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Welcome to History!


This is our history curriculum page.  Here you will find some information about what your child will learn at our schools in their history lessons.

Our Curriculum


Our curriculum is planned to inspire children to be curious about history.  It is sequenced chronologically throughout each year to develop their understanding of the passing of time.  We also have 'immersion days' through the year where the children get to 'live' like a person in that period of time by dressing up, sampling food and completing activities just as someone who had lived then would have. Wherever possible we plan exciting trips to help the children to engage with the topics or invite people into school such as performers to help bring that aspect of history to life.

EYFS Overview

KS1 Long Term Overview

KS2 Long Term Overview

Curriculum Progression

Knowledge Organisers and Curriculum Overviews 

Knowledge Organisers will show you what specifically your child will be learning during the term.  They have a copy of these in their history books and will bring home a copy to discuss with you.  Some of the information on the Knowledge Organisers is for the children and some is for you! The Curriculum Overviews shows the planned teaching for each key stage. We hope this helps you to stay informed about what your child is learning currently.