Welcome back to all the children returning to school.
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Shaugh Prior Primary School

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Welcome To Shaugh Prior Primary Forest School

Forest School - Tuesday 11th January 2022

It was lovely to be back with the children this week.

We started our new topic, ‘All about Birds’. At the end of the month we join the nation and take part in the National RSPB count but before that we had some preparations to do.


Class 1 discussed the weather and the impact it has on our Birds. They then went on a worm hunt to find our garden Birds some food.


In Class 2 we split into 2 groups and built our bird hide outs. After much discussion and debate they decided where to place their hideouts to get a good all-round view of the playing field. 

Forest School - Week Ending Friday 10th December 2021


Forest School

We have come to the end of our Forest School sessions for this term. We have been able to get outside for most of our sessions, which we are grateful for. The children have worked with many tools, investigated our pond life, created many dens and outside areas, explored the woods in fine detail and created some amazing natural art work.


A big thank you to the children, parents and staff for the effort that everyone puts into these sessions to ensure our children are enriched with the outside world. I sincerely hope everyone has a restful and healthy Christmas break.   Mrs Williams


Forest School - Tuesday 30th November 2021


Yesterday was the start of our Christmas activities and the children collected some natural materials to make their own Christmas decorations. We had reindeers, snowmen and Christmas trees. The children used leaves, sticks and other natural objects.


Class 2 perfected their whittling skills by starting to create their own candles.


Next week will be our last week of 2021. Thank you everyone at Shaugh for another great term, out enjoying our amazing school grounds. 


Forest School - Tuesday 23rd November 2021

This week, we had a special job to do during our Forest School session. We have been asked by the local council to make some natural stars to add to the various Christmas garlands that are going to be placed around the local area. So, we collected some sticks and got tying ... we found the tying process quite tricky, but with some good team work we managed it in the end. Thanks everyone.  Mrs Williams


Forest School - Tuesday 16th November 2021


The children were very excited to continue with our Farm in a Box again this week.


The children used all of their senses for our Guess what's in the bag game. They correctly guessed hay, bird seed, mint and feathers. We also tasted fava beans and roasted peas. The beans definitely got the thumbs up from everyone!


We then went outside and discussed a good place for our mint plant to grow and the best place to scatter our food for the wild birds.


Class 2 enjoyed some free time practicing their balancing skills.  Mrs Williams

We are very lucky to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty.  Mrs Williams delivers exciting weekly sessions to both classes with the valued support of other teaching staff. Sessions are planned in order to provide the pupils with opportunities to collaborate with their peers, manage their own risks, communicate with other members of their class and to challenge themselves.

Forest School - Tuesday 9th November 2021


Over the next few weeks, the children will be sharing the 'farm in a box' scheme. These resources have been provided by the charity Countryside Trust to highlight the importance of sustaining the environment and the link to farming.   


This week we discussed Food Waste and the Carbon Footprints that our food undertakes.  We certainly have low carbon footprints for our eggs at school, thanks to our chickens!


The children understood our local grown foods such as fruit and vegetables have low carbon footprints whereas meat such as steak was very high.  We talked about food waste in schools and discussed why Primary schools waste double the amount of food as Secondary schools! They had some great ideas!   Mrs Williams