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Welcome To Shaugh Prior Primary Forest School

Forest School - Tuesday 21st March 2023


Class 1 created some amazing fairy gardens on Tuesday during their Forest School session. The children had some fantastic ideas. They built a water park, slide, rope swing, garden bench, bed and camp fire for the fairies. All using natural materials found in their outside area. 


Class 2 were given the brief of - build the tallest tower of sticks - only using 2 short pieces of string. The Year 5/6 group, straight away thought of using the fence as a prop, used the pallets as ladders and carefully created a tower that was over 3m high. The other groups had some great ideas as well and showed such perseverance in trying their best to beat the other team. Well done everyone. Due to the Class 1 trip next week they won't be any Forest School. 

Forest School - Tuesday 7th March 2023

The rain stayed away for our Forest School session on Tuesday and everyone managed to stay fairly clean and dry.

Class 1 started the afternoon playing a fun game to highlight the importance of trees, we discussed the pledge that if a tree is cut down then another one should be planted. We then made our very own story wands and by using the potato peelers to whittle the end.  The children took to the stage and demonstrated to us their imagination skills. 


Class 2 then spent some time identifying trees that we have around our grounds just by the buds. They examined the bark, and described the features of the tree. Allowing the children time to continue with their dens at the end. 

Forest School - Tuesday 28th February 2023

Forest School - Tuesday 21st February 2023


It was great to be back outside this week with the children. They were very excited! We spent some time appreciating our grounds and looking out for the first signs of Spring. We spotted many snowdrops and daffodils. The younger children collected some interesting leaves, and there was a great discussion all about their features. We then arranged them into a rainbow-like pattern. The older children had a good exploration and started their den making all over again. 

Forest School/Cooking Club - Tuesday 24th January 2023

The children enjoyed improving their cutting and slicing skills this week. They each made a pasta salad. They could choose from tuna, sweetcorn, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, cheese and ham or a combination of them all. We certainly had some colourful creations especially when they added tomato sauce to the pot ! 

Forest School/Cooking Club - Tuesday 17th January 2023

This week's cooking lesson was all about fruit and crumble. The children learnt how to safely cut an apple and a pear. They sprinkled the sugar, rubbed together the flour sugar, butter and oats, and washed and cleaned all the surfaces. The children are becoming more independent with their cooking skills, great job. 




Forest School/Cooking Club - Tuesday 10th January 223


Whilst the weather, was still pretty wet outside we spent the afternoon practicing our cutting skills preparing lots of healthy salads for our wraps.


The children were asked to prepare many different items and display them like a 'sandwich bar'. The children thoroughly enjoyed making their wraps and tasting  some foods that they hadn't tried before.


We will continue with cooking club until half term, when I sure we will then start to see signs of Spring on its way! 

Forest School/Cooking Club Tuesday 6th December 2022


For our last cooking session of the year we embraced the sugar and created our own sugary snow scenes. First the children were given the task of counting the sweets, marshmallows, biscuits and chocolate to ensure we all had an equal amount. They weren’t` allowed to eat any until they were all shared equally!

They created snowmen, igloos, reindeer and Santa's. One biscuit, was enjoyed by everyone and the others were transported home.  Mrs Williams



Forest School/Cooking Club Tuesday 22nd November 2022

The children made Chocolate Chip Cookies this week.  They had to read and follow the recipe, understand how the weighing scales worked and communicate well with each other to make a successful batch of cookies. The children each had a turn weighing and mixing the ingredients. The cookies looked and smelled great.  

Forest School/Cooking Club - Tuesday 15th November 2022

with Mrs Williams


This week we decided to combine Forest School and cooking together, and made bread in a bag! The children had to read the instructions first, then carefully add the ingredients to their bags. Once the dry ingredients were mixed with the wet they combined them altogether, the children came up with many fun and different ways to do this! They then learnt about the importance of the yeast and kneading the dough. The children took them home to rest in a warm place already to bake in the oven and hopefully enjoy.