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Moorsway Federation


Over the last 12 months, we have been working on a joint vision. It is important for us to have a cohesive approach to how we all feel about our Federation. Through asking parents, pupils and staff we discovered that we do have this, with many similar comments being made throughout our schools.

After much discussion we have decided on the Moorsway Federation vision.  We believe we are:


‘A family where we flourish and learn to be the best version of ourselves’


We are committed to our children learning on their own personal journey, within an inclusive community that respects one another, while offering a hand of friendship to support, nurture and build relationships.


During this half term, we will deliver this message to the children of our Federation through assemblies, collective worship and PSHE lessons. We will allow the children time to reflect on how they are part of the journey in respecting and being tolerant of others.


What does our vision mean to us?


'A family where we flourish and learn to be the best versions of ourselves.'


- We believe at the Moorsway Federation we are one big family, where we are inclusive, nurturing and all children know that they are valued to achieve their best. 


- We want children to flourish into the best version of themselves, where we inspire, encourage and support them on their personal journey to adulthood. This will help them to achieve their full potential and have the confidence and skills to meet the challenges of the future. 


- We believe that the opportunities that we offer children through competitions, residentials, trips and our broad and engaging curriculum will allow them to grow to their full potential. 


- We want the children to feel safe and take responsibility for their learning and understand that we can learn through our mistakes. 





Christian links

As part of the Christian ethos at Cornwood C of E Primary school we have worked with an Ethos working party made up of staff, governors and members of our church community to link this to our church values. We have chosen the story 'The Two House'. This story is about building Foundations for life.


The Two Houses 


Jesus was telling a story. Everyone was listening. They were out on the hillside close to the lake. 


Once upon a time, there were two men. One man said: "I want to build a house. I'll build it on the rock: that's a good, safe place." So he dug and dug, down to the rock, and he built his house there. 


Then the rain fell and the wind blew and the floods came ......... 

But his house stood safe on the rock. 


"If you listen to me, and do as I say," Jesus said, "you are like that man."


The other man said: "I want to build a house. I'll Build it on the sand, where it's easy to dig." His house was soon built. 


Then the rain fell and the wind blew and the floods came ........

And his house fell down with a CRASH!


"If you listen to me, but forget what I say," Jesus said, "you are like that man."


Jesus' special friends sat close, as he told them the secrets of God's Kingdom:


"God blesses the people who know that they need him: they belong to God's Kingdom. God blesses those who are sad: he will comfort them. God blesses those who want to do right: he will give them what they want. God blesses those who mend quarrels: they will be called God's children, because they are like him."


"Long ago," Jesus said, "God told his people the best way to live. This is what you must do:"


"Love your enemies, 

not just your friends. 

Be kind to everyone, and share. 

Be as nice to other people

as you want them to be to you. 

For God takes care of everyone, 

nice and nasty, good and bad."


The hot sun shone on the blue lake. The wild flowers in the grass glowed bright as jewels. Birds hopped close, hoping for crumbs. But the grown-ups were worries. They didn't have much money. 

"What are we going to eat? The children were hungry.  And what are we going wear - our clothes are worn out?" They couldn't stop worrying. 


"There's no need to worry!" Jesus said to them. 

"Just look around you. God gives the birds their food. And see those flowers! Could anyone have more beautiful clothes?"

"If God looks after the birds and the flowers, he's sure to look after you. You matter so much more to him."


"Forget your worries. Love God and do as he wants. And God will give you what you really need."



We believe in the Moorsway Federation, that by creating solid foundations, children are able to flourish in life.