Welcome back to all the children returning to school.
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Cornwood C of E Primary School

Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

Autumn Term


This week we have been exploring pneumatics and hydraulics for our DT project. We looked at how gases and liquids can be used to operate different things we use everyday. On Wednesday, we created our own hydraulic propagators out of plastic bottles, tubing, syringes and dowling. We had to think about how we could get our propagator to stand and how to fit the syringes in.


This week in Class 3 we have been exploring our geography  volcanoes. We looked at how volcanoes are formed through movement of tectonic plates and then created a model of a composite volcano, labelled the key features and how the volcano had been formed. This has linked well to our harvest festival topic of harvesting near volcanoes, which we have equally enjoyed researching this past week. 


This week Class 3 have been continuing to explore the book The Tear Thief. We investigated how the author had used speech in her book, thinking about the purpose of the vocabulary she has used. We even started to plan our own class story based on the book but ours is called the blush thief! We thought of some funny reasons why someone might end up blushing. 


This week Class 3 have been talking about strategies for supporting our mental health in PSHE. We have also been mapping Mount Snowdon in our geography topic of mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes. We have looked at symbols on an OS map for key places on the mountain. 


This week in Class 3, we have been learning about place value in our maths lessons. We needed to identify and represent the value of each digit in large numbers using a place value grid and counters. In PE, we had to create our own obstacle courses. We did this, making them incredibly challenging, not realising we would then have to complete them blindfolded! It was a lot of fun!

Class 3 have had a great first few days back to school. They have been settling in well to their new roles and responsibilities, as the oldest children in the school. They have already worked incredibly hard on their story writing and everyone has made interesting contributions to our class discussions. Well done Class 3!

Summer Term


We have had an amazing last week together in Class 3. We’ve been swimming, partied, played games and performed our leavers service. It has been a well deserved week of fun. Our favourite moments from this week included swimming in our pyjamas and dancing all together in the classroom. Good luck to all the Year 6s. We will miss you!


Class 3 have been covering electricity in science this term. This week they explored circuit components. They tried creating circuits using a potato and a lemon and even created a battery powered circuit game which we have enjoyed in our class all week!


Class 3 had their pool party on Monday. Unfortunately the weather did not hold out for us but we weren't going to let that stop us! We swam, mostly in the rain, and had an incredible party filled with music and games. We ate hot dogs and most importantly had a fantastic couple of hours celebrating all the hard work we've put in this year.



This week in maths Class 3 have been investigating volume and capacity. On Wednesday, we set up inventions using multi link cubes for volume. This included estimating the volume of the classroom, calculating the volume of a cube and various boxes. On Thursday, we completed a whole-class investigation into estimating capacity using cups of water to fill vessels such as a tray, jug and cup. 


This week in Class 3, we have been creating our own music. We looked at the difference between crotchets and quavers. In groups, we created our own short piece which highlighted the difference between crotchets and quavers. Some groups added melodies to their piece and even had a conductor. 


This week Class 3 had an exciting trip to Wembury. We met the wonderful Marine Centre team to explore the life and habitats of the rock pools. We had an amazing time with them: finding lots of crabs, shrimps, anemones, limpets, gobies and starfish! We made sure to be careful when lifting rocks and handling the creatures we found. For the rest of the day we did some pebble art, splashed in the sea and had some ice-creams. It was a fantastic day full of fun!


This week class 3 have been practising how to order in French. They started by making their own menus and then roleplaying how to order food and drink. The waiter would ask vous desirez madame/ monsieur and then the customers began their order with je voudrais. The class had a fun afternoon role playing these situations and we had some very interesting orders. At one point the restaurant completely ran out of pizza and tea because so much had been ordered!


This week Class 3 have had a fantastic time swimming in the rain and sunshine. They have done a fantastic job of demonstrating their water confidence and swimming skills.

In English, we have been getting to know our new text: The Secret Garden. They got to watch the most recent film on Tuesday, to understand how the story had been condensed into the version we are studying over the next few weeks. We then story mapped the events and even wrote a book review as part of our immersion into the text. 



This week Class 3 continued their learning on The River Erme in geography. They completed a research enquiry and formulated their own questions such as: Does the River Erme have a meander? How long does the River Erme flow from source to mouth? How fast does the River Erme flow at certain points? How is the river used by humans? They presented their research on a double page spread and the results looked incredible!


This week in Class 3 we have been continuing to experiment with our pointillism studies in art. Over the past few weeks we have been looking at different pointillist artists and how they create their landscapes. We have experimented with colour and sketching and are now using these skills to begin planning our own landscapes such as: deserts, mountains, Penn Beacon, Plymouth Hoe and Slade. 


Class 3 have been thoroughly enjoying cricket sessions on a Friday. We got to play a cricket match and enjoyed lots of team building games for our warm up. The adults have been very impressed by our teamwork, creativity, resilience, respect and self motivation whilst learning how to play. We just have to keep our fingers crossed each week that it isn't pouring with rain on Friday afternoon! 


This week Class 3 have been working incredibly hard to create their own secret war diaries. We have been reading My Secret War diary by Flossie Albright in English. We have explored in depth all the writing devices used by the author (Marcia Williams) and now applied these to our own writing. The class created a double page spread made up of daily entries, newspaper articles, letters, photographs and recipes. They have produced some outstanding examples of war diaries and have really thought about the experience of children who were growing up during the second world war. 


This week Class 3 have worked hard on their new geography topic of the River Erme. They researched how rivers change over time through erosion, deposition, transportation and sediment. They researched how this happened using the chromebooks and brought their research together to create a class poster. 


Our trip to Dewerstone was incredible on Wednesday. We got to do 12 exciting activities in an adventure race. Some of which were brand new to the site. It involved a lot of climbing, crawling, wading and teamwork. We had lots of fun and ended our day with pizza and ice cream. We all slept well on Wednesday night after a long jam-packed day!


This week Class 3 enjoyed getting stuck into their Geography learning based on rivers. They learned about the different parts of rivers and then constructed their own versions out of junk modelling materials. We were lucky with the sunshine, so took them outside to test whether they worked effectively. 


Class 3 had a week full of Easter fun. We have especially enjoyed making our Easter cards. We came up with lots of different designs and patterns to make the outline of the cross. We also created an Easter quiz for everyone to enjoy, which you can find on our Cornwood Facebook page if you want to have a go! 


This week Class 3 have been keeping a close eye on their science investigation. They have been observing what conditions are needed to make nails rust. This investigation has been carried out over the week, to observe any changes to the nails. Some groups have chosen to submerge their nails in water, coke, oil and vinegar and some simply left them in the air! We are excited to conclude our results today.


This week Class 3 have continued to develop their tennis skills and played across a court. They focused on developing their hand-eye coordination, strength of swings and control of the tennis ball. Next week we are looking forward to having a class competition of tennis matches to continue to develop the skills we have learned. 


In Class 3, we were so excited to return to school this week. We spent the first couple days settling back in with lots of fun activities! We especially enjoyed opportunities to get outside in the sunshine and play together. We have played some tennis and did lots of creative art activities when indoors. 


This week Class 3 have enjoyed themselves on World Book Day. They got to free write their own story, hot seat their characters and make their own bookmarks. In PE, they got the opportunity to learn some handball. They had to carefully consider team tactics in their head to head match.


This week Class 3 have enjoyed searching for familiar places on a range of maps dating from 1611 to the present day. We found that newer maps had much more detail on them and some of the older ones had interesting placements and estates that were much larger than they are today. In DT we began our bread project. We tasted different breads and thought about their texture, taste and appearance. 


This week Class 3 have been enjoying the snow! We have had a few outdoor activities this week such as bird watching for forest school, so we have spent all week wrapped up in many layers trying to stay warm! We completed our DT project on shelters and the results have been incredible. 


This week Class 3 have been doing lots of activities around mental health week. On Wednesday, we used our forest school session as an opportunity for relaxation, calm and quiet. We started by exploring the outdoors in silence for a favourite spot and we thought about what we could hear and sense in that area and why spots like this were good for our mental health. Afterwards we returned to our favourite spots and did a short meditation to give us time to reflect. 


This week Class 3 have been enjoying their new English text Straw into Gold by Hilary Mckay, which is all about transition fairy tales but with an unexpected twist! We have read a non-traditional telling of Rumplestiltskin and have explored the typical character archetypes you would find in a fairy tale such as: a princess who needs rescuing, a prince who needs to marry to become king and a magical villain. We realised that many fairy tales follow the same themes, story pattern and have similar characters. The archetypes were so common in fairytales that we could demonstrate them using only actions in a game of character archetype charades!


This week Class 3 got stuck into a DT afternoon. After plenty of research, they constructed their own shelters out of paper and other materials to investigate how strong and sturdy they are. We tested their strength by dropping a paper clip on them and then a marble. We made sure it was a fair test by having the same person drop the marble each time and from the same height of 1 metre. Although the shelters were all constructed in different ways and looked very different from one another they all passed the strength test and were able to withstand these objects being dropped on them!


This week Class 3 have been getting to grips with their new text Earth Verse we have been exploring haikus and are looking forward to performing some next week. We have been practicing talking about things we like and dislike in French.


This week Class 3 have been learning about the order of operations in maths. The class was challenged to work in groups to solve as many questions as possible. They did an amazing job, especially when introduced to the function of brackets in number sentences. 


During this half term Class 3 have been doing gymnastics in PE. They have been creating their own routine in groups, practising it and refining movements. This week they performed their routines to the rest of the class. 



We have been exploring how Passover is celebrated in Judaism. The class had to do their best detective work to figure out what a mysterious object was and how it may be used. They identified the object as a plate used for serving different foods. Then, they found out that the plate is used during Passover and that it is used to serve a variety of foods that symbolises parts of the story Exodus. For example: meat symbolises offerings made to God while herbs and lettuce (dipped in salt water) symbolise the tears of the slaves who built the Pyramids for the Egyptian Pharaoh. 


A Word in Your Ear by Tony Ross. We have explored some short horror stories by looking at: how the author builds suspense, trying to predict what could happen next, thinking about how the characters feel at certain points in their story and even hot seating the characters to find out a bit more about them. 


Ancient Greek Day!


Happy Harvest from Class 3!

Still image for this video


In Class 3 we thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as insects for Eco Day!




Class 3 had a fantastic afternoon at forest school. We have started making our Greek wax tablets for our Ancient Greek day. After sawing some wood, we went outside for a quiz about insects and to explore what we could create out of materials in the forest school area. We we very happy to see blue skies, as it always seems to rain for our forest school days!


Bamboo Tamboo!


Class 3 discussed the importance of warming up correctly before taking part in sports. They spent the rest of the PE lesson creating their own warm ups for our future games of netball. 

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