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Welcome To Shaugh Prior Primary Forest School

Forest School Week Ending 1st July 2022



In forest school this week class one found lots of different plants in the forest school area while playing the ‘Duplication Game’. They learnt the names of some of the more common plants and found out how to identify ‘Dock Leaves’ and how they help you when you get stung by stinging nettles.

We also had fun during free play in the wooded area just before it started to rain.

Class two had a great time playing ‘Capture the Flag’. They started with a large playing area and had to work out the different strategies for playing in big and small areas. 

Forest School Week Ending 24th June 2022


 Whilst the children were having lots of fun during our Forest School session this week, there was a strong message that was encouraged throughout the afternoon. TEAMWORK. It is such a good life skill for children, to be able to work alongside each other and build good relationships. It is important for everyone to recognise other people's strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. With that in mind we played some funny teamwork games followed by a creative make your own picnic game by relay! The children worked hard together and were rewarded with some biscuits and fruit at the end. 

Forest School Week Ending 17th June 2022


What a glorious sunny afternoon the children had on Tuesday. Swimming and Forest School in the sun! Fresh back from residential the Year 5 children took the lead and showed the children how to make some amazing bandanas, just like we did on residential. The children were great at smashing the leaves to make some super patterns. Well done Year 5. 

Forest School Tuesday 17th May 2022


Due to the very heavy showers this week our Forest School sessions were cut short, but we did manage to make a start on our scarecrow for the village competition. The children were very creative! He now has a big fat face, a fancy bow tie and big straw muscles! The scarecrow will be displayed outside the school in half term all ready for the Queens Jubilee

Forest School - Tuesday 10th May 2022


During our Forest School session this week, we had time to reflect on what we are thankful for and our hopes and dreams for the future. The children had some super ideas from 'thanking our Mums for hugs and kisses' and inspiring to become 'a graphic designer, but definitely no children!' The children then made their own insects, which we all had to guess what they were, using our own clues. A great reflective afternoon was had by all.

Forest School - Tuesday 3rd May 2022


We had another creative afternoon during Forest School this week, testing our imagination and acting skills. First the children played a true or false game all about insect facts. Then in small groups they became various different insects, using their bodies for the legs and wings.

I wonder if anyone can guess what they are meant to be?

Fantastic ideas this afternoon, well done everyone. 


Forest School Tuesday 26th April 2022


 What a beautiful afternoon we all had in the sun on Tuesday. The warmth of the sun is certainly good for the soul. The children worked hard to create some fantastic art work using the natural materials that they found around them. They created patterns and puzzles.



Forest School - Tuesday 5th April 2022


The Easter celebrations came early for the children during their Forest School session this week.


Class 1, first decorated their own egg and hid them for each other. They then had to work together as a team to solve the clues that were hidden around the school. They showed such team work and kindness towards each other. 


Class 2 had to work a little harder for their treat and in small groups they wrote their own clues for an Easter egg hunt. The children had some super ideas, with many of the clues rhyming. 

Hope you all enjoyed your treat and I look forward to seeing you all again after Easter. 

Forest School - Tuesday 29th March 2022


The children of Class 1 were very busy this week planting some seeds for the garden. They started by digging the flower beds over then planted runner beans, Broad beans and tomatoes all in smaller pots to protect them from the frost. The children wrote their own labels and watered them well. Fingers crossed the sunshine will return. Class 2 continued with the tools they were using from last week, we certainly had some very sharp sticks whittled yesterday. 

Forest School - Tuesday 22nd March 2022


This week involved the whole school together on a lovely sunny afternoon.  The children looked at birds’ nests and then collected resources to make their own.   They also learnt how to use different tools to whittle wood and carve simple butter knives.  To do this the children from class 2 were taught how to safely use knives to carve.

Mr Hall

Forest School - Tuesday 15th March 2022 


Class 1 had a great afternoon, making their own creations using clay. We made our own board game version of noughts and crosses. The children enjoyed taking turns and playing against each other. Some children then went onto create their own campfires, clay marshmallow sticks, buckets and woodland scenes. 


We then had a tool session with Class 2.  Every time the children use the tools, I am always so impressed with their handling skills and maturity. around them. The children showed some super skills and created some impressive items. 

Forest School - Tuesday 8th March 2022


Today during our Forest School session, it was all about preparation. The children worked hard digging and weeding our flower beds ready for some planting next week. If anyone has any spare seeds at home, we would be very grateful. The children then enjoyed some free time in the garden, enhancing their obstacle course. 

Forest School - Tuesday 1st March 2022


With all the rain we have had it didn't feel much like the first day of Spring today!  However, we did get a chance in between the showers to get some fresh air. 


Class 1 spent time discussing their plans for the school garden.  We looked at what they would like to grow in the garden, what colours they would like to see and what would grow well in our garden.  Our planting starts next week. 


Class 2 were given a communication challenge.  They split themselves into 2 teams and the object of the game was to build a ladder on the floor using just sticks.  The children had to work together to find the best strategies – do they all collect the sticks, then build, or do some collect whilst some start building?  The boys team worked incredibly well together with each of them doing a particular job.


Forest School - Tuesday 8th February 2022

It was a slightly different Forest School this week, due to Bikeability taking place, so whilst Class 2 were catching up on their missed lessons, I got to be creative with Class 1.


We made an amazing collage of some woodland animals and then went outside to create our own obstacle course. We had super fun! 


Forest School - Tuesday 1st February 2022


I thought we all deserved a little sweet treat this week at Forest School. The children collected some dry wood and practised their safety skills around a camp fire. They all observed the rules very carefully and allowed everyone to have their turn. The children were rewarded with marshmallows and smores. 




Forest School - Tuesday 25th January 2022


This week during Forest School, we concentrated on the birds that visit us at Shaugh.  We sat for a while and spotted some crows, starlings, and a friendly Robin.  As it is National Bird Watch week I will submit our findings to the RSPB.  The children then played a top trump style bird game.  We learnt that the average wingspan of a crow is 100cm and a Pigeon weighs 612g! 



Forest School - Tuesday 18th January 2022


 We continued with our Wild bird topic and made some bird feeders for our birds. The children were given some recycled items, string, cheerios and bird food. They all came up with their own ideas of different style feeders which they then adapted. It was excellent fine motor skill practice for them, threading the cheerios onto the string.


The children hung their feeders throughout the forest school area. We are looking forward to spotting many birds next week during our RSPB count. Thank you to everyone for sending in spare clothes and boots this week. 

Forest School - Tuesday 11th January 2022

It was lovely to be back with the children this week.

We started our new topic, ‘All about Birds’. At the end of the month we join the nation and take part in the National RSPB count but before that we had some preparations to do.


Class 1 discussed the weather and the impact it has on our Birds. They then went on a worm hunt to find our garden Birds some food.


In Class 2 we split into 2 groups and built our bird hide outs. After much discussion and debate they decided where to place their hideouts to get a good all-round view of the playing field. 

Forest School - Week Ending Friday 10th December 2021


Forest School

We have come to the end of our Forest School sessions for this term. We have been able to get outside for most of our sessions, which we are grateful for. The children have worked with many tools, investigated our pond life, created many dens and outside areas, explored the woods in fine detail and created some amazing natural art work.


A big thank you to the children, parents and staff for the effort that everyone puts into these sessions to ensure our children are enriched with the outside world. I sincerely hope everyone has a restful and healthy Christmas break.   Mrs Williams


Forest School - Tuesday 30th November 2021


Yesterday was the start of our Christmas activities and the children collected some natural materials to make their own Christmas decorations. We had reindeers, snowmen and Christmas trees. The children used leaves, sticks and other natural objects.


Class 2 perfected their whittling skills by starting to create their own candles.


Next week will be our last week of 2021. Thank you everyone at Shaugh for another great term, out enjoying our amazing school grounds.