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Cornwood C of E Primary School

Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

Class 3 Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term


Class three this week have been continuing with their text “Ice Bear” by Jackie Morris. They have been looking noun phrases, similies, dialogue and author choices.


This week, Year 6 have been completing their SATs. They have conducted themselves in an amazing manner and have persevered through even with lots of coughs and colds, what a great example of resilience. We are all very proud of them.


Class 3 have been working hard on their information texts about Howard Carter. They researched his discoveries and used our class text, Everest, to inspire their tone and writing devices.


This week Class 3 continued learning to play tag rugby. They were working hard to ensure everyone in their team had been passed to before trying to score. This was tricky with the added pressure of losing their tags but they showed great teamwork and communication to achieve this.


This week in DT, Class 3 were learning how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce structures. They use various resources looking at how to be support different shaped structures. They worked collaboratively to ensure their structures were stable.


This week, Class 3 have started their science learning on electricity. They had an opportunity to create and test out their own simple circuits and recap what they remembered about drawing circuits.

Spring Term


This week Class 3 created maps of the school grounds, as accurately as possible. This was to complete their mapping unit in Geography. The made sure to use compass directions and a scale. Some children even challenged themselves to add grid references.


Class 3 had an amazing visit from the STEM workshop. They learned all about new innovations in science and engineering. They created their own turbines, after discussing the different renewable energies that are currently available. It was an informative and fun afternoon.


This week Class 3 have been immersing ourselves in our new text The Shadow Cage by Philippa Pearce. This author has written a series of short stories that create suspense for the reader. In our lesson, we freeze framed parts of the story and considered what each character might be thinking and feeling at that point.


Class 3 have finished their poetry unit on The Lost Words. For their final piece, they created their own poem about an animal of their choice and made a water colour image to present alongside it. We had some lovely poems on a range of animals such as: hedgehog, pufferfish, panda, snake, sloth, meerkat and even an axolotl!


This week in Science, Class 3 created their own posters and models of the solar system. They were learning about the planets’ movement in relation to the sun. The difference in how long it takes each planet to orbit the sun and they researched a fact about each planet to add to their posters.


This week, Class 3 started their orienteering unit in PE. They had to use their teamwork and communication skills to find the locations on a map. There they found anagrams to solve. They worked incredibly well together and had a very successful session.


This week, Class 3 finished their music unit by learning Apples and Pears on the melodica. They did some great performances and have enjoyed trying this new instrument.


This week Class 3 have finished their unit on Dragonolgy. They have created their own -ology inspired by mythical creatures. We have had examples such as: gnomeology, trolloglogy, yetiology, minotaurology and wizardology. The children have worked incredibly hard on their pieces.


This week,  Class 3 were completing a range of jumps in athletics. They practised long jumps and standing jumps, trying a variety of techniques to get themselves the furthest.


This week, class 3 have been playing melodicas. This musical instrument is made up of a keyboard which produces sound when air is blown in via a mouthpiece. We worked on breathwork this week, creating crescendos and diminuendos.


This week we continued our athletics unit in PE with Mr Gibbs. We completed relay races this week which involved great teamwork and running skills from our class. We look forward to expanding our athletics skills over the next few weeks.


This week Class 3 have started their new class text - Dragonology by Dugald Steer. They have been immersing themselves in the new book by analysing pages and learning parts of the text to turn into a role played television programme. We had some news reporters and even some David Attenborough impersonations.

Autumn Term


This week Class 3 have been finishing their art unit on Paul Nash. They have completed their own pieces based on the work of the wartime artist, using both paint and cut up, collaged pieces to creat surrealism aspects within their work. They each created their own evaluation pages on their work considering what they would do as next steps within their pieces.


This week class 3 continued to develop their tennis skills in PE. We focussed on team work, control and passing the tennis ball accurately.

Thank you for supporting our Key Stage 2 Christmas performance of Bah Humbug! The children did a fantastic job.


This week, Class 3 continued their art unit. In this lesson, they were experimenting with coulour mixing. Considering what colour palette they might like to use in their end of unit creations.


I apologise for the lateness because I pride myself on not being late with the newsletter! Hopefully you don’t mind too much after the events of this week!

This week Class 3 created their own Grand Canyons. They have been learning about the USA this unit and considered how different landscapes, such as canyons, have been formed. They have been really enjoying this unit so far.


This week, in Science, Class 3 were classifying organisms into vertebrates and invertebrates. We had lots of fun researching unusual animals such as the blobfish and sea pigs to see which classification group they belonged to according to their characteristics.


This week we managed to get outside to apply and develop our tennis skills! The children displayed excellent teamwork and communication and enjoyed playing some team tennis games. Great work class 3! 


This week, Class 3 have started their PE unit for tennis. The weather gave us a challenge this week of developing our tennis skills indoors. We had a recap of the skills we had learned in prior tennis units and we focused on control. The children used some fantastic teamwork in their activities.


This week Class 3 finished their DT unit on soups. They got to prepare and cook their own soups and then taste test their own and others. We worked hard to give feedback to each other and evaluate our own processes.


This week Class 3 have been introduced to their new English text: Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill. They have been learning about Ernest Shackleton’s eventful expedition, his crew, the ship and much more! They will use this text to inspire their own recounts of an event from their life.


This week, Class 3 have been continuing their music lesson on the song happy. They have been improvising vocally and using instruments such as glockenspiels and xylophones to play alongside the song.


This week, class 3 were looking at how they can support their own well being by choosing a healthy diet and lifestyle. They had to match up benefits of eating certain food groups and make a daily meal plan for a what they would like to eat during a regular healthy day.


This week in PE with Mr Gibbs, we were creating synchronised balances with our partner. We built up our routines with synchronised balances and had to choose carefully to ensure they flowed well.


This week Class 3 got to taste test different soups in DT. They rated them on their appearance, taste, texture and smell. We discussed the ingredients we thought they might include and where they may have originated from.


This week, Class 3 have come back ready to jump into the new term. We are excited to see what this year will hold for us. We have thought about how we are going to flourish this year and set ourselves some personal goals.

Summer Term


Year 6 had a wonderful pool party on Monday, celebrating all their hard work this year. They had some hotdogs and snacks as well as a bit of dancing to finish off the evening. 


This week Class 3 we looked at a range of jobs in PSHE. We thought about the key attributes and skills needed for each role. Then, we completed a survey to find out what kinds of jobs we would be suitable for. Some of us found our results surprising and it made us consider our own personal goals and the many job opportunities that may be suitable for us. 


This week Class 3 got to experience a transition singing workshop delivered by Mrs Stephenson from ICC. They got to do a range of vocal exercises and sing a range of songs. This is in preparation for a singing workshop day that will take place for Year 6 pupils in September alongside the Year 7s and 8s from ICC. 


This week Class 3 have been learning about their new book, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This version of the classic story is a condensed, unfolded version. The children have started the unit by mapping the story and writing a book review. 


This week Class 3 have been drawing conclusions and presenting the results from their air resistance experiments. They chose from three concepts and carried out their own investigations, choosing how they would most effectively present their results. 


This week Class 3 began their cricket sessions with Andy. They had an exciting first lesson and are looking forward to the upcoming sessions throughout the term. They also had their first session of deep water swimming at Ivybridge Leisure Centre, they will continue this in a final session next week. 


This week Class 3 have been exploring their new text. Stuff You Should Know by John Farndon. They had to learn parts of the information text and perform it to the rest of the class. Some groups omitted key vocabulary and terms, so the other groups could guess the household item they were talking about. 



This week Class 3 have been completing their Geography fieldwork. They explored the average temperatures in May over the last decade. The class found that over the last 3 years there has been a considerable rise in temperatures throughout May. They concluded that they may be seeing some effects of climate change with more frequent heat waves. They then reflected on how they could live more sustainably and made pledges of small changes they want to make in their day to day lives. 


This week Class 3 have been completing their own secret war diaries, which are based on our text My Secret War Diary by Marcia Williams. The class have written their own personal diaries from the perspective as if they were living during the second world war. Some children have decided to write as if they were fighting on the front line, some on the homefront, some in London or Plymouth during the Blitz and others as evacuees. They have produced a range of pieces to include, including diary entries, letters, newspaper articles and recipes. 


This week in Geography, Class 3 we learned all about climate change and how it is impacting our climate. We ended the lesson by having a debate around the question 'Is Climate change a disaster waiting to happen or a technological challenge that can be overcome?' The children put forward their arguments to each other and countered and supported arguments well.


In PE with Premier Sport, Class 3 have been completing their gymnastics unit. They created routines in groups that involved apparatus such as benches to change help develop the levels and movements from their previous routines. Class 3 showed a range of jumps and balances. 



This week, Class 3 have started writing diary entries in the style of Flossie Albright (fictional writer of My Secret War Diary). We focussed on using similar dialect, slang and punctuation to Flossie, to emulate her writing style. There were lots of interesting diary entries from the perspective of living on the homefront during WW2. 


Whilst their year 6 friends have been on residential this week, the year 5’s have been busy on their art project to celebrate the Kings coronation. They had to think of a design then sketch their designs onto canvas before painting. The year 5’s have really shown what team work is all about and I think you will all agree the finished painting is fit for a KING!!


Spring Term


This week Class 3 finished their DT unit on fairtrade cookies. They had lots of fun on Tuesday making their cookies. We had: chocolate fudge cookie dough, strawberry white chocolate cookies, nutella and orange cookies and neapolitan cookies. They worked well in their teams to produce cookies that matched the design brief and included fairtrade ingredients. 


This week, Class 3 began their new text: My Secret War Diary by Flossie Albright. It is written by Marcia Williams, who found an old war diary in her attic, she used the information in it to write a fictional diary of the perspective of a young girl experiencing the second world war from the homefront. We got to grips with the events by acting them out. 


This week Class 3 continued their Netball unit with Premier Sport. They played a couple matches, using the skills that they have built up over the last few weeks. The teams showed some incredible teamwork and perseverance. 


As part of Science Week, Class 3 conducted an experiment to find which temperature of water causes yeast to grow the most. They set up the yeast with different temperatures of water in a bottle and a balloon attached to the top. They measured the circumference of the balloon to see which had produced the most carbon dioxide. They found that 41.5C was the most effective but knew that if the water was too hot it would stop the yeast from growing. 


This week Class 3 has been learning about the Roman invasion of Britain. We learned all about the formidable warrior Boudica and how her story is widely disputed amongst historians. At the end of our lesson, we hotseated as Boudica and a Roman soldier, we had lots of interesting questions about the Roman invasion and found their perspectives on many issues to be completely different from one another. 



This week Class three have been adding and multiplying fractions. We have had a focus on looking at formal methods, drawing images to support us and using multilink. We can now multiply a unit fraction, non, unit fraction or mixed number by an integer. 


This week Class 3 finished their learning about Brazil. They had to create a class brochure for potential tourists. They were split into teams, which had to create a page about a specific place or environment in Brazil such as: A city, a beach, place of natural beauty or a specific ecological system. Each team had to decide how to best entice a tourist to visit their destination. 


This week, Class 3 have finished their English text - Earth Verse. They worked incredibly hard to create a final write that included both haikus and an information text about their chosen natural phenomenon. We had lots of different subjects: whirlpools, tornadoes, earthquakes, galaxies, black holes, waterfalls and tsunamis.


This week Class 3 have been continuing their basic first aid in PSHE. They learned how to support somebody who had a head injury. In groups, they acted out the stages that the person administering first aid must do in this situation. 


This week Class 3 have been recording clips for their video editing unit in computing. They are making an informational video about Brazil, linked to their Geography learning. They will then upload the clips to the chromebooks to edit it by: cropping clips, adding voice overs, background music and transitions. 



This week, Class 3 have been learning about haikus in their new text - Earth Verse by Sally M Walker. They learned the 5/7/5 syllable structure for haikus and then learned and performed some to the class. They included counting or clapping the syllables, actions and dramatic performances. 


This week, Class 3 got stuck back into their learning. They began their music unit by playing the recorder. In the first session, they learnt how to hold a recorder correctly and make a clear sound. 



This week Class 3 have made and evaluated their mobile phone cases in DT. They planned who it was for, what designs and patterns they would like and created a method for making their cases. Once this had been done, they could start making their cases. They showed impressive needle-work skills and even created: pockets, fasteners and other embellishments to add to their cases. They turned out great!


This week Class 3 have been completing their learning on multiplication. They have been recapping how to use a formal method for multiplying 4 digits by 1 digit and 2 digits by 2 digits. Ready to work up to multiplying 4 digits by 2 digit numbers next week. 


This week in Class 3, we have been busy practising for their Alice production. We are very excited for you to see us perform next week. Remember that you can purchase tickets via ping and parent pay. We'll meet you in Wonderland!


Class 3 have been learning their new text A Word in Your Ear by Tony Ross. It is a collection of short horror stories. They have been predicting what might happen next, considering what the characters are feeling and performing parts of the stories. Tony Ross has shown us how we can build tension and create atmosphere in our writing. 


This week Class 3 have been exploring conditions,in Computing. They used Scratch to input conditions in for their character, for example: if the backspace is pressed, walk 10 steps. We will be using these skills for our final outcome of creating their own quizzes.


This week, Class 3 began their PE gymnastics unit. They looked at how we can use travelling and balance, whilst following an L-shaped pathway. The groups made sure to include a range of one point, two point and three point balances.


This week, Class 3 have been learning about how to use adverbs and adverbials effectively in their writing. They explored using fronted adverbials for time, place, manner, frequency and degree. The class created some very interesting sentences this week, especially when swapping and changing through a variety of adverbials. 


This week, Class 3 have been finishing their Geography unit. They have planned, conducted and evaluated their own fieldwork about the local area. The children investigated aspects such as: the ages of housing, traffic access through and into Cornwood and how residents felt about the local amenities. They had to pick an enquiry, risk assess their fieldwork plan and then choose how to present their results. 


Class 3 have been looking at settlements around the UK this term in Geography. We looked at our local area this week, using current and historical maps to explore how Cornwood has changed over time. We thought about why the settlement has changed and concluded that population growth and local industries had greatly impacted the local area over the last 400 years. 


This week Class 3 took part in an NSPCC session on staying safe and speaking out. We watched a video about keeping safe and the importance of talking about things when we are worried about them. 


Class 3 have finished their first writing unit on I am Cat. They produced some amazing poems and are very proud of their work. They thought about using the power of three, expanded noun phrases, hyphenated words and much more! We have now started our new text: Women in Science!


This week class 3 are writing their final task - a poem in the style of Jackie Morris' I am Cat. They have selected their own animal and researched some key facts about it. They will use this information to help create detailed descriptions to use in their poems. We have poems such as I am Koala, I am Tortoise and I am Hare. 


This week Class 3 have continued with their dance movement in PE with Premier Sports. They have explored the themes of Bollywood dancing and begun to incorporate this into their own routines. These involve focus on hand and leg movements and the beat of 8. 


This week Class 3 have been settling into their new Year 5 and Year 6 roles. The class have begun their new learning units and have enjoyed exploring new texts. The class favourites this week were learning about place value in maths and learning and performing our new text I am Cat by Jackie Morris. 

This week, Class 3 finished their DT bread making unit. They designed some interesting breads, all of which were sweet, including ingredients such as: jam, chocolate chips, cinnamon, icing sugar, banana and strawberries. 3 out of the 4 groups enjoyed the taste of their bread and were impressed by how they rose, baked and decorated.



This week Class 3 created some shared writing pieces for our class book on the adventures of Amelia Earhart. We picked aspects such as her disappearance, her early life and how she prepared for her flight. They groups worked well collaboratively to include the writing devices we have studied this unit and present it in a way which reflects our class text 'Everest'. 


In science, Class 3 have been exploring plants. It has become apparent throughout the unit that we have some expert gardeners in our class and Jacob helped Mrs Goldsmith with her lesson by giving a presentation on how he has cultivated his garden and plant classifications. It has been lovely that the class have been so enthusiastic about this unit of learning. 


This week we have been fortunate enough to have six microscopes and specimen slides provided by the Royal Microscopical Society in school.  Class 3 have been looking at mould, spores, plant and insect samples for their science topic of Living Things.  They have been able to see the enlarged scientific features of the specimens under the 20x microscopes and link these to classification groups.  Thank you to A-level science student Josh for his help and knowledge!

Class 1 and Class 2 will be using them next week.


This week Class 3 have been busy on their trips to the church, synagogue and The Box. Yesterday, we took a moment to reflect on how our trips have linked to our RE learning this half term. We have been exploring how the question what would Jesus do? impacts how christians make choices. A lot of us were fascinated by how many links there are between the Jewish and Christian faiths. We have enjoyed exploring Christian parables, so far this term. Here we explored Jesus and The Centurion. What a busy week we have had!


This week class 3 started their DT bread making unit. They researched different types of bread using sensory testing. They thought about the appearance, smell, texture and taste and gave them a rating out of 5. They tried white, wholegrain, pitta, ciabatta and olive loaf. The class consensus was that the best bread was the ciabatta. 


This week Class 3 had deep water swimming at the Ivybridge Leisure Centre. They have two of these sessions to develop their deep water skills. They spent their time learning different jumps and are looking forward to diving to retrieve objects next week. 

In English, they began their new text Everest by exploring how Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of Mount Everest in 1952. They have analysed how the text and illustrations impact the reader and encourage them to read on. They also predicted what may happen to the two explorers based on the first pages of the book. 



This week, whilst the Year 5s have been off enjoying their residential, Class 3 have been planning how to raise money for Christian Aid. They will be making flapjack to see on Friday 8th July. They have had to consider: recipes, costing and advertising. They have also thoroughly enjoyed getting back in the pool, ready for a summer term full of swimming!



The Year 5’s have been very busy this week finishing off projects and enjoying various workshops. They are looking forward to hearing all of Year 6’s stories from their residential. At the start of the week they enjoyed creating their own wire sculptures taking inspiration from Louise Bourgoise, she was a mixed media artist who dedicated her life to the artistic process. The children found twisting the wire quite tricky but they certainly showed great resilience. On Wednesday, we were very fortunate to have Mrs Stephenson from Ivybridge Community College join us. The children enjoyed the warm up songs and fun games that we played, to warm up our voices. We have learnt 2 songs and we have been invited to sing at Ivybridge College along with the other local primary schools in July. More details of this to follow. We also finished off our RE topic on Hinduism and discussed and reflected on how Hindus beliefs shape the way that they live their lives. In Geography we have been comparing the terrain, tourism, and weather from the Lake District to Brittany



On Thursday, Class 3 were fortunate enough to walk down to The Delamore Arts Exhibition. We were able to explore the grounds, thinking about how the sculptures were made, their artists and our own opinions on the works. This has linked in with our current art topic on Louise Bourgeois, who created sculptures of spiders. We have been inspired by all the different works in the exhibition and will use this in our own sculptures next week. We had an incredible time. 



This week, in computing, Class 3 have been learning how to manipulate 3D models, using the programme Tinkercad. They will be working towards planning and creating their own 3D models at the end of term.


This week Class 3 began their PE unit of Tag Rugby. We played games involving dodging and tactical play to avoid getting your tag taken by an opposing person. The class had some very creative ways to dodge those trying to take their tags and were very tired after an afternoon playing tag rugby in the sunshine!

Spring Term


This week Class 3 finished constructing their canopic jars. They created lots of interesting designs for their lids. They had a lot of fun working with the clay and got to paint them later in the week to make their patterns and designs stand out. 


This week, Class 3 have been reviewing their PSHE learning on how the media influences us. They debated aspects such as: parts of the internet which have the most influence on people, the most risky part of engaging with online content and how best to stay safe online. They had an engaging and respectful debate, whilst sharing their ideas and giving examples as support for their argument. 


This week Class 3 have been finishing up their fractions, percentages and decimals learning. They have worked so hard on this unit and have been enjoying doing lots of challenging problem solving. On Tuesday, they completed a carousel of activities using critical thinking and teamwork.


This Week Class 3 went orienteering around the school. They showed great teamwork, communication and tactical planning. The class have been enjoying this PE unit and cannot wait to get back out in their teams next week.


This week class 3 have been continuing their gymnastics unit with Premier Sport. They have been focussing on how to complete jumps safely (particularly landing) and how to create a variety of shapes with their body whilst completing the jump. They have been excited to get the gymnastics equipment out again.


This week Class 3 have been designing and building their own architectural structures that include pillars. They constructed them in groups and then evaluated their work. Many in the class found it interesting figuring out how to create a variety of 3D shapes and 2D features. 


This week the class has been looking at thematic maps and aerial photography. We went on a hunt to identify key human and physical features using aerial photography. We realised we had used some thematic maps in our history topic last year and thought about what other purposes thematic maps might have such as: population. climate and trade.


In science, Class 3 have been exploring electricity this half term. This week they were testing to see whether a change in voltage impacts how a light functions within a circuit. They found that the higher the voltage, the brighter the bulb shone. However, once the battery voltage had become more than the bulb, the bulb got very hot because it was too much. 


This week Class 3 have begun designing their own web pages. We explored different websites thinking about their layouts and key features. We thought about what made them easy to navigate and how we could use some of those features in our own designs.


This week Class 3 has been getting stuck into maps. Our geography topic this term is Map Skills, so we have been using OS maps of our local area, to practise using OS symbols and 4-figure grid references to identify places. This will help us in two weeks time when we begin using 6-figure grid references to locate certain places on OS maps. 



This week Class 3 have been delving into Dragonology. They got to act as news reporters of a dragon sighting, they used their knowledge from the book about dragons to create a convincing news report. They thought about the formal tone they needed and made some incredibly entertaining news features. 



Class 3 have settled right back into the swing of things this week by starting some exciting new topics of learning. We have got to grips with our new English text Dragonology - an information text all about dragons. It even has dragon scale samples inside!

Autumn Term


This week Class 3 have been talking all things mental health. They have thought carefully about how to keep our mental health well, how to support others and how to get support themselves. We got to watch a video from the Anna Freud National Centre to help us with our discussions and ideas. We have also been enjoying lots of Christmas activities and getting into the festive spirit. 


This week Class 3 have been writing their own overcoming the monster themed story. We have had a big focus on the editing process. How to do it effectively and make meaningful changes to improve our story as well as spot mistakes we made during the drafting process. The class has shown some amazing editing practice whilst making effective changes to make their stories even more exciting to read. 


This week Class 3 has been continuing to explore the story of Beowulf. We looked at how the author had used a pattern of three throughout his writing by using it for description and to build suspense. We have then written our own overcoming the monster story as a class. The hero named Deborah and monster Cerberus fought it out in a grizzly battle. 


This week in History we explored how the Ancient Egyptians mummified bodies after death. We created our own seven step guide for the process of mummification. We learned that only the rich and powerful became mummified in a tomb and anyone else was buried in the sand. In groups, we tried each part of the mummification process and researched some interesting facts about it.


This week, we began our new text Beowulf. We learned that it was originally a very long poem from the Anglo-Saxon period. The version we are reading is just one part of Beowulf's story when he is tasked to defeat the monster Grendel. We reenacted some character interactions and thought about the emotions involved and how we can use emotive language to get a reaction from our reader.


This week Class 3 have been doing a lot of writing. They have produced high quality and in depth recounts of an important, funny or eventful journey they have taken. Each person has drawn on their knowledge of our class book Shackleton's Journey, including drawings, subtitles, modal verbs and a formal tone. The finished products look fantastic - well done Class 3!


In Class 3 this week, we have been looking closely at Shackleton’s Journey, and how it tells the story of Shackleton’s expedition to the South Pole. On Wednesday, we began to think about an event that has happened in our own lives and put this onto a timeline, before we make a start our personal recounts in the same style as Shackleton’s Journey.


This week we have been exploring pneumatics and hydraulics for our DT project. We looked at how gases and liquids can be used to operate different things we use everyday. On Wednesday, we created our own hydraulic propagators out of plastic bottles, tubing, syringes and dowling. We had to think about how we could get our propagator to stand and how to fit the syringes in.


This week in Class 3 we have been exploring our geography  volcanoes. We looked at how volcanoes are formed through movement of tectonic plates and then created a model of a composite volcano, labelled the key features and how the volcano had been formed. This has linked well to our harvest festival topic of harvesting near volcanoes, which we have equally enjoyed researching this past week. 


This week Class 3 have been continuing to explore the book The Tear Thief. We investigated how the author had used speech in her book, thinking about the purpose of the vocabulary she has used. We even started to plan our own class story based on the book but ours is called the blush thief! We thought of some funny reasons why someone might end up blushing. 


This week Class 3 have been talking about strategies for supporting our mental health in PSHE. We have also been mapping Mount Snowdon in our geography topic of mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes. We have looked at symbols on an OS map for key places on the mountain. 


This week in Class 3, we have been learning about place value in our maths lessons. We needed to identify and represent the value of each digit in large numbers using a place value grid and counters. In PE, we had to create our own obstacle courses. We did this, making them incredibly challenging, not realising we would then have to complete them blindfolded! It was a lot of fun!

Class 3 have had a great first few days back to school. They have been settling in well to their new roles and responsibilities, as the oldest children in the school. They have already worked incredibly hard on their story writing and everyone has made interesting contributions to our class discussions. Well done Class 3!

Summer Term


We have had an amazing last week together in Class 3. We’ve been swimming, partied, played games and performed our leavers service. It has been a well deserved week of fun. Our favourite moments from this week included swimming in our pyjamas and dancing all together in the classroom. Good luck to all the Year 6s. We will miss you!


Class 3 have been covering electricity in science this term. This week they explored circuit components. They tried creating circuits using a potato and a lemon and even created a battery powered circuit game which we have enjoyed in our class all week!


Class 3 had their pool party on Monday. Unfortunately the weather did not hold out for us but we weren't going to let that stop us! We swam, mostly in the rain, and had an incredible party filled with music and games. We ate hot dogs and most importantly had a fantastic couple of hours celebrating all the hard work we've put in this year.



This week in maths Class 3 have been investigating volume and capacity. On Wednesday, we set up inventions using multi link cubes for volume. This included estimating the volume of the classroom, calculating the volume of a cube and various boxes. On Thursday, we completed a whole-class investigation into estimating capacity using cups of water to fill vessels such as a tray, jug and cup. 


This week in Class 3, we have been creating our own music. We looked at the difference between crotchets and quavers. In groups, we created our own short piece which highlighted the difference between crotchets and quavers. Some groups added melodies to their piece and even had a conductor. 


This week Class 3 had an exciting trip to Wembury. We met the wonderful Marine Centre team to explore the life and habitats of the rock pools. We had an amazing time with them: finding lots of crabs, shrimps, anemones, limpets, gobies and starfish! We made sure to be careful when lifting rocks and handling the creatures we found. For the rest of the day we did some pebble art, splashed in the sea and had some ice-creams. It was a fantastic day full of fun!


This week class 3 have been practising how to order in French. They started by making their own menus and then roleplaying how to order food and drink. The waiter would ask vous desirez madame/ monsieur and then the customers began their order with je voudrais. The class had a fun afternoon role playing these situations and we had some very interesting orders. At one point the restaurant completely ran out of pizza and tea because so much had been ordered!


This week Class 3 have had a fantastic time swimming in the rain and sunshine. They have done a fantastic job of demonstrating their water confidence and swimming skills.

In English, we have been getting to know our new text: The Secret Garden. They got to watch the most recent film on Tuesday, to understand how the story had been condensed into the version we are studying over the next few weeks. We then story mapped the events and even wrote a book review as part of our immersion into the text. 



This week Class 3 continued their learning on The River Erme in geography. They completed a research enquiry and formulated their own questions such as: Does the River Erme have a meander? How long does the River Erme flow from source to mouth? How fast does the River Erme flow at certain points? How is the river used by humans? They presented their research on a double page spread and the results looked incredible!


This week in Class 3 we have been continuing to experiment with our pointillism studies in art. Over the past few weeks we have been looking at different pointillist artists and how they create their landscapes. We have experimented with colour and sketching and are now using these skills to begin planning our own landscapes such as: deserts, mountains, Penn Beacon, Plymouth Hoe and Slade. 


Class 3 have been thoroughly enjoying cricket sessions on a Friday. We got to play a cricket match and enjoyed lots of team building games for our warm up. The adults have been very impressed by our teamwork, creativity, resilience, respect and self motivation whilst learning how to play. We just have to keep our fingers crossed each week that it isn't pouring with rain on Friday afternoon! 


This week Class 3 have been working incredibly hard to create their own secret war diaries. We have been reading My Secret War diary by Flossie Albright in English. We have explored in depth all the writing devices used by the author (Marcia Williams) and now applied these to our own writing. The class created a double page spread made up of daily entries, newspaper articles, letters, photographs and recipes. They have produced some outstanding examples of war diaries and have really thought about the experience of children who were growing up during the second world war. 


This week Class 3 have worked hard on their new geography topic of the River Erme. They researched how rivers change over time through erosion, deposition, transportation and sediment. They researched how this happened using the chromebooks and brought their research together to create a class poster. 


Our trip to Dewerstone was incredible on Wednesday. We got to do 12 exciting activities in an adventure race. Some of which were brand new to the site. It involved a lot of climbing, crawling, wading and teamwork. We had lots of fun and ended our day with pizza and ice cream. We all slept well on Wednesday night after a long jam-packed day!


This week Class 3 enjoyed getting stuck into their Geography learning based on rivers. They learned about the different parts of rivers and then constructed their own versions out of junk modelling materials. We were lucky with the sunshine, so took them outside to test whether they worked effectively. 


Class 3 had a week full of Easter fun. We have especially enjoyed making our Easter cards. We came up with lots of different designs and patterns to make the outline of the cross. We also created an Easter quiz for everyone to enjoy, which you can find on our Cornwood Facebook page if you want to have a go! 


This week Class 3 have been keeping a close eye on their science investigation. They have been observing what conditions are needed to make nails rust. This investigation has been carried out over the week, to observe any changes to the nails. Some groups have chosen to submerge their nails in water, coke, oil and vinegar and some simply left them in the air! We are excited to conclude our results today.


This week Class 3 have continued to develop their tennis skills and played across a court. They focused on developing their hand-eye coordination, strength of swings and control of the tennis ball. Next week we are looking forward to having a class competition of tennis matches to continue to develop the skills we have learned. 


In Class 3, we were so excited to return to school this week. We spent the first couple days settling back in with lots of fun activities! We especially enjoyed opportunities to get outside in the sunshine and play together. We have played some tennis and did lots of creative art activities when indoors. 


This week Class 3 have enjoyed themselves on World Book Day. They got to free write their own story, hot seat their characters and make their own bookmarks. In PE, they got the opportunity to learn some handball. They had to carefully consider team tactics in their head to head match.


This week Class 3 have enjoyed searching for familiar places on a range of maps dating from 1611 to the present day. We found that newer maps had much more detail on them and some of the older ones had interesting placements and estates that were much larger than they are today. In DT we began our bread project. We tasted different breads and thought about their texture, taste and appearance. 


This week Class 3 have been enjoying the snow! We have had a few outdoor activities this week such as bird watching for forest school, so we have spent all week wrapped up in many layers trying to stay warm! We completed our DT project on shelters and the results have been incredible. 


This week Class 3 have been doing lots of activities around mental health week. On Wednesday, we used our forest school session as an opportunity for relaxation, calm and quiet. We started by exploring the outdoors in silence for a favourite spot and we thought about what we could hear and sense in that area and why spots like this were good for our mental health. Afterwards we returned to our favourite spots and did a short meditation to give us time to reflect. 


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