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Mothecombe Class

Welcome to Mothecombe Class page

Year 2 and 3

 Mrs Pasmore and Mrs Eatwell

Week Ending 10th June 2022

Mothecombe have had a busy four-day week this week. We have started our new literacy unit on poetry and have been learning part of a Polar bear poem by heart as well as exploring how vocabulary is used within the poem.
In Maths, we have been comparing measures and working out equivalent measures using millimetres, centimetres and metres.
The year threes enjoyed making cup and string telephones to explore how vibrations from sounds travel.

Week Ending 27th May 2022

Mothecombe have completed this half term with the same determination and positive attitude that they have shown all term. At forest schools on Monday we built our own fires and toasted marshmallows to make smores, the sudden downpour didn't dampen our spirits and after sheltering for a while the fun commenced. In English we have edited our quest stories and have then typed them up to practice our word processing skills. In maths, we have completed our shape unit by investigating the properties of 3D shapes. In Geography we have resourced the tourism industry in both The Lake Districts and Brittany and compared them. We have also enjoyed the built up of craft activity for the Jubilee party, baked a class cake and enjoyed the celebrations at our Jubilee Afternoon Tea. have a fantastic week Mothecombe you deserve it and I look forward to hearing about all your adventures on Tuesday!

Week Ending 20th May 2022

This week Mothecombe have shown a fabulous learning attitude especially throughout our challenges. They have shown great maturity and perseverance and as a result have enjoyed several mini treats throughout the week. In maths Year 2 have been looking at and investigating patterns whilst year 3 have been investigating turns and angles. Everyone has enjoyed the practical elements to these lessons. In English, we have been writing our own quest stories and the vocabulary being used and the enthusiasm to write independently has been amazing. In geography we have been comparing climate in both Brittany and The Lake District. We have had another super time at forest schools and have loved being creative in our local environment. Well done Mothecombe this week. 

Week Ending 13th May 2022

This week Mothecombe have had another amazing week. We started the week with an enjoyable forest school session where we built dens, got creative and even tried whittling. The in-class egg building nest was a huge success and involved fabulous teamwork. In English we have explored the dialogue in our class text and have written our collaborative class version of the story about our young adventurer Fin. In maths we have focused on our quick recall skills in mini challenges as well as exploring and investigating lines of symmetry in shapes. In geography we have continued to compare our two locations this week focusing on industries and in PE we have developed our accuracy within ball skills. 

We began the week with an inspirational visit from Duncan, who came to share his experiences of meeting Nelson Mandela whilst he was a helicopter pilot in Africa. The class were in awe of his experience and asked many interesting questions about what Nelson Mandela was like and even if he felt more nervous flying someone so famous. This week Mothecombe have investigated 2D and 3D shapes. We have explored the features of these shapes including vertices, sizes, horizontal and vertical lines. In English we have created story maps and actions for the beginning of our new class text as well as looking at how use expression for speech. In Re we have continued to look at Hinduism and some of their beliefs. A highlight for us this week has been creating our own stop frame animations using the iPads to create moving stickmen. We are super excited to explore this further next week!

Week Ending 29th April 2022

Mothecombe have had an amazing first week back. We have enjoyed our first forest school session where they made earth crowns, leaf medals and even a rope swing. We have also celebrated Earth Day by looking at how we can improve our earth and make a difference. The children had incredible ideas about what we can do to help the world. In maths we have completed our money unit and have started our new unit on shape. We have begun our new unit for English which has excited all the children due to the suspense built throughout the quest. We are looking forward to identifying features of the text and eventually writing our own quest stories.
In PE we have continued our send and receive unit and it is evident our accuracy is improving!  Well done Mothecombe!

Week Ending 8th April 2022

Mothecombe have had amazing attitudes to their learning this week. They have shown great maturity on our maths outing to the shop. The discussions on quantities of food items were amazing and they were also very mindful of dietary needs within the class too. They have amazed me with how much party food we could buy for £14 and their ability to work out change in a quick manner. In our foundation subjects they have completed their final tasks in preparation for starting our new units. They have also performed beautifully in the Easter Service. Well done to all those in Mothecombe who entered the competition we have some beautiful Easter craft entries. 

We hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter break and we are looking forward to beginning all our new exciting learning when we return.


Week Ending 1st April 2022

Mothecombe have had another fantastic week, made even better by lots of their friends being back. In maths we have started our new unit on money, we have explored how coins are different and what they mean. We have also investigated how to make amounts of money. In English we have enjoyed writing our final pieces entitled ‘Dare to Care for a Pet ….’. We have had a wide range of mythical creatures and real creatures but everyone has applied their writing skills to include all of our secret writing ingredients. In PE we have developed our dribbling skills in football and continued to choreograph our class dance based on Matilda. Mothecombe have discussed equality in an extremely mature manner and have amazed me with their interest, learning and opinions on our Nelson Mandela unit. Well done on another brilliant week of learning. 

Week Ending 25th March 2022

Mothecombe have missed their friends this week and we are looking forward to everyone feeling better and getting a full house on the register. This week in English we have been analysing vocabulary in the text and planning our class text titled ‘Dare to Care for a Yeti’. With the sun shining so gloriously we took our guided reading session outside. Everyone really enjoyed this and we are looking forward to more opportunities to do this. In PE we have continued to choreograph our dance to a song from Matilda the Musical, we are almost half way through and it is looking great. We have had a week of timelines, in history we have plotted events in Nelson Mandela’s life and in maths we have been plotting daily events with the times they occur. Year 2 have been using the 12-hour clock and year 3 have been converting between the 12- and 24-hour clock. We have also enjoyed being creative and making special cards for our Mummy’s, so no peeking in their bags until Sunday!

Well done Mothecombe you have continued to apply amazing learning attitudes this week!


Week Ending 18th March 2022

This week Mothecombe have had an amazing week. In English we have continued to look at the language used throughout our class book and begun to discuss ways we could improve or edit the text. In maths, we have continued to look at telling the time to 5 past and 5 to the hour. They have all shown great resilience with this tricky concept and the results have been superb. In history we have written acrostic poems about Nelson Mandela’s life. In science year 3 are investigating different soil types and year 2 are identifying different parts of plants. We had a blast at our Silly Science workshop. We all enjoyed the crazy, scientific experiments and were amazed by what we saw. Please look on google classroom for the videos.

Week Ending 11th March 2022

Mothecombe have had another fabulous week with lots of linked learning. We began the week by successfully applying our geographical skills to follow grid references to a secret location. We enjoyed a play and snack in the park before applying our mathematical skills to complete a tally chart of car colours. This was all ended by a hot chocolate and reading session to warm up. In maths we have moved onto our new unit on time, we can confidently read o’clock and half past and are excited to continue our learning next week. In English we have started our new unit Dare to Care for a Pet Dragon, we have discussed the books features and learnt a section with actions. In Pe we have started to choreograph a class dance routine linked to our class story of Matilda. In history we have learnt more about Nelson Mandela and why he is famous but also that a family member of a child in the class has a link with the man himself! We look forward to learning more about this link.

Week Ending 4th March 2022

Mothecombe have returned with a fantastic learning attitude this week. In English we have completed our final task where we have created our own pages on animals for our book. They have used amazing language, design and language to intrigue their reader as well as editing their work in green to improve it. In maths we have continued with data and I have been blown away with their accuracy when producing bar graphs and block diagrams. In PE we have started our dance unit and worked in small groups to create sequences of movements. We have enjoyed celebrating World Book Day by reading books with other classes, creating a school reading tree to share our ideas for favourite books as well as making bookmarks and enjoying dressing up!

Week Ending 11th February 2022

A super week Mothecombe! You have all focused on your spellings this week and I am blown away with the amazing quiz results. In maths we have completed our fractions unit and are all excited about moving onto Statistics and looking at data. In English, we have continued to explore animals in our book. We have created story maps and put actions to a section of the book. In PE this week we have applied our cricket skills in a mini game as well as applying all our athletics skills in mini relay races. In music we have recorded using dot notation our own class piece of music inspired by the Egyptians, our next challenge is to see if we can read our notations next week and create exactly the same piece of music, fingers crossed!

Week Ending 4th February 2022

Another fantastic week! Everyone has been very enthusiastic about our new English unit all about amazing animals. They have discussed the text and identified patterns in the Anthology as well as creating their own fact files on Sloths of Chameleons. In maths, we have continued to look at fractions and what an equivalent fraction is. 

By the end of the lesson we could identify equivalent fractions in shapes and numbers. In computing and music, we have developed our musical skills digitally and have composed our own pieces of music inspired by animals. In PE we have developed our cricket skills and had great fun in our first Quick Cricket game as well as developing our jumping and skipping skills in athletics.

Week Ending 28th January 2022

This week Mothecombe have had another busy week. In Pe with have developed our cricket skills and improved our accuracy. In geography we have become map readers and locate places using a 4point grid reference. In maths we have explored fractions and investigated why a third is larger than a quarter. In English we have been blown away by their dedication to their final story, they have been so focused on their handwriting and their phrasing. 

Great work Mothecombe!


Week Ending 21st January 2022

This week Mothecombe have been very busy across all areas of their learning. In computing we have been investigating digital music through the use of Chrome Music Lab website which everyone has been extremely enthusiastic about. We have also linked our knowledge from these lessons with our music lessons where we have composed digital music using a pentatonic scale. In maths we have been exploring halves of objects, shapes and numbers and proving why we decided on our answers. We’ve developed our jumping skills this week and hurdled our way through a range of challenges. In geography we have learnt the differences between the British Isles, UK and Great Britain as well as learning the locations of their countries and their capital cities. Throughout English we have been looking at word class within our text of Cinderella of the Nile. Wow, an extremely busy week!

Week Ending 14th January 2022

Mothecombe have continued to have an amazing attitude to their learning this week. In English we have started our new unit based on the 2000 year old retell of Cinderella titled ‘Cinderella of the Nile’. We have created freeze frames of different parts of the story to help us recall the story as well as memorising a paragraph off by heart using actions to support us. We have also read different versions of Cinderella to make comparisons. In maths we have recapped our multiplication and division methods and completed our elicitation task for our new unit on fractions. Mothecombe have been extremely enthusiastic about our new Geography topic based on map skills, we have had amazing discussions on different types of maps and what we like about them. 

Week Ending 7th January 2022

It was lovely to see you all back after the Christmas holidays ready to learn. We have spent time sharing news about our holidays as well as making new wishes for 2022. In maths we have continued to look at multiplication and division and had a lovely practical lesson to start our learning. In pe we have begun to look at jumping and warmed up by experimenting with different types of jumps. In English we have started to discuss our new text Cinderella of the Nile and shared our opinions on the book. In science year 3 are beginning to look at electricity and are looking forward to the practical elements involved.

Week Ending 17th December 2021

This week we have finished all of our autumn units of work and have then enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit. We have gotten creative to make Christmas cards, been extremely thoughtful in the Secret Present Room. Some of the reasons the children have given for choosing their gifts have been amazing and melted our hearts. We have enjoyed Christmas lunch complete with our own designed table cloths, crackers and festive cheer as well as a Christmas film! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and we are looking forward to all our new units of work in January. 


Week Ending 3rd December 2021

This week in Mothecombe we have been writing our final piece for the end of our unit on 'How Santa Works?'. The children have come up with fantastic ideas and have really wowed us with their writing technique. In maths, we have been looking at multiplying through using groups. We have enjoyed the pictorial element of this. In History, we have been looking at Egyptian God's which the children really engaged with and they have produced some lovely display work. During swimming this week we have assessed all the children and the progress they have all amde since week 1 has been phenomenal earning us a more relaxed swimming lesson next week! We have been again so impressed with their dedication to the Nativity, the lines, songs, dance routines and acting are really taking shape ready for next week!


Week Ending 26th November 2021

This week in Mothecombe, the children have been observing the changes that happen when we heat and cool different materials, such as chocolate, butter and wax. In maths we have finished our unit on addition and subtraction and have started our new unit of multiplication. In English we have written our class explanation texts using a range of technical vocabulary and have been enthusiastic in planning our own explanation texts about Santa. In RE we have been discussing about the importance of belonging and how it feels to belong to groups, we have also been looking at different symbols that groups use.

Week Ending 19th November 2021

Mothecombe have had another busy week- the children really enjoyed the author visit from Claire Welsh. They listened to some of her wonderful stories and then made shadow puppets with her. What a treat!
The children have been working on writing an explanation text all about what Santa is really like and how his sleigh works. In DT we have started to investigate how pneumatic mechanisms work which has been great fun. Science is all about solids, liquids and gases- the year 3s had a go at sorting things into the three states.

Week Ending 12th November 2021

This week we have began to immerse ourselves in our Nativtiy show and we are really impressed by their commitment to learning their lines in preparation for the acting to begin. In music we have been learning our songs for the show and putting routines to them. We have enjoyed our first cookery lesson this week with Mrs Readey, the children enjoyed the baking and the decorating them and I am sure they enjoyed eating them at home too. In maths we have continued to look at subtraction and problem solving. We have also started our new units in RE looking at Faith Communities and our History unit about Ancient Egyptians. 

Week Ending 5th November 2021

This week Mothecombe have returned with a fantastic learning attitude. They have enjoyed their first swimming lesson this term and all participated with great enthusiasm. In English this week have started our new non fiction book. Everyone has been super excited about its context … ask your child what it is about! In maths we have continued with addition and are becoming confident in using the column method. We have spent our afternoons doing our arts week lessons. These lessons have been focused on clay, we have created Diwali candlelight holders in RE, found out how clay works have changed over time and even created short dance routines for how clay is dug and transported. 

Week Ending 22nd October 2021

We are really proud of Mothecombe’s input into our Harvest Festival, they sang their hearts out and they enjoyed the whole experience. In English we have been planning our own Wishing story based on Grendel, the children’s suggestions have been amazing and their stories are developing nicely. In maths we have been using practical resources to solve column addition questions and we will develop this further after half term. In Geography we have worked collaboratively to look at he advantages and disadvantages of living near a volcano. In art we have been continuing to explore cubism and enjoyed creating portraits inspired by Picasso. 

We hope all of Mothecombe have a lovely half term after their very busy half term. 

Week Ending 15th October 2021

Mothecombe have been delighted to welcome their first visitor this year. James shared his experiences of completing the 3 Peaks challenge as well as his experience of climbing to Mount Everest. The children really enjoyed hearing about these first hand experiences.

This week we have also enjoyed innovating our class story of Grendel and are looking forward to writing our versions too.

In maths, we have begun our new unit on addition and subtraction. We have been adding in different ways including pictorially, practically and written applying our hundreds, tens and ones knowledge from the last unit.

In PE we have had great fun being creative and creating mini sequences. 

In science year 3 and 4 have  planned their own investigation to find out if magnets work at a distance. They tested magnets through a range of materials and recorded what they have found out. 

Week Ending 8th October 2021

Mothecombe have had an amazing week this week. We have started our new English unit all about Grendel and his 3 wishes. We have learnt the beginning of the story with actions, I’m sure they could share a small part of it with you at home! In maths we have been exploring number families and finding 10 or 100 more or less than a number. In Geography we have enjoyed learning about volcanoes and we know they will enjoy the practical side next week. Volcanoes have also inspired our music composing this week where we worked in groups to plan our own piece of music. Year 3 have enjoyed investigating magnetic and non magnetic materials and year 2 have continued to develop their grouping and classifying skills.  In Pe we have enjoyed perfecting our techniques across a range of rolls and linking them with balances to create a small sequence. 

Week Ending 1st October 2021

Mothecombe have had a fantastic learning attitude this week. We have planned and written our Big Adventures for our pocket size friend. The vocabulary choices and grammar skills applied have blown us away. In maths we have continued to learn about place value and ordering numbers. In Geography we have had great fun creating our own play-dough models of the earth to show the layers and labelling them. It has also been fabulous to see how confident Mothecombe are with the Chromebooks during our computing lesson where we focused on editing an invitation.


Week Ending 24th September 2021

Mothecombe have had an amazing working attitude this week during all our quizzes. They have shown great maturity and have persevered throughout. We have also enjoyed our first gymnastic lesson, focusing on balancing with some amazing core strength shown. In RE we studied Mosques and have created our own pastel Mosques ready for display.  In Science, the year 3s investigated which material created the most friction using toy cars and ramps.

Week Ending 17th September 2021

Mothecombe have had another fantastic week. We have taken our pocket size friend on an adventure to use our imagination ready to write our adventure stories. In maths we have been focused on counting in tens and place value. Mothecombe had an amazing PE session looking at orienteering skills with Premier Sports. We have also enjoyed learning some new songs in our music session linked to volcanoes.

Week Ending 10th September 2021

Mothecombe have had a fantastic start to the new school year. Everyone looked so smart and arrived smiling on their first day despite the weather. We have enjoyed talking and writing about our summer holidays, everyone was eager to share their adventures. We have learnt how to play maths bingo which was a huge success. We couldn’t be prouder of everyone’s resilience and perseverance in our first few days and we are looking forward to all our new learning. 

Week Ending 22nd July 2021

Wow what a busy final week we have had in Mothecombe. We were sad to say goodbye and good luck to Mrs White this week. The children all had fun with her in the park and had a fantastic water fight! The children made cards and celebrated Mrs White’s 34 years at the Erme by singing their goodbye song to her in a special assembly.
We will all miss you Mrs White! Thank you from all of us in Mothecombe class


 I would like to thank all the parents that have given me so much support and friendship over my years at The Erme.

I have been so fortunate and blessed to work at The Erme (one reason why I never left!) and I truly believe that the children are what gives the school its special quality. The Erme really does look after everyone and I have felt part of such a caring community of children, parents and staff.

I remember on my first day at The Erme in September 1987 thinking how idyllic the school looked in the sunshine with the park behind and the river to the front and I have never stopped marvelling at how fortunate the children are to be growing up and learning in a school with so much history and beauty right on its doorstep.

I will miss my busy life at The Erme so much but the ‘little people’ more than I can say. I will always be an Ermie!  I feel so much gratitude to you all!

Amanda White

Week Ending 16th July 2021

This week has been another busy one. We had a science day on Wednesday where we spent the day thinking all about sound. We learnt about how sounds are made, vibrations, sound waves, pitch and volume. We made cup and string telephones and conducted a sound survey around the school and thought about how the sounds were being made that we could hear. We also experimented with a range of instruments to explore how their features affect pitch and volume.
We have been finishing off our class quests this week as well as learning about 2D and 3D shape in maths.

Week Ending 9th July 2021

This week we have been busy planning our class quest story in pairs, using story maps to help us. In Science we investigated what happens when seeds are grown in the dark and compared to ones grown in the light and the year threes looked for patterns in shadows when the distance changes between the light source and object. We discovered that a shadow gets smaller the further away from the light source it is.
We had fun during forest school and made pine cone bees and lots of dens.

Week Ending 2nd July 2021

This week in Mothecombe we have had great time creating, making and playing games during Forest School earlier in the week.
In maths we have been learning about capacity and volume - estimating how many millilitres and litres different containers hold. We also investigated the best material to use to block the sunlight out for Nina’s baby brother’s nursery. We tested to see which material was translucent, transparent or opaque.
Another busy week!

Week Ending 25th June 2021

This week we have been busy learning about mass and capacity. We have been comparing the weights of objects and reading scales accurately.
We also have been thinking about our dental health and set up an investigation to see the effects of different drinks on our teeth. We put egg shells into coke, milk and squash. We will let you know the results next week!

Week Ending 18th June 2021

This week the children have been very busy researching information about well known people in preparation for writing their biographies.
We thought about what a plant needs in order to thrive and set up an investigation to see how growing conditions effect the plant.
The year 3s did an investIgation to see which material reflects light the best. We had to find the right material for using on a book bag so it is highly visible.

Week Ending 11th June 2021

In Mothecombe this week we have enjoyed learning about ‘Fantastically great women who changed the world’ and finding out facts from this biographical text. We have learnt a bit more about the achievements of people like Amelia Earhart, Anne Frank and Gertrude Ederle and we had a go at writing our own questions about the facts that we discovered.
The year 3s have started learning about light, reflections and shadows and they thought carefully about different light sources. The year 2s have been creating their own PowerPoint all about rivers and we all enjoyed practising our rounders skills in P.E.
Maths is all about Time for the next couple of weeks and the children have been telling the time to o’clock, half past, quarter to and past. Time has flown as usual and everyone has worked really hard!

Week Ending 28th May 2021

This week in Mothecombe we have been finishing off our English unit of work and have written our super Myth stories. The year 2s thought about the characters in their stories and made wonderful trolls out of clay. In Science, we learnt about how seeds are dispersed and made paper seeds that spin. We set up an investigation to find out what type of paper-copter spins the best. We varied the size of the spinner and changed the weight of the spinner.
Learner of the week- Kian Turvey for fantastic story writing.

Week Ending 21st May 2021

In Mothecombe this week we have been looking at the work of Georges Seurat and we had a go at the pointillist style of painting which was great fun! The children used the paint to experiment with colours and techniques.
In Science, the year 3s have learnt about pollination and tried to sequence the different stages. The children continue to monitor the seeds they are growing and have planted out some seedlings into the playground.
In maths we have been practising adding and subtracting larger numbers using number lines

Week Ending 14th May 2021

Another busy week! We have been using the book ‘ Myth Atlas’ to learn all about Myths from around the world. The children had fun making story maps, doing freeze frames and retelling the myths in groups.
In maths we have been using numberlines to add and subtract bigger numbers, practising partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and ones.
In Science, the year 3 children made models of flowers and identified the different parts that help with fertilisation.

Week Ending 7th May 2021

This week we enjoyed learning all about how compost is made in our science workshop.
We also did an investigation to see how water is transported through plants. The children used white flowers and food dye to see if the temperature of the water made any difference to the speed the water travelled up the stem. In PE we are continuing to learn tennis skills and in Art the children have been colour mixing and finding out about Pointillism. Only four days... but lots going on!

Week Ending 30th April 2021

This week in Geography we have been learning about the River Erme - drawing and labelling it. In Science we walked to the wild area in the park and investigated the wildflowers there, drawing them and learning all about what the different parts are for. In English we have written fantastic non-chronological reports all about Trolls. Do you know the truth about Trolls? Mothecombe class do! 

Week Ending 23rd April 2021

We have had a busy week at school this week. As our science topic is all about plants we have all been planting bean seeds in different environments to watch them germinate and grow. We did a fun quiz all about plants to see what we already know before we got started.

We have started a new English unit on 'The Truth about Trolls' and we have been reading about myths about trolls as well as refining our descriptive language around our troll's appearance and features. We enjoyed a sunny P.E. lesson yesterday and practised our tennis skills.

31st March 2021

This week we have been finishing off our brilliant writing about The Girl and the Fox as well as cooking delicious chocolate Easter nests. We have been making reading identities- thinking about our favourite books and which characters we like. In ICT the year 3s finished making their shark games and the year 2s wrote up their egg drop experiment. We also made Easter placemats for our Easter meal.

Week Ending 26th March 2021

This week in Mothecombe, we have been super busy! In Science, the year 2s conducted a nerve-wracking egg drop experiment to see which materials would protect the egg from breaking! It was very eggciting!
The year 3s created classification keys to sort vertebrates and invertebrates according to their features. We have also been comparing old Ivybridge (pre-19th century) with how it is now.


Week Ending 19th March 2021

This week we have been starting our maths topic all about fractions so we have been busy working out halves and quarters of quantities and objects. In English we are reading the book ‘ Little Evie and the Wild Wood’ and we have been exploring the language in the book and thinking about how it makes us feel.
We had fun making balloon cars in Science and having a go at getting the wheels to turn using the pressure of the air in the balloon.
In RE we are learning about Islam and this week we explored how Muslims pray.
Another busy week for us in Mothecombe but we had time for a game of dodgeball in P.E!

Week Ending 12th March 2021

It has been lovely welcoming back everyone to Mothecombe this week and the children have been so happy being altogether again. We have enjoyed sharing news, listening to music and creating artwork based on film soundtracks. We have also thought about what we like about Ivybridge and what we would change. In maths we enjoyed measuring the perimeter of shapes and objects.
 A fun week all together again!

Week Ending 5th March 2021

Mothecombe have been working super hard this week. We have been reading letters to and from Dr K Fisher (the animal agony aunt who solves problems) and composing our own letters from various animals and their, often funny, problems.
We were really excited to dress up for World Book Day and have had fun doing book quizzes, sharing stories and creating book character puppets

Week Ending 26th February 2021

Our first week back after half term has been another busy one.
We have been collecting information in maths using tally charts, pictograms and block charts and practising interpreting the data.
We have been writing letters in English and learning about using subordinate clauses in our work. As part of the preparations for Book Day next week we got creative and made toilet roll book characters!

Week Ending 12th February 2021

Another busy week here in Mothecombe in the final week before half term.
In English we have been writing letters to Dr K.Fisher from different animals with various problems and worries and in maths we are reaching the final week of multiplication and division.
The year 3 children have been making branching databases in Science to sort animals in different ways and the year 2s have been thinking about how animals have adapted to live in a certain habitat.
We are so proud of the all the work our home learners have been doing this half term and it has been wonderful catching up with everyone on our weekly zoom assembly

Week Ending 5th February 2021

This week we have been super busy in Mothecombe. We enjoyed doing some baking and made some delicious flapjacks in class which were yummy!
We looked at maps and found out where we lived in Geography and in Science we learnt about micro habitats and what we might discover in our environment. We have been planning our King of the Birds stories and look forward to starting our writing tomorrow.

Week Ending 29th January 2021

Another busy week for us in Mothecombe.
We have been learning about map skills and having a go at spotting both physical and human features on a map. We enjoyed learning about the seven life processes in Science and making information posters about them.
In English we have been doing lots of work on using adjectives and using them to make expanded noun phrases. We are looking forward to catching up with our friends on our weekly zoom assembly this Friday.


Week Ending 22nd January 2021

This week in Mothecombe the children have really enjoyed using Google Earth to look at the street where they live. They also looked at some of the different features in Ivybridge, such as the paper mill, the library, the leisure centre and the school.
The children also wrote letters to our home learners to share their news from school.
In ICT they started to explore the use of variables in games created in Scratch.

What are we learning this term?

Week Ending 15th January 2021

This week in Mothecombe we enjoyed investigating where different cities are in the Uk and using maps to locate them. In RE we have been thinking about Noah and the promises that he made to God as well as thinking about promises that we might make to each other in school.
In Science the year 3s learnt all about the digestive process and the year 2s started to learn the seven life processes.



Week Ending 8th January 2021

This week we have been solving division and multiplication problems using arrays. The children have been counting in 2’s, 3’s and 4’s and thinking about links between times tables.
In Science, the year 3’s have been learning about different types of teeth. Did you know that sharks lose a tooth every day and in their lifetime they can lose up to 20, 000 teeth!

In RE the children thought about the story of Noah and why God chose him to build a huge ark.

Week Ending 18th December 2020

What a busy week we have had in Mothecombe!
It was great to have the children back after last week. They have been busy practising our Christmas song,‘ Twelve days of Christmas’ as well as as our Christmas dance which we had a lot of fun doing.
We have made cards, lanterns, and loved meeting Father Christmas! The secret Santa room was fantastic and we all enjoyed choosing gifts and wrapping them up for our families.
A super, Christmassy week! Happy Christmas from everyone in Mothecombe class!

Week Ending 11th December 2020

Well done to all the children in Mothecombe who are isolating at home until next week.

We have been really impressed with how well they are managing their home-learning. The children have been doing some English work on the story of 'Coming Home' by Michael Morpurgo as well as practising their multiplication skills and counting in 2's, 3's and 4's. 

Some of the children have sent us pictures of the work they have been doing at home. Keep it coming and we look forward to seeing you next week!


It was wonderful to hear Ava B singing her own version of the 12 days of Christmas and she Ava B wrote a beautiful acrostic poem about robins.

Harry Merriman wrote instructions for us all on how to make a snowman and Ava Bees spent Wednesday cooking with mummy.

Ava D has been busy writing facts about robins after watching a Michael Morpurgo clip called Coming Home.

Did you know that robins fly to the UK from Scandinavia each Christmas to find a mate?


Harry T lost his first tooth and created his own snowman after watching The Snowman.

Dougie has been making cheese scones and started the week by making his own secret hideaway snug which we all want to hide in!


Everyone has been super helpful in showing their mums how to get into google classrooms and we are super proud of them all. 

Week Ending 4th December 2020

This week the children in Mothecombe really enjoyed doing some cooking with Mrs Readey. They made cheese scones which tasted delicious!

In Science, the year two’s tested which was the most suitable material to keep Santa’s hot chocolate warm for the longest time. The children had to use their prediction skills to guess which would be the best. 

We have also been busy practising our Christmas songs and dance ready to share with you next week!

Week Ending 27th November 2020

This week, in history, the class have been looking at what made the Greeks so powerful, looking at the design of the Trireme ships and labelling them.
In R.E. the children have been learning about the Jewish festival, Rosh Hashanah and thinking about why festivals are important to family life.
We have enjoyed designing healthy menus and thinking about the sorts of food that would count towards our five a day.

Week Ending 20th November 2020

This week in Mothecombe we have enjoyed using money to make totals and find change. In English we are still learning about chronological reports ~ we wrote a newspaper article about the Great Fire of London and have started finding out about the Greek myth, Theseus and the Minotaur. We did some role-play and enjoyed acting out some of the story.
In Science the year 3s enjoyed thinking about our skeletons and made skeleton puppets. We had an enjoyable morning watching a performance by Theatre Alibi. What a busy week!

Week Ending 13th November

This week Mothecombe class really enjoyed a multi skills session with Mr Gibbs and worked really well in groups to complete a range of activities.
In science this week, year two have been busy sorting objects according to the materials they are made from. The year three’s finished off an investigation we did recently about the strength of our muscles and we analysed the data we had collected.
We also talked about Anti-bullying week and thought about how someone might feel if they were being bullied.

Week Ending 6th November 2020

Week ending 6th November 2020

A busy start to the second half of term here in Mothecombe. It was lovely to see all the children coming back to school happily with all their news from our week off!

In English we have started our unit on the Great Fire of London. We have been looking at evidence in the text to see if the fire was inevitable with the conditions of London at the time. We have been exploring the varied vocabulary in the book and finding synonyms in our thesauruses. We pretended we were newspaper reporters and wrote about the fire.

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers using different methods as well as practising odds and even numbers.

Our Harvest Song

Still image for this video
This week in Mothecombe we have recorded our Harvest song ‘Let’s Harvest’.

Week Ending 16th October

This week in Mothecombe class we enjoyed using our story telling chair to share our adventure stories with each other. We talked about all the things we need to include in order to make a really exciting story!

We have been thinking about our muscles and what they are for and started to plan a test to see who has the strongest arms. We have also been learning a song in music all about Harvest time.