a hand or bat. Track and retrieve a rolling ball. Throw and catch a variety of balls and objects.


Send and Return-  Children are able to send an object with increased confidence using hand or bat. Move towards a moving ball to return. Sending and returning a variety of balls.


LKS2- Tag Rugby- Children will handle a rugby ball with confidence. Evade attack using footwork and body control. Link skills to perform as a team.


0AA- Children will describe their work and use different strategies to solve problems. Lead others and be led. 


UKS2 Tag Rugby- Children will combine basic tag rugby skills such as catching and quickly passing gin one movement. Begin to play effectively when attaching and defending.


Tennis- They will be introduced to volley shots and overhead shots. Apply new shots into game situations.